Social Media is still one of the best ways to advertise your website. More people flock to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter than any other website. They get shopping recommendations, compare products with their friends, and share information with others.

Also, social media platforms are a great place to create a social media marketing campaign. Don’t settle for just hoping that people will come across your Facebook page or rely on luck to connect with your target audience. Instead, create a custom ad that you plan of time to run on your Facebook page as well as other locations.

Advice for Bloggers

If you are a blogger and you want to promote your blog on social media, there are some things you can do to achieve this. First, you can just post a link to your posts as you create them on your Facebook or Twitter. By making a habit of creating a link on your social media sites as soon as you post, you’ll be able to make a big impact on your followers with your customized content.

Another way to create hype for your blog is to post a link to your Facebook or Twitter (or other social media) on your blog. Many blogging platforms have a social media share button on the page where you are posting your blog that allows others to share your posts on their social media feeds. Also, you can paste the link to your social media site on your blog to get more followers on your social media sites.

Paste links to videos within your blog

If you have YouTube videos that you want to share with your target audience, you can embed or paste a link into your blog posts on your blogging platform. The best way to do this is to embed your video on your blog. That way, it will be easily accessible when visitors are reading your blog. If you place the video strategically in the middle of your blog or website, people will go right to your video when they open your page.

Why is video important to bloggers?

Many people don’t think about YouTube being a social media platform, but it is! In fact, it is considered the most popular social media platform overall since people go there specifically to look for video content, as well as to share videos on other platforms like Facebook.

The technology of Facebook and YouTube work well together. This makes it simple to share media on your social media sites like Facebook whenever you post new content. Embedding your videos from YouTube within Facebook allows you to share your content on two platforms at the same time. You can embed a video on Facebook from YouTube by following these steps.

  1. Create videos for upload on YouTube and upload to your YouTube channel.
  2. Go to the “share” function of your video on YouTube and copy and paste your code.
  3. Go to your Facebook page that you want to paste the video on and paste the code in your page. Then hit “post.”

Simple, huh? It is simple, but it’s important to know how to quickly share your video and other content with your social media crowd. Forgetting to do this will make you lose views, and possible followers so make sure you include this step in any social media marketing plans you have.

Building an Effective Social Marketing Strategy

If you have never started a social media marketing strategy for your blog, now is a great time to start. The myth that you can just create great content and let it set doesn’t ring true. Think of all of the other content that you have to compete with all over the internet.

How will you make your content stand out? You have to promote it. Social media marketing allows you to boost your impact of your message on platforms that already have millions of views and followers. It may also improve your impact on your social media platforms, as well.

To build an effective social media strategy for your blog, follow these steps.

1. Post your content or a teaser for your blog content on your Facebook page.– Then boost the post. Boosting the post allows you to do a pay-per-click ad campaign for your regular posts, but you can use it for anything you want to promote. You can decide how long you want the boost promotion to run and you can stop it at any time. Because this type of PPC ad is based on pay-per-click advertising, you don’t pay until people respond to your ad. If you are boosting a post on Facebook, you can decide what to include in the post, add pictures or video, and create an attractive post that your audience will love. You can also decide what audience you want to focus on and even eliminate sections of the audience you don’t want to include.

2. Put a link to your blog in your YouTube descriptions.– Another technique you might try is to place links to your blog (main page) in your YouTube descriptions. If you can attract people to your videos, you can get them to click on your blog link to see your content or lead them to an online offer you have waiting for them. If you want to use video and YouTube to boost your blog, why not even mention to people to read your blog and put a link right in the video to take them there?

3. Cross-link media and social platforms– Some people are afraid to do cross-linking of material between their sites. But Google has never penalized this as long as the content is relevant and based on only “white hat” techniques. Create links to your YouTube, blog, and website to expand your reach and promote more than one piece of content at a time.

4. Post on Facebook and Twitter daily is possible. People like fresh content. The key to creating hype for your brand on social media is to post often. Make the posts reasonably short but full of valuable content. People on social media prefer a shorter bit of information that is fun and easy to read rather than a long post that takes longer to read.

5. Include a free giveaway once in a while to boost followers.– People like getting something free in return for reading your material. While providing good content should be your primary objective, it helps to offer them something else once in awhile that shows your appreciation for your following. The free item doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate. Information that focuses on what your readers want in the form of an eBook may be enough to whet their appetite.

How to Get the Most Out of Instagram

If you are creating a social media marketing campaign for your blog or website, don’t forget some of the slighter less popular formats such as Instagram to boost your message. Many business sites use Instagram to show their audience what they are doing. For an online store that sells products, you could present pictures of your products or other aspects of your business. Including pictures in your social media marketing campaign can help you illustrate to customers what your brand is about and create more rapport and engagement between your brand and your customers.

Where to Start with a Blog

So, do you have a great idea for a blog but you’re not sure where to start? There’s a quantum leap between an idea and a marketable product, a famous entrepreneur once said. But that doesn’t mean you cannot achieve what you want with dedication and hard work.

To start a blog, follow these steps:

  1.  Try to narrow the focus of your blog and brainstorm content ideas.
  2.  Produce some great media such as videos, pictures, and podcasts that you can include on your blog.
  3.  Create a strategy for social media marketing that you can do on a regular basis that includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
  4.  Post often and create links from your blog to your social media to establish a connection with your brand.
  5.  Think of social media as one of the primary links between your blog and your target audience. Bridge the gap by posting ads on Facebook and targeting your audience using whatever means is most effective for you.

Most of all, create compelling content that others will relate to. Be the best at what you do and make sure it is on the subject of what you do with your business. Create your first post by introducing yourself and talking about what is important to you and your brand. Then invite people to share with others.

Start your journey with your blog by signing up for an account on a high platform such as Bluehost. They offer a starting price of only $2.95 per month! Check out their offers and see if they have what you need to get started on your blog or website. Bluehost even has a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy!

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