Staying At Home Being A Blogger

Becoming a blogger is relatively easy work for many people. You stay at home, sipping coffee, and putting your brains to work through your fingers. The only requirement to become a blogger is to have something to say, or something to blog about. You will just need a computer and an Internet connection. And a little to some imagination. You can basically blog just about anything. From fishing, to camping tips, photo journals, local or international news, opinion, etc.  This post will go over the perks of staying at home being a blogger.

The first thing you need, after owning a computer with an Internet connection, is a topic. There are a multitude of online sites that you can visit for topic ideas. Whether news, games, sports, or anything that sparks your interest. It is important to stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends. Not a lot of people will be interested in old stories, so you should keep your content updated and constantly posting relevant stories.

First, you need to find where to host your blog. Many offer you unlimited space for free, such as WordPress, Tumblr, or Blogger, etc. Go open an account with the one you prefer, or might as well try them all, until you find one that you like best. Go through their layouts, this can be crucial to a lot of bloggers, and with good reason. The layout will play a major role when it comes to attracting people. Some catchy is always good. You don’t want extremely bright colors, which could make your content unreadable. A black background with white letters usually do well.

Now, pick a name for your blog which describes exactly what your content is going to be about. Something simple and easy to remember, so that it sticks to people easily. In other words, make the name relevant to your content. Don’t get too creative on this, be simple, yet accurate. If your content is going to be about opinion, try something like: “Weekly Opinion,” or “Opinion And Coffee,” maybe something like “Weekly Thoughts.” You get the point. It must be simple and catchy.

Now you need to decide who your audience is going to be. This will help you decide where to promote your blog. Also, tagging your posts with accurate and precise tags is extremely important. It will make sure that whoever comes across your blog, was intended to read the content that you provide, and not by mistake. Don’t use too many tags, just be precise on your tag selection. Three to five tags should suffice.

One important thing that you should take for granted is search engine visibility. You can register your site to a various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Altavista, etc. To have your site indexed to their engine, just type a simple keyword like “register website to (name of search engine).” Do not hesitate, give it a few days before it starts showing on web searches.

As a final thought, I will restate how important it is to keep your blog updated. Or instead of “news” you will be sharing “history.” Look up what is trending on Google, or Yahoo. Look up the latest sports articles on ESPN. Tell the world how you’ve been going to the gym, and your health has improved for the better. Your job is to keep the world informed with news, or your experiences; whatever content you decided to share with the world.

Once you have created an audience, you can monetize your blog. There are services like Adsense by Google, which helps you create an income based on ads. You can you online invoicing services to bill clients, even Google has integrated the service to Blogger, which is also owned by Google. You don’t have to have a Blogger account to use this service, as it can be incorporated to wide variety of blogs, including the most famous and easy to use WordPress, which is free.


Posted On :2012-08-21


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