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Finding the right web hosting provider can be a massive frustration and obstacle for any online business owner. However, finding the perfect assortment of features and the perfect hosting plan is easier said than done. To successfully grow your internet business and presence, you need a plan that can accommodate the online business and operating requirements, while also keeping the expenses low and not jeopardizing safety and dependability.

To take your online business in the right direction, you need a web hosting partner who can offer a vast range of website holding solutions for clients of all sizes and necessities. It can serve small-scale businesses, aspiring bloggers or even cater to the needs of multi-market, multinational organization.

When choosing a web hosting solution for your site or business, it’s important to know what to look for and go with a reliable company that has a history in this space. Your web hosting provider should mirror your business ethics and provide a sturdy platform for your budding business to play to its strengths and grow along the way. If you are looking for a hosting provider that guarantees to meet all the requirements, then look no further than Temok Hosting. Temok offers many options and brings a lot to the table, all of which we will be highlighting in this article below.

Temok Web Hosting

Temok Hosting Domains and Web Hosting Solutions

Before starting your site, you will need to secure two things — a domain and web hosting. If you check on the homepage of Temok.com, you will find all web hosting plans are displayed right underneath the area where can search for a domain. A basic shared hosting plan comes with access to cpanel, limitless bandwidth, and limitless mySQL databases. If you need more storage space and options, Temok also offers larger shared hosting plans as well. On the off chance that you are not certain on what kind of domain name to pick, refer to our domain name guide as a helping hand.

Shared Web Hosting: In a limited time promotion, the most cost effective shared hosting plan on Temok is just $2.99 per month. With the help of servers in the United States, this arrangement gives you 50GB of reliable web stockpiling. In the event that you require more than that, you can always upgrade to higher storage plans amounting to 100GB for $4.99, 150GB for $6.99 or 200GB for $7.99 month to month, separately.

Domain Name: A personalized domain name is essential for the accessibility and branding of your website. With the help of a tailored top-level domain name, you can pitch your website accurately to your targeted customers. The most widely known top-level domain names are (.com) and (.net). Apart from these, this website also offers an incredible variety of other top-level domain names that can be specifically personalized to your heart’s content. Some of these noteworthy TLDs based on interest are (.company), (.camera), and (.toys) etc. it also provides other community-oriented TLDs including the likes of (.club) and (.kiwi).

Another important facility provided by this website is its ability to target country-based markets. Thanks to the country-focused top-level domain names, you can have a website that caters to the Belgian market (through a .be domain name). Then again, you can also aim at customers in Bangladesh, through a (.com.bd) domain address. Want to target the Chilean or Madagascan market? Get a (.cl) or a (.co.mg) domain address with this website.

You can search for your perfect domain name by clicking here.

Temok Domain Names

Dedicated Servers: As your website continues to grow in size, you might find the need to upgrade to a dedicated web server. Dedicated servers are a great option for high traffic sites, ecommerce or sales driven sites or any site owner that simply wants to have more control over their site. Site owners can upgrade to a dedicated server from a shared server at any time, or they can simply start with a dedicated server at the time of signup.

You can pay an initial startup price under $50 and then pay a monthly fee between the range $64 and $220 in order to avail the service of the dedicated servers. The required costs vary on the nature of the hardware you seek to avail. Some of the variables that affect the price are the processor, size of storage required (for example HDD or SSD), amount of RAM needed, and bandwidth. On average, the dedicated servers operate at a cost range between $75 and $109.

VPS Hosting: If you are looking for the sort of control and reliability provided by a dedicated server but do not want to pay a fortune, you can also try VPS Hosting. With this website, VPS hosting facilities are available at a minimal $26.95 every month. This includes 1GB RAM storage, RAID-10 storage of 40GB, port speed of 1GB and the best part, 1000GB of prime bandwidth. You should bear in mind that, in doing so, you get to have full control of your website server, can fully manage it, and get complete root SSH access.

Temok Dedicated Hosting

Temok Custom Apps & Gaming Development Services

In order to set a business apart from the rest of the competition, it needs to offer at least one thing their competition does not. In the example fo Temok, the hosting company also offers something unique, which you will not find with hosting related companies..

Apart from providing shared web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server facilities, registering domains, Temok also offers you an app development opportunity. Not only can you develop your very own customizable games or app from the ground up, but you can also get a clean, professional and bug-free GUI developed by them. This service is available for iPhone, iPad or Android platforms. There is also the option to develop games and apps for Facebook and other platforms. The cost of development will be determined by the nature of app or game to be made and the amount of sophistication required. You can get an idea about the necessary expense by requesting a custom quote.

Temok Custom Apps and Development

Temok has years of experience in the domain name and web hosting space, while now also adding in app development into the mix. If you are in the market for a new domain name or hosting account, be sure to take a look at Temok and see how their hosting solutions might fit into your site plans and budget.