The Pillars of Content Marketing – What You Should Be Doing

Marketers without an iota of doubt have finally realized the importance of content in their marketing mixes. Attend any marketing events or Search Love conferences and you will be surprised to see an increasing number of keynote spears urging corporate and small business organizations to spend more money on creating engaging and interesting content.

According to latest researches, one in every 4 marketing dollars is actually spent on content marketing. Despite the growing popularity of content based marketing initiatives and its penetration rates among all forms of marketing efforts, majority of marketers still do not follow any rules when it comes to content based marketing.

We teach and we are taught all the time that content marketing is the way to go and is the safest and the most powerful form of online marketing. However, it is surprising to note that very few online marketers actually know what to do to make their content marketing initiatives a grand success.

So, if you are clueless about how to integrate this powerful medium to your marketing effort, here we are going to give a roundup of some of the most prominent pillars of content marketing so that you can emerge as a better marketer:


1. Why Content Marketing After All??

Loyal Customers: Okay, so you have just converted one visitor into customer. Congrats, that is cool. But unless and until you earn loyalty of that customer, you might never see him again buying your products or referring someone else about your company.  So, the ultimate goal of an online marketer should not stop at conversion rather the goal should be aimed at earning loyalty of the customers and this can be done by making them subscribed your newsletter , facebook channel or whatever. In short, he/she should be the one helping you reaching out to more potential customers. Pamper them with nice stories, jokes or occasional freebies

Up Selling: Don’t stop at converting customers.  I have seen marketers forgetting everything about their clients once they made the payment. This is a pathetic marketing approach. As they have already put their trust on you, you need try to upsell your products. For say, if a customer brought a pair of shoes from your store, just do not stop at that. You should try to upsell related products like – socks or something like that. If this does not work, don’t be disheartened. Be in touch with them so that you can engage them easily with your marketing initiatives.

What Will You Receive From Marketing??

There are three major areas that any company wants to consider at the end of the day:

  • Satisfied Customers
  • Revenue
  • Lower Expenditures

Content marketing targets the audience in such a way that at least one of these 3 areas show productivity. If not, there is something lacking in the marketing strategy. The study around these aspects can show who are the prospects who are willing to continue business relations or what were the steps that have boosted the company’s revenue or have incurred low expenses. Such parameters should be studied carefully, and should be multiplied effectively for a prosperous business.

2. Who Is The Audience??

Not everybody will be. Try to identify the ones from the crowd, who you target as the potential business prospects, and who can be the long term customers or subscribers to the business. Based on the audience, the content should be created. It cannot be created in air, targeting everyone on the earth, aiming to nobody in particular.

3. Define A Clear Mission:

Something very clear, that can pin-point the main objective, and is targeted towards the core audience. The goal once clear, gives a directed path to the content creation process. It does not go hay wire. The process defines who the audience is, what they expect, and what will be the next step the audience wants to achieve. With the ‘audience’ as the content priority, the marketing can never go wrong.

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