Art blogs are rapidly growing in interest across the internet. Just like there are a skill and passion for art, the same holds true for anyone that wants to start a blog of their own. WordPress makes the process of blogging easy, so there are no technical skills required — which means you can focus on building out your art blog, showcasing what’s you’ve made and also connecting with other bloggers in the world today.

To showcase the amazing selection of art blogs in the world today, we’ve hand-selected the list below.

Here are the Best Art Blogs on the Internet Today

Art comes in many different shapes and sizes. To back this statement up, we’ve listed some of the top art blogs on the internet today. Be sure to run through the full list and also check out the resource guide at the bottom of this list for information on how to get started with a blog of your own.

This is Colossal

Here is an art blog that features several different types of abstract and bizarre art forms. Art students, art teachers, and anyone who appreciates unique or strange art forms will appreciate this site. One exhibit features a highway that appears to go straight through a tree. Look at the warped floor as you scroll down under the design page to see an optical illusion. These are the types of things you’ll see on this site that focuses on unique art.


This site’s name is as unique as the content that you’ll find on this site. You’ll see plenty of unique art exhibits that will inspire you, as well as the photographer spotlight and designer spotlight. If you are a photographer or artist who has a submission, you can submit your entry on the site. There is a shopping link where you can shop for unique items and art right on the site. Check out the various features available for art lovers of all walks of life. You’ll be glad you did.

Hi Fructose

The Hi-Fructose art and design site features some bizarre art pieces. This site is known as the “new contemporary art magazine, ” and you’ll see why as you browse their site. For artist wannabes, you will find a “submit” button on the site that allows you to submit your entry on their site. Artists, art students, and instructors may find this site an interesting resource to show students how fantastic art can be. If you like “freeform” art, you’ll find this site as freeform as it gets.

Art Forum

Art Forum features news and critiques of exhibitions in the visual arts. It has a very modern focus regarding the art and design world and adds a travel aspect to it, as well. You’ll find world news, critics’ best choices, interviews, and an event calendar from the art world. There are also links to related sites, and you can even download an art guide on the site. Check out the various offers and articles that they have and enjoy the art world up close and personal.

Lost Art Press

This site gives you a look at a lost art, modern woodworking. While this traditional form of art is no longer considered a mainstream type of art, this site focuses on the traditional hand-tool skills needed to create this type of art. They also seek to preserve the art of woodworking and restore the number of woodworkers since they have diminished greatly since World War II.

Are you longing for an art blog that allows you to purchase art online? Here is a great site that allows you to do just that. You can find original paintings, fine art photographs, and more from an extremely large collection of original art. Many are very modern art pieces that reflect the unique style of the artist. You’ll find plenty of unique modern art and learn about the artists here.

The Art of Education

The Art of Education is an online blog that allows you to learn how to display student artwork for school environments or create art galleries using some of the work from students in your school. This blog is an excellent resource for public education institutions who want to feature student artwork and draw attention to their art program. There are additional resources, too such as videos, articles, and an Editor’s Pick section that features one of the best displays of artwork available.

Street Art and Graffiti

If you want to keep up with the lastest street art and graffiti-related posts, here is a great place to start. This site is a great platform for artists and photographers, as well as fans of this type of unique art. Some people consider graffiti something other than art. But this site shows that it is a true art form. Check out this site if you are a fan of graffiti art and see what you can find.

Art Magazine

This online art magazine is a great resource for the latest art news, articles, and events. If you are an artist or an art educator, you will enjoy being able to read the informative articles, rent or buy art, and study the different art trends. This site creates about two posts per week. You’ll find something of interest when you check out this unique art blog and website.


Hyperallergic is a forum for playful, serious, and radical perspectives on art and culture in the world today. It was created by Veken Gueyikian and Hrag Vartanian. Hyperallergic officially launched on October 14, 2009. It combines the best of art blog and magazine culture by focusing on publishing quality and engaging writing and images from informed and provocative perspectives.

The Hyperallergic Newsletter is sent out daily or weekly to over 115,000 subscribers, and every Tuesday it includes a letter from the editor with a recap of the most popular and important stories from the week.

Art21 Magazine

The Art21 Magazine issues are published four times per year and devoted to a single theme. Led by Art21’s executive director and chief curator Tina Kukielski, each issue’s articles and essays are carefully selected to connect to both the theme at hand and to broader conversations happening in the art world and the world at large.

Here, you’ll find our quarterly issues, resources on the intersection of art and education, as well as news on Art21 films and programs. The Art21 Magazine, which was previously the Art21 Blog, is available exclusively online. Art21 Magazine readers are primarily based in the United States, but the publication also has significant audiences in the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Australia, and Germany.

Art F City

Art F City creates and archives critical discourse, and commissions ambitious artist projects. Through a daily mix of blunt criticism, commentary and community-minded journalism, they add an unparalleled dosage of purposeful opinion to the contemporary art community.

Art F City also provides a moderated public forum across comment threads, artist essays, and roundtable criticism. Their nine-year archives provide an extensive historical record of that discourse. By encouraging a critical and informed audience, their public initiatives fill a critical need for all creative makers.

Street Art News

Street Art News founded in 2009 when Founder & Editor-in-Chief Rom Levy announced his plans for starting a publication devoted to Urban Art that would cater to what he called Art Geeks. The blog is the definitive guide to the Street Art World.

In the ensuing years, with formidable contributions by a unique editorial staff, Street Art News became a trusted source for Art news, exhibitions analysis and reviews, lifestyle and nearly everything else found in between layers of paint.

Get Inspired

Get Inspired exist, so you can have the art you love. This means giving you easy access to incredible art images and top-notch craftsmanship. They are all about selling beautiful pieces sourced from around the world. They work with passion to bring you the world’s largest art collection. Whatever your interest, your decor style, your inspiration, they’re sure to have that piece you can’t live without.

They believe art is dynamic, personal and connected to now, and the experience of buying and living with it should be too. From the moment you browse through their blog to the day your art is delivered, their team has one goal in mind: to delight you every step of the way.

Global Street Art

Global Street Art is dedicated to the artists who make our world more colorful and the people who help them do what they do best. There are four sides to what they offer: Their blog showcases artists from over 100 countries and with over 380,000 fans on social media; Their ‘Walls Project’ real-world platform, which has organised over 1,500 legal street art murals in London since 2012 (they’re now responsible for organising over half of the street in the Brick Lane area); Their commercial side, which partners with brands on projects (events, hand-painted advertising, interiors and with-permission licensing); Academic and advocacy, where they campaign for changes in their city.

Rise Art

On Rise Art, you will discover the latest art news, articles and events. Use Rise Art to discover original art from talented artists, rent and buy art from an expertly curated selection of paintings, photography and limited edition prints at affordable prices. Their Independent Art Insiders & advisors help select the artwork featured on the blog and provide recommendations.

They’re a bunch of art fanatics, and digital evangelists and they have just one goal: to use the internet to help people get great art into their lives. Whether they’re grounded in curation, or switched on by the pace of technological change, they’re working together to bring great art and extraordinary artists into people’s lives.

Archives of American Art Staff Blog

The Archives of American Art is the world’s preeminent and most widely used research center dedicated to collecting, preserving, and providing access to primary sources that document the history of the visual arts in America. Founded as the Detroit Institute of Arts in 1954, the Archives of American Art collects, preserves, and makes available primary sources documenting the history of the visual arts in the United States.

Founded on the belief that the public needs free and open access to the most valuable research materials, their collections are available to all who wish to consult the original papers at their research centers or use their reference services remotely every year, and to the millions who visit them online to consult digitized collections.

Smithsonian American Art Museum

The Smithsonian American Art Museum, the nation’s first collection of American art, is an unparalleled record of the American experience. The collection captures the aspirations, character, and imagination of the American people throughout three centuries. The museum is the home to one of the largest and most inclusive collections of American art in the world.

The Smithsonian American Art Museum is dedicated to collecting, understanding, and enjoying American art. The Museum celebrates the extraordinary creativity of artists whose works reflect the American experience and global connections.

Cass Art

Cass Art’s mission is to fill every town with artists, underpinned by the company’s long standing manifesto. Cass Art is committed to encouraging everyone to realize their creative talents by providing the world’s top quality materials at the guaranteed best prices.

The blog owner, Mark Cass is a trustee of the Cass Sculpture Foundation, a British charity devoted to the promotion of 21st British sculpture through public commissions and exhibitions. Cass Art not only partners with some of the leading art brands across the UK, including The National Gallery, The Royal Academy of Arts, National Galleries Scotland and Sky Arts, it also works with local galleries and art institutions.

How to Start an Art Blog in the Next 10 Minutes

Having walked through our list of some of the top art blogs on the internet today, you might be thinking about how to create a blog of your own. If this is the case, excellent! In this section we are going to show you how fast, cheap, and easy it is to get started. Below you will find all of the details on how to select your host, get a free domain, and also use Bluehost for having WordPress instantly installed on your site.

Before getting started with your own art blog, you will first need to come up with a domain name for your site and also set up web hosting. This is something every website and blog on the internet already has. Once you set it up, you won’t need to mess around with it again. We highly recommend going with Bluehost, as they have been hosting a number of our websites for a while now and are also a top rated web host from WordPress.

In addition to hosting millions of domain names and sites on the internet, Bluehost has partnered with to provide our site readers with an amazing 60% off promotion, while also offering a free domain name at the time of sign up. All you need to do is click here, or the image below to secure your hosting discount.

Once this is done, you will have WordPress installed right onto your site and you will be ready to go with your own sewing blog. How exciting!

With sewing blogs growing in popularity, right now is the best time to get started with a blog of your own. Not only will you be able to have your own little spot on the internet, you’ll also be able to inspire others with your craft while connecting with other sewing bloggers in the process. There are so many opportunities in the world of blogging, so don’t let it slip by another day.

To learn more about the blog setup and content creation process, be sure to visit our main page tutorial at

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