Photography brings us the gift of being able to capture milestones, events, and special moments. Among the different fields in photography, astrophotography has long been practiced and it still gets photographers fumbling with their gears.

When it comes to astrophotography, or any type of photography, knowing the best gears that fit your needs is important. However, you should also be able to improve your skills and find your own style along the way. There are astrophotography blogs wherein those who are just starting out may refer to and where experts and veterans can share their knowledge and experience. Aside from insightful articles with loads of tips and guides, these blogs also have gear reviews, recommendations, and even list of ideal locations for astrophotography.

List of the Top Astrophotography Blogs on the Internet Today

After filtering out thousands of sites, we now present to you the Top Astrophotography Blogs you’ll find on the web. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran photographer, we know there’s something in each blog for you! Also, if you want to start your own photography blog, we have a quick tutorial at the bottom that you may refer to. For now, go check these blogs out and enjoy!


AstroBackyard exists to share beautiful photography of the night sky, and share information about astrophotography. Here you will find AstroBackyard’s best efforts to impart knowledge of dark sky photography to the reader. AstroBackyard shares contents through tutorials and articles for readers to learn from. They also offer advice on which equipment is best used for a variety of astronomy related subjects. On this blog, you will find tips and insights about astrophotography.


Sky & Telescope

Sky & Telescope has the largest, most experienced staff of any astronomy magazine in the world. Its editors are virtually all amateur or professional astronomers, and everyone has built a telescope, written a book, done original research, developed a new product, or otherwise distinguished him or herself. Find out more about the editorial and art staff of Sky & Telescope, or read on for a historical perspective on the magazine.


Lonely Speck

Lonely Speck is owned by Ian Norman and Diana Southern, a couple with a passion for photography and travel. Lonely Speck is the home of night photography and astrophotography adventures. It is a project to help them learn as much as they can about photographing the Milky Way and sharing those experiences with others so that they can learn how to do it, too.  Lonely Speck also has a small community where people can share their experiences.


Stellar Neophyte Astronomy Blog

Stellar Neophyte has been photographing the night sky and blogging about it for a few years. Her approach is to learn by doing and trying new techniques to get the most out of modest equipment. She loves “informed stargazing” and she definitely thinks of herself as a skywatcher and amateur astrophotographer.  She likes to experiment with different camera techniques and tricks, like taking a photo of the moon with a flash to trick a point-and-shoot into the right shutter speed.


Mikko Lagerstedt Photography

Mikko Lagerstedt is a self-taught fine art photographer from Finland. He loves to capture the night, enjoys atmospheric photography and lives for capturing simplistic landscapes. Mikko Lagerstedt’s photography journey first started in December 2008 and from the first moments; he fell in love with it. He likes to create visually, and emotionally captivating pictures and his goal is to capture the feeling he had when he took the photograph.


Into The Night Photography

Royce Bair is a magazine photographer that specializes in landscape and in a night photography style called “NightScapes”. His unique starscapes help bring astronomy closer to our earth.  He also enjoys helping other photographers achieve their Photo Vision. His current emphasis is on a night photography style he called “NightScapes”: Starry night skies with a unique landscape feature – many of which are light-painted to enhance recognition. He also features other photographers in his ‘Into the Night Photography’ blog, complete with tips, tutorials, and equipment reviews.  The scope of this blog is not just about his photography. It regularly features the night vision of many other photographers. You’ll also find tips, tutorials, and reviews on equipment, software, and books related to night photography.


Cielos Boreales

Cielos Boreales is owned by Roberto Ferrero who lives in Madrid.  He loves to share his love of astronomy with others. He is a member of the Astronomical Association of Madrid South since 2009 and of AstroHenares since 2014. He also collaborated with the local newspaper “Distrito Villaverde” in which he published an article on astronomy monthly during the years 2011 and 2012. In 2011 he started a project to promote rural accommodation in areas with good sky to practice astronomy, Star Tourism.  


Astro Photography Australia

Astro Photography Australia was started in early 2004 by Roger Groom in response to frequent requests for his astrophotography. Roger is an astrophotographer from Western Australia with many years of photography experience. The mission of Astro Photography Australia is to provide high-quality unique Astrophotography of the Southern Hemisphere. They offer an ever increasing range of Astrophotography, some available for free download and others available for purchase in a wide variety of formats, sizes and as merchandise.


David Lane Astrophotography

This blog exists to help celebrate the beauty of the night skies and our galactic neighbors. The blog is easily interactive as you can comment, like and follow these galactic adventures. David Lane  Astrophotography has attained partial Recognitions like Interview on NPR – KCUR – Central Standard, NASA APOD (Astronomy Picture Of the Day) 11 times, Ranked number 13 of all Astronomy blogs on the Internet in September 2017, Speaker, Workshop Presenter at AIC – Advanced Imaging Conference Sept 2017 and many more. Check out The Blog for some of the latest images.

How to Get Started with Your Own Astrophotography Blog

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