Top Auto Blogs on the Internet

Motor Trend

Motor Trend Magazine is an online blog that caters to the automotive industry. They feature many tips on cars, trucks, and SUV’s that appeal to vehicle fanatics, car owners, and car salespeople. They feature an automobile buying guide for people looking for great advice and deals on new vehicles. They feature about 56 posts per week. This online blog is one of the most popular ones around when it comes to keeping up with the trends and learning the most there is to know about car maintenance and vehicle news.

Car and Driver

Car and Driver Magazine is a leader in vehicle reviews. They also feature some of the latest news in the vehicle and automotive industries that consumers want to know. They feature about 168 posts per week and offer several comparisons of vehicles that people can use to make buying decisions. It’s a good one to bookmark if you want to be in the know about new vehicles as they are released.


If you need a place to go to find out the latest news, you’ll find up-to-the-minute news on the automotive industry, as well as reviews, podcasts, and photography about the auto industry. You’ll see new information on the latest automobiles as well as valuable commentaries on new vehicles and the auto industry. They post about 84 times per week.


Jalopnik is another car blog that also serves as a news and opinion site about vehicles of different kinds, as well as racing, transportation, technology, and even motorcycles. Their goal on this blog is to cover everything that is important to vehicle enthusiasts including comparison information between different types of vehicles and racing information. Check it out to keep your ear to the grindstone about new cars and technology related to the automotive industry.

Automobile Mag

Automobile Mag is a unique vehicle blog and online publication that highlights some of the best vehicles as they are released. You’ll find photos, information, and other factoids about the new vehicles that are released by various manufacturers as well as tips on how to find the best deals on car purchases. Check back with them often to see what they have added. They add posts every month based on the need.

Cartalk Blog

The Cartalk Blog is a blog that focuses on the important issues that vehicle owners have to deal with such as heat shields and transmission problems. Many motorists wonder if they should flush their transmission every so often or just leave it alone. This blog tackles some of the bigger issues that car owners face when caring for their vehicles. Look up this blog whenever you have important matters you need to consider regarding your vehicle purchases, maintenance, or sales. Blog

The site is a site that is dedicated to offering consumers a site where they can find cars to buy, list their car for sale, and learn about the latest news in the automotive world. They talk about warranties, car buying advice, and many other car topics on their blog. You’ll find lots of information on this site and perhaps even a new vehicle. This is a popular blog, and you can find a lot of pertinent information about vehicles and car shopping here.

Car Advice (Australia)

If you live in Australia and want to find out the latest news in the automotive world, you can find lots of information on this blog. You’ll find car reviews that focus on the new Australian vehicle releases, as well as close-ups on various makes and models to consider for your next purchase. Bookmark this blog if you want to find out what the latest news is regarding the new automotive inventions.


Autoweek features an automotive platform that is dedicated to the car enthusiast. They feature a print magazine, unlike many online publications, which let you view the latest information on their blog that features up-to-the-minute information. They even have cutting-edge technology that incorporates with their iPad and iPhone apps. If you are passionate about vehicles in the Outback region, this is a great blog to bookmark for future reference. They contribute about 42 posts per week.

Automotive News

Automotive News is one of the most important automobile news sources for automotive news and events. They are a high-tech oriented site that likes to feature the latest cutting-edge technology in the automotive industry. They post around 84 posts per week. It’s a good site to bookmark if you need to keep up with the trends in the auto industry, whether you are a consumer, car salesperson, or driver. You’ll find something of interest on this blog which features some of the most important information on automotive issues.

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