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When it comes to finding success in the world of blogging, there is nothing better than having a mentor to guide you along the way. What we take for granted as established bloggers, would take a brand new bloggers hours, if not days to understand.

For instance… let’s take the simple task of registering a domain name, setting up hosting and installing wordpress. I’m sure many of us with a blog already could do this in our sleep — however, do you remember the first time you had to go through this process? It was probably something like this…

  1. Why do I need a web host? Who is the best and cheapest?
  2. What type of domain should I get? Where to register it? Why are they all taken?
  3. How do I connect my domain name to my hosting?
  4. What is WordPress and how do I get it? vs.
  5. I have a domain, hosting and WordPress… but now what?

It’s probably quite funny to read through the questions above and think about when you went through this same process, but the truth is that hundreds if not thousands of new site owners and bloggers are going through these same questions everyday for the first time…. each of which costing them hours and hours of time on research, learning and comparisons.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that’s why I created the training course and community — to help bloggers and online marketers of all sizes, no matter what transition they are currently in. It’s not only about having access to quality course material and saving time, but also about connections and getting to know the right people.

Just take a look at some of the people I’m now good friends with and have been able to meet as a result of having my own blog at

The World of Blogging and Connections

Once inside the members area, you instantly have access to the following:

  • 8 Modules — Over 100+ training videos broken down into eight solid courses
  • Video Directory — Extra bonus videos in addition to the 8 module course videos
  • Private FB Group & Forum — Share experiences, ask questions and get full support
  • Featured Experts — Exclusive interviews and tips with high profile bloggers.

Best of all, new content and courses are being added all the time and I always make sure I am active within the forum area and private Facebook group to help with any questions and support issues that might come up.

Top Bloggers Featured within

Earlier I was talking about the importance of having a mentor to help you along the way, and that’s why I made sure to bring along some of my best friends in the industry and interview each of them to provide you with guidance in your journey.

I’ve profiled each of them below, along what they cover in their exclusive interviews.

Jeremy Schoemaker

One of the most well known marketing bloggers in the industry, Jeremy is most famous for his $132,994.97 Google Adsense check from one of his ringtone sites. Jeremy has since catapulted his success through the use of his ShoeMoney blog where he talks about everything about his business ventures, tips from industry friends and even how not to make money online with stupid ideas. In addition to the blog and Adsense success, Jeremy has created and sold various companies and is the CEO of his latest startup, PARProgram. In my exclusive interview with Jeremy, we discuss the many different ways to make money online and monetize blog content with Google Adsense, affiliate marketing and product creation.

Jeremy Schoemaker Blog

Neil Patel

Working along side some of the largest brands on the internet, such as TechCrunch and icanhascheezburger, Neil Patel has helped propel many corporations and businesses to the massive size they are today. As one of the leading experts in content creation and SEO, Neil blogs at, while also running several of his other internet marketing and research based companies. During my interview with Neil we discuss best practices for creating blog content that people actually want to read and share with their audiences.

Neil Patel Blog

John Chow

If there was ever a blogger who was known for making money online, it would have to be John Chow — after all, he actually wrote the book “Make Money Online; by John Chow”. John’s famous for taking his blog from $0 to $40,000 per month in just a few months time and then scaling his blog to the seven figure a year business it is today. My discussion with John goes into great detail on how he uses mailing lists and autoresponders to create amazing sales funnels around his blog and business, which just continues to keep growing in size year after year.

John Chow Blog

Syed Balkhi

No matter what type of web site or blog you run, the money and long term success of your business is within your mailing list. Syed Balkhi is the co-creator of OptinMonster, a revolutionary WordPress application for increasing your mailing list through the use of interactive popup windows with exit-intent and split testing capabilities. In addition to the creation of OptinMonster, Syed also has over 1 million YouTube subscribers and a WordPress resource site at Syed shares the best tips and tricks for increasing your mailing list size overnight while also giving exact tips on what type of headlines and incentives work best.

Syed Balkhi Blog

Ian Cleary

The world of social media is fast moving and covers a wide range of topics. This is something Ian Clearly knew all too well, so when he released his blog at, he knew he had to take a different approach. Instead of talking about “social media” in general, Ian only focuses on the best tool, tips and tricks for increasing user engagement through social media — the result is an award winning social media blog that provides a ton of value for blog, brands and businesses around the world. Ian shares his favorite tools, services and the exact steps he takes when writing a post and sending it out to all of his social media outlets.

Ian Cleary Blog

John Rampton

Writers are some of the most powerful people in the world, especially ones that get to write on sites like Inc, Entrepreneur, Forbes and HuffingtonPost. John Rampton is one of these sought after writers and it’s completely changed the way he’s doing business and connecting with powerful blogs and brands on the internet today. The amazing thing about John’s story is that he actually started out in PPC and SEO, but once he made the move to Silicon Valley, CA everything changed for the better. In my discussion with John we talk about the importance of building a reliable and trustworthy brand that gets media coverage while also discussing the importance of building real life connection outside of just online chat and email.

John Rampton Blog

Spencer Haws

To rank in the search results you not only need to create high quality content, but you also need to focus on your niche and especially long tail keywords. Spencer Haws is the creator of Long Tail Pro, a software that I and thousands of other site owners and marketers use to research niche markets. In addition to his blog at, Spencer has his own portfolio of niche sites as well as other internet businesses on the site. During out one on one discussion, Spencer walks us through the process of how to find a quality niche while providing quality content for your exact audience and the many different ways to monetize your traffic in the process.

Spencer Haws Blog

Kevin Muldoon

Every bloggers needs to have a good understanding of WordPress and those who actually become WordPress experts are very sought after for their services and knowledge. Kevin Muldoon is one of these experts and he’s made a full time living off not only his own blogs, but also through writing about WordPress, creating and selling sites and also building out his own forums. In my discussion with Kevin we talk about the best WordPress plugins everyone should be using, along with how site owners and sell their online properties for 10-20x earnings.

Kevin Muldoon Blog

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