Instagram is getting all of the attention these days. While bloggers are typing away and creating content for their sites and hoping to rank a step or two higher in the search rankings, other bloggers are snapping a quick photo and getting hundreds of thousands of views in just minutes. Just take a look at any of the top Instagram users today, and you will quickly understand how they are generating thousands of new followers daily, and potentially millions of dollars in the process!

That’s what the exciting world of mobile and social media has quickly become. Who would have thought a social platform and application based on just individual photos and quick videos would change everything so drastically. Gone are the days of logging into dead social platforms like MySpace, which was limited to desktop only, or even Facebook, which is drastically seeing numbers decline. Now it’s all about mobile, instant gratification, and sharing updates through the use of quick and simple images.

With all of this in mind, many of the world’s top bloggers are getting in on the action as well. To help you find and follow some of the top entrepreneurs, bloggers, and content creators on Instagram, be sure to run through our updated list below.

Tai Lopez

As one of the most well-known and controversial entrepreneurs and marketers in the world today, Tai Lopez is all about creating content that grabs the attention of his audience. Whether it’s a flashy video walkthrough of his multi-million dollar home or all of his fabulous cars in the parking lot, Tai definitely not only knows how to grow his business — he also knows the power of personal branding, getting attention and using Instagram as well.

Why follow Tim on Instagram? Not only can Tai Lopez teach you how to make money, he can also teach you how to better represent yourself and create killer content and social media updates that grabs the attention of an audience. Looking for ideas and inspiration? Look no further than his Instagram account, where he currently has more than 2.8 million followers and over 2,000 social updates!

Instagram: Tai Lopez

Syed Balkhi

If you ever searched the internet for funny images or interesting facts, you likely ended up on one of Syed’s ‘list’ sites. If you haven’t come across, then you definitely have seen some of his software applications at work, like OptinMonster, which is a popup window that is currently being used on thousands of sites and serving billions of impressions monthly. To say the least, Syed is a pretty smart guy and has built quite the massive business for himself in the process — all of which is mostly focused on serving WordPress users.

Why follow Syed Balkhi on Instagram? Syed currently has nearly 7,000 followers on Instagram, and it’s more of a personal account than anything else. You aren’t going to see him pushing products or being promotional, but you will see many of his life-changing and world traveling updates, that are most likely a result of his amazing business and networking skills. If you want to follow an extremely successful and down to earth entrepreneur, Syed is your guy!

Instagram: Syed Balkhi


Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Some of the most famous bloggers and entrepreneurs in the world are men. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner has quickly been making a name for herself, while also inspiring women around the world to not only take action but to also pay off their debts and better manage their finances in the process. Through her blog, Michelle is now generating over six-figures per month through both affiliate marketing and the sales of her affiliate marketing course.

Why follow Michelle on Instagram? One of the more amazing things about Michelle and her success is that she runs her website and business from the comfort of her RV, which she and her family spend time in while they travel the world. This sounds like a perfect opportunity for Instagram to come into the mix — which it does! Follow Michelle on Instagram and you will get to follow her around the world on all of her latest adventures, while also highlighting what’s going on with her business as well.

Instagram: Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

John Lee Dumas

Just like blogging, podcasting has quickly become of the most effective ways to grow an audience, brand, and business for yourself. This is something John Lee Dumas has mastered over the past several years with his Entrepreneur on Fire podcast and blog. Today John Lee Dumas is able to continually generate six-figures per month through his content, podcast episodes, and online courses and membership-based community.

Why follow John on Instagram? John is a great blogger and entrepreneur to follow, as his business brings him all around the world. Not only will you see world travels through his account, you will also get inspirational messages and see where he is currently speaking or meeting up with other bloggers, podcasters, and entrepreneurs around the world. JLD currently has over 34,000 followers on his Instagram account.

Instagram: John Lee Dumas

Marie Forleo

If you want to grow a massive following online, you not only need to know what you are talking about and have something to offer, you also need to look good doing it. Marie Forleo has seen massive growth over the years through her blog, social media, and videos on both YouTube and Facebook. It’s no wonder she would continue to find success on Instagram as well.

Why follow Marie on Instagram? Marie is currently sitting pretty near the top of our list of bloggers on Instagram, in reference to how many followers she has — which is currently just under 300,000. However, one of the many reasons to follow Marie on Instagram is that she has some of the highest quality images, inspiration photos, and videos of all the bloggers out there. If you are looking for daily content and inspiration, be sure to start following Marie on Instagram today.

Instagram: Marie Forleo

Lewis Howes

If you ever needed an example of how the internet can change someone’s life at all angles possible, Lewis Howes is a perfect case study to follow. Years ago, Lewis was a professional athlete and all was well — until a career-ending injury happened. Lewis then found business and financial success with his LinkedIn and Webinar training courses. Jump forward to today and Lewis Howes has one of the top podcasts in the world today (School of Greatness), and has been getting his name guests on his show like Tony Robbins and Maria Sharapova to name a few. But that’s not all… Lewis is now also a NYTimes Best Selling Author and even holds an annual “School of Greatness” conference. Imagine if he never had that sports injury?

Why follow Lewis on Instagram? Lewis is a great follow on Instagram, simply because he provides his best content and excerpts across all platforms. As a follower on Instagram, you will receive updates on his life, podcast episodes, screencaps from his Twitter accounts, and much more. Lewis is also quickly approaching the half a million follower mark on his Instagram account.

Instagram: Lewis Howes

How to Build a Massive Following through Blogging and Instagram

Now that you’ve seen how some of the top bloggers, podcasters, entrepreneurs, and motivational speakers in the world are growing their followings on Instagram and through blogging, it’s time for you to start considering the same.

More importantly than anything else, don’t be discouraged if you don’t have many social followers or content to work off of. Everyone profiled above started out with ZERO followers and site visitors as well.

Think about what you would like to become well-known for, or how you can provide value to others. Once you have a good idea on the direction you want to take, head over to our main page and walk through our simple 3-step process on how to go live with a blog of your own in the next 10 minutes. I’m sure you won’t regret it!

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