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Top Websites and Blogs on the Internet in 2020

Take a look at each of the websites and blogs featured within each of the categories below. This list is being updated all the time and is currently accurate as of August/September 2020.

Running Blogs

If you enjoy running for fitness or fun, you need a collection of running blogs to help you reach your running goals. These blogs focus on all things having to do with running and fitness that can help you reach your running goals. You’ll also find some information on the latest running shoes, clothing, and workout suits. Whether you are a beginning runner or an expert, you’ll find something you can benefit from with this collection of blogs.

Quilting Blogs

Are you a quilter? Perhaps you aspire to be a quilter. Thousands of people all over the United States have rediscovered the art of quilting. You’ll find a host of resources that allow you to find the raw materials and quilting stuff you need to keep your quilting business or hobby going. Connect with other quilters, learn techniques on specific quilting patterns, and download the patterns for DIY projects. Whatever your quilting goals, you’ll find something of interest with these blogs for quilters.

Fitness Blogs

Are you obsessed with fitness and staying in shape? Maybe you just want to lose some weight for the upcoming holiday seasons or be able to fit into those “skinny jeans.” Whatever your fitness goals, you’ll find something to help you on your path to fitness with these blogs.

Wedding Blogs

Are you planning a wedding shortly? Hoping he’ll pop the question soon? Then you better start looking into this collection of wedding blogs to get some ideas for your special day. Your wedding should be one of the most special days of your life. Information is key when you start to plan the hundreds of small tasks that you need to accomplish to get it all together. Check out this collection of wedding blogs, take notes, and use these resources to plan your wedding. These are good blogs to bookmark whether you are planning a wedding for yourself or if you are a professional wedding planner, you’ll find some good tips and tidbits to help you on your journey.

Political Blogs

If you want to keep up with the latest politics in America, try bookmarking many of the following blogs for a resource. You’ll be able to stay up on the latest political news and find out who’s who in the world of politics. Scroll through this list of political blogs and websites to see which ones most appeal to you.

Beauty Blogs

Do you want to try out the latest beauty products and cosmetics? You’ll find out what is trending and see the latest beauty tips and products as they are released. Find out what your favorite celebrities are using and keep up with the latest beauty trends by bookmarking these sites.

Book Blogs

Are you a bookworm or do you just want to keep up with the latest books before they are released? Check out these book blogs and check out new books before they’re released, read author blogs and book club information, and more. You’ll find reading lists and resources that will help you keep up with the latest books and book reviews.

Soccer Blogs

Do you like soccer or have a child who plays soccer? If you want to keep up with the soccer standings, find out where the latest soccer wear can be purchased, or other topics, you’ll find a slew of soccer topics with these blogs. Scan through the list of soccer blogs and bookmark the ones you like. You’ll be glad you found these blogs to go back to any time you want to find out what’s new in the world of soccer.

Travel Blogs

Do you like to travel? Do you find it hard to find good travel information when you are planning a vacation or trip? It’s helpful to find information on traveling while planning your trip. Travel blogs can help you do that by providing information on certain destination spots, offering online coupons or discounts on flights and other travel accommodations, and keep you up-to-date on the latest travel deals. Check out this list of travel blogs and bookmark the ones you like best. It can save you time and money and keep you abreast of the latest travel tips before you go.

Knitting Blogs

Are you an avid knitter or do you want to be? Knitting is a past time that many people enjoy. It involves using yarn and knitting needles to create original clothing items or other items that can be used or sold online for a profit. If you want to find out more about the knitting hobby, you can scan through this list of blogs to learn more. Bookmark the ones you want and learn to knit like the finest!

Gun Blogs

If you want to keep up with the latest news in the gun industry, the latest gun legislation, and other issues about gun ownership and the 2nd Amendment, you should check out these gun blogs to learn more. You’ll find deals on how to purchase a gun legally, how to maintain and keep your firearms up-to-date, and even gun show locations in your area. Check it out today and find out why the NRA says they are “freedom’s safest place.”

Blogs for Women

This list of blogs is all about things that women care about. From financing a new home, maintaining a household, child care, and nutrition, and more, you’ll find a host of topics that women care about in this list of blogs for women. Check it out and bookmark the ones you want to return to time and time again.

Technology Blogs

Technology is always changing. In fact, there is a saying in the industry that says, “The only thing that is sure in technology is change.” That being said, it helps to have the resources from people in the IT industry that can keep you informed about what is going on in the tech world. Whether it’s the latest iPhone or iPod, hardware and software updates, apps, and more, you’ll find the latest tech news here. Check out our list of tech blogs and visit them often for updates.

Survival Blogs

Do you like to camp out, “rough it,” or even plan for possible emergencies? Check out these survival blogs to learn how. You’ll find information on bugout tents, equipment, flashlights, and other stuff that you need when you are out in the elements. Learn what tools and equipment you need to make it if you are ever faced with a survival situation and prepare for any contingency.

Fashion Blogs

If keeping up with the latest fashions is something you want to do, you’ll want to check out these fashion blogs. They vary from the ultra famous to small fashion blogs. But you’re sure to find something to help you learn what you need to know to stay in the know in the world of fashion. Find out what you’re missing and get ideas for your fashion accessories, outfits, and more by visiting this blog.

Natural Hair Blogs

If you are a woman or man of color and need to tame your natural hair or experiment with new styles, check out this list of natural hair blogs. We gathered some of the best natural hair blogs from various sources to give you the best overall information you need to manage natural hair texture. Check out these blogs to find out more.

Photography Blogs

Are you a photographer who seeks information on photography techniques, equipment, or tips? Here’s a list of photography blogs you won’t want to miss! From the latest lighting techniques to photography equipment and backdrops, tips and tricks, and more, you’ll find something to help you along the road to excellence. Improve your photography with information, trends, and products to boost your brand.

Christian Blogs

Are you a Christian seeking information on how to maintain and nurture your walk with God? These informative and inspirational blogs deal with issues that today’s Christian is concerned about. Check them out and bookmark your favorites. You’ll find daily inspirational quotes and Bible verses, as well as tips on how to be a better Christian.

Sewing Blogs

If you like to sew or want to ramp up your sewing hobby to business, you’ll want to check out these sewing blogs. Some offer resources to improve your skills, while others give you practical tips to improve your sewing hobby. Scan through these blogs and see which ones appeal to you. Bookmark your favorites to return to later to keep up with your sewing goals.

Lifestyle Blogs

If you are looking for ways to improve your lifestyle, check out this list of lifestyle blogs. You’ll find ways to maximize your time and your budget, improve your attitude, get in shape, and much more.

Crypto Currency Blogs

There is a lot of talk about the bitcoin and various types of international currency. While it’s doubtful it will ever go mainstream in the U.S.; you can find out the latest news about various cryptocurrencies by following these cryptocurrency blogs.

Art Blogs

Art blogs focus on the finer aspects of the world of art, art news and facts, and some even delve into the history of art or art museums. If you like and appreciate any kind of art, you’ll find a wide variety of art blogs for your review in this section.

Auto Blogs

Are you a car fanatic or collector? You’re not alone. Millions of people in the U.S. and all over the world enjoy collecting classic cars. Others are just car fanatics that want to keep up on the latest news in the auto world or to find helpful tips for car upkeep. Whatever your goals, you’ll find a car blog that will help you keep up on the latest news in the auto world.

Plus Size Fashion Blogs

If you are a Plus Size woman looking for helpful information on how to shop for clothes, keep informed on the Plus Size clothing industry, or other topics, you’ll find something that will interest you on these blogs.

Work from Home Blogs

Are you looking to generate a positive cash flow or full-time income from home? You can do it! Thousands of people are doing this already using some of the resources you’ll find in this section. There are many ways you can create a passive income from home or set up an eCommerce store to make money. Check out the latest news in the work-at-home world here.

Lego Blogs

Are you a Lego fan or fanatic? The Lego world is alive and well, despite the recent discontinuation of some extension packs. Check out these active Lego blogs to see what you can learn about the Lego world and connect with other builders!

Dog Blogs

Are you a dog owner in need of some good information there are some real dog blogs out there that will keep canine fans and dog owners to keep up with the news on dog care. Search through these top doggy blogs and see what you can find.

Pregnancy Blogs

If you are expecting or think you may be soon, you’ll want to find some helpful blogs of information that you can use to refer to when you need some valuable insight. This section has much to offer for anyone looking to educate yourself about this topic. Some blogs also offer the chance to share your experiences and connect with other moms or moms-to-be.

Crafts Blogs

Do you like to do crafts or projects that use raw materials like string, buttons, and other materials? These craft blogs will help you to find some valuable information to create your projects and show you lots of cool resources where you can find your materials and techniques to help you grow your craft hobby or even turn it into a business!

Kindergarten Blogs

If you are a Kindergarten teacher or teacher’s aid looking for ideas to run your Kindergarten classroom more efficiently or creatively, you’ll appreciate this section of Kindergarten blogs we’ve lined up for you. Most of these blogs are created by hard-working, creative teachers who love teaching Kindergarten, and they are happy to share what they’ve learned with you. Most of these blogs take a practical approach to classroom organization, and they offer a wide array of creative ideas to use in your classroom.

Hip-hop Blogs

Are you into the rap scene? Want to keep up with the Hip-hop genre in music? Perhaps you’re a radio DJ who wants to know what the big hits are or where the rap industry is going. You’ll find a variety of great resources in this section that focuses primarily on Hip-hop and related music information and news from the music world. You can even hear some new releases before they are released to the world by checking out these blogs.

DIY Blogs

If you value your time more than money and you are someone who enjoys saving money by do-it-yourself projects, this section of blogs will help you reach your goals for DIY. Doing it yourself is a popular way to save money on everything from preparing a wedding, fixing a porch, or creating homemade items to sell online. If you can dream it, you can achieve it with the help of these DIY blogs.

Personal Finance Blogs

Are you working on your finances or accounting for your home or business? You may want to look into these personal finance blogs. You’ll find a wide variety of resources to help you manage and maintain your finances. Download financial organization apps and learn how to plan your future with these finances tips and tools. You can gather tips on saving money, planning for your child’s education, and much more!

Interior Design Blogs

Are you a professional interior designer? Do you want to fix up your home or learn some new trick to make your living quarters more appealing to guests? Here is a list of interior design blogs that you’ll want to bookmark for future reference.

Music Blogs

Are you a musician or music lover who wants to keep up with the latest music news? Here is a list of blogs you’ll want to bookmark for future reference. The music world constantly changes with new artists and hit songs. Find out what is trending and hear samples of new releases on these music blogs.

Male Clothing Blogs

Do you have trouble keeping up with men’s fashion trends? These blogs can help you out. They provide insights on the latest new trends in casual and professional attire. They also provide a number of tips to help you make fashion decisions, which include finding the right price and choosing a wardrobe that matches your body type.

Food Blogs

There are thousands of great blogs for foodies. These blogs have everything you could need to know to prepare and enjoy great culinary masterpieces. You can find delicious recipes and cooking tips that will tantalize every person’s taste buds. Some blogs specialize in certain types of cuisines, while others take a broader focus. You can also find tips to help you save money while preparing your favorite foods.

Minimalist Blogs

Are you trying to save money on materialistic purchases? Do you want to have more room in your home? You aren’t alone. Lots of people are trying to declutter their homes and cut back on unnecessary purchases. Unfortunately, knowing where to start is the hard part for many people. The good news is that there are tons of great blogs on minimalism. They can help you get rid of clutter and take your life back.

Nail Polish Blogs

Choosing the right cosmetics is tough. Part of the problem is that there are so many to choose from. Another issue is that preferences change all the time. The biggest issue is that every woman needs to choose a brand that matches their tests and personality. It can be tough to find out where to start, which is why so many women turn to cosmetic and nail polish blogs. These blogs have reviews of the best nail polishes and swatches on the market. They also have great tips on choosing right nail polishes and swatches that align with your tastes and budget.

Conservative Blogs

Lots of conservatives feel that the mainstream media is dominated by opposing viewpoints. If you aren’t a major fan of FOX News, it can be tough to find content that you agree with. That is why a growing number of conservative bloggers are sharing their voices online. Many of these bloggers have very valuable insights that other right wingers can appreciate. If you are a conservative that wants to get a fresh perspective, feel free to check these blogs out.

Anime Blogs

Anime has been huge in the United States for over 20 years. Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon and other anime shows became insanely popular. As the supply of anime movies, shows, graphic novels and video games became more saturated, it became tougher for fans to keep track of it all. A number of prominent anime bloggers have helped make it easier to follow anime. They have reviews on the greatest anime content and products. You can feel free to check out these blogs to learn more about your favorite types of anime.

Mortgage Blogs

Buying a home can be an arduous process. Finding a mortgage with affordable rates is one of the most important and difficult steps. A number of experts have started mortgage blogs to help homebuyers tackle this challenge. These blogs have great advice on getting approved for a mortgage, finding the best rates and knowing how to close the deal. This information can be very useful for any homebuyer.

Science Blogs

Are you fascinated with science? In the 1990s, your only option was to watch the Science Channel or listen to Bill Nye the Science Guy. The Internet gives you a lot more options. There are a plethora of blogs devoted to sharing information on science and technology.  You can find blogs covering the life sciences, astronomy, electronics and much more. Some blogs are specific for children, while others are much more advanced.

Home Renovation Blogs

Are you trying to renovate your home? Handling renovation projects on your own can be a major challenge. There are a lot of bloggers that can show you where to start. Some of them are DIYers and others are professional contractors. They have detailed content to help guide you through various home renovation projects. Many of these blogs also have an overview of some of their own home renovation projects, along with images that they have taken. Take a look at them to find useful information to help you avoid unnecessary headaches and costly mistakes while you renovate your home.

Celebrity Net Worth Blogs

Are you curious how much money your favorite celebrities have? You don’t need to guess any further! There are tons of blogs that focus specifically on this topic. They use a variety of different sources of information to estimate the net worth of actors, rappers, film producers and politicians throughout the country. Some of the celebrities are household names, while others are people that play small leads in movies that most people have never heard of. The bloggers try to update their estimates regularly since people come to them for accurate estimates of the net worth of their favorite celebrities.

Home Security Blogs

Nearly two million homes are broken into every year. Economic and political challenges have made people more concerned about their personal security. A number of bloggers have provided valuable tips to help people improve their home security. These blogs cover everything from purchasing home security systems, learning to use firearms and identifying potential threats. If you are concerned about protecting your home security, these blogs can offer you some very valuable advice.

Luxury Home Blogs

Are you considering upgrading to a more expensive home? Do you enjoy following the lifestyles of the rich and famous? There are tons of blogs that focus on luxury homes. These blogs have tons of pictures and advice for people trying to buy their first luxury property. Regardless of your motive, these blogs are worth checking out.

Home Improvement Blogs

Tackling home improvement projects on your own can seem like a good way to save money. Unfortunately, it is easy to make costly mistakes if you aren’t careful or don’t know what you were doing. You don’t need a professional contractor’s license to handle these types of repairs, but you at least need to educate yourself about the types of projects that you will be working on. If you don’t know where to start, you should try checking out these home improvement blogs. The bloggers behind them have worked on numerous home improvement projects over the years. In addition to providing clear, easy to follow advice, they also have plenty of pictures that can help you see what the process looks like.

Home Cleaning Blogs

Cleaning your house is probably one of the most dreadful things on your to-do list. If you are like many people, you have probably been putting off some of your cleaning tasks for weeks or even months. The good news is that cleaning can go much more smoothly if you know how to do it efficiently or tackle your biggest psychological hurdles. There are a number of blogs that provide great advice for people that want to clean their house. Feel free to check them out if you need more guidance on it.

SEO Blogs

SEO is one of the most popular topics on the Internet. There is a good reason for this – countless bloggers and marketers want to drive converting traffic to their websites and social media profiles. You can find thousands of blogs that provide SEO advice. The problem is that many of these bloggers don’t know much about the topic. You need to find authority blogs that offer advice that you can actually use to earn more organic search engine traffic.

Kids’ Birthday Blogs

Are you a parent of a young child with an upcoming birthday? Knowing what to do for their birthday can be a challenge, especially if they are getting older then you want to admit. Fortunately, there are lots of other parents that have created great blogs on this very topic. They share the best types of birthday presents, games and party tips for other parents with young children. Reading these blogs can help you figure out how to make your child’s birthday happier and more memorable.

Cosplay Blogs

Are you a cosplay fan? Creating a character and knowing how to participate in a game can be exciting for many people. However, there is also a steep learning curve if you are new to the process. Even experienced cosplayers may need some additional direction if they are creating a new character or getting into a new game. Don’t worry, there are lots of great blogs that can help cosplayers of all experience levels create great characters and have a more pleasant experience.

Party Blogs

Attending a party can be a lot of fun, but planning one is not nearly as pleasant. Fortunately, there is no reason to feel overwhelmed. If you need some direction as a party planner, there are a lot of great blogs that you can check out. These blogs have advice for parents planning a party for their child’s birthday, an adult themed Halloween party, people planning a party for a friend’s wedding and a number of other important events. These bloggers share lots of great advice on choosing snacks, activities and the right channels to send invitations. You will be ready to host the perfect party for any occasion after reading some of the tips provided on these blogs!

Top Websites and Blogs by Category

In addition to the breakdown of sites listed above, we’ve also listed thousands of sites by category as well. You can browse these lists through the categories below.


Escape Rooms / Dumpster Recycling / Health / NY Foods / Low Carb / LGBT / Arsenal / Indie Music / Hiking / Mental Health / Faith / Healthcare / Handyman / Watches / Wedding Magazine / Defense / Second Life Fashion / Horror Magazine / Lacrosse / Bluegrass Music / DOTA / Cross StitchWomen Over 50 / 1st Grade Teachers / Movie Reviews / Beer / JPOP / Christian Books / Inspirational / Yoga / Mormon / Art Magazines / Tiny House / Microsoft Windows / Airline / Fantasy Football / Opera / Astrophotography / Crossdressing / Virtual Assistants / Weather / RV / Axe Throwing / Facts / Auction / Menopause / Writing / US News / Sports Betting / World News / Real Estate / Korean Drama / Basketball / Gay / Funko Pop / Celebrity Magazine / Cycling / Camera / CSS / MMO / Keto / Water Sports / Animal Rescue / Female Bodybuilding / Cartoon / Math / Palmistry / Frugal / Golf / End of Times / Hacking / Relationship / Wine / Gymnastics / Shoes / Essential Oils / Poetry / Nutrition / Crochet / Lingerie / Teachers / Meme / Weight Loss / Comics Books / EDM / Crime / Motorcycle / Weaving / Philosophy / Jewelry / Vegan / Mom / Foundation Repair / Party Ideas / Kids Birthday / Cosplay / Funny / Male Clothing / Food / Minimalist / Nail Polish / Movie / Marijuana / Hip Hop / Anime / Science / Kindergarten / Crafts / Home Renovation / Celebrity Net Worth / Home Security / Pregnancy / Luxury Homes / Home Improvement / Dogs / Music / Home Cleaning / Art / Plus Size Fashion / Work from Home / Running / Quilting / Fitness / Wedding / Beauty / Books / Soccer / Travel / Guns / Knitting / Women  / Technology / Survival / Fashion / Natural Hair  / Photography / Christian / Sewing / Lifestyle /

Sports Teams Blogs:

NY Knicks / NY Jets / NY Yankees / Chicago White Sox / NY Giants / NY Rangers / NFL / NBA / FIFA /

Finance Blogs:

Crypto Mining / Stock Market NewsFinancial Crisis / Dividends / Stock Market / Iraqi Dinar / Penny Stock Trading / Mortgage / Personal FinanceBitcoin /

Political Blogs:

Liberal / Conservative / Political /

Business Marketing Blogs:

Content Marketing / Sales and Marketing / PR / B2B Marketing / Branding / Networking / Email Marketing / Influencer Marketing / Affiliate Marketing / SEO /

World Blogs:

Australia / Dallas / Hawaii / New York City / New Jersey / Chicago /

Law Blogs:

Legal Writing / Legal Education / Canada Law / New York Law / International LawAustralia Law / Criminal Law / Intellectual Property / European Law / Consumer Law / Indian Law / Legal Marketing / Law /

Brand Blogs:

Raging Bull / Walmart / Sephora / Publix / Costco / Tesla / Blogher / Netflix / Disney / Weight Watchers / Apple / Lego /

YouTube Channels:

ASMR / Beauty / Lesbian / Drawing / Cats / Virtual Reality / Pokemon / Homebrew / Cannabis / Law / Top Lists /


Coupons / Guild Wars / Path of ExileFinal FantasyMake Money OnlineMinecraftOverwatchWorld of WarcraftWarframeAffiliate Marketing /


Stock Market / Entrepreneur /

Dogs Blogs:

All Dogs / Pit Bulls / Chihuahuas / Yorkshire Terriers

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