When people hear the word “hip hop”, they often instantly associate it with the music genre. However, hip-hop is actually a diverse culture. It can be traced back to the 1920s and ever since the 1970s, many milestones have been achieved. Until now, it is widely talked about and discussed in all parts of the world.

With so much attention on the world of hip-hop, rap, and music, it’s no surprise that fans around the world are starting websites and blogs of their own on the topic.

List of the Top Hip Hop Blogs on the Internet Today

If you’re looking into starting a blog on hip hop, you should take a look at our top picks. You could pick up a thing or two from each site. Some of these sites even give more in-depth articles about the different branches of hip hop.

1. Hot New Hip-hop

This hip-hop blog allows hip-hop artists to show their music to hip-hop fans by using their free platform. Members get to enjoy the latest song releases from hip-hop singles, videos, and more. Keep up with the latest news in the hip-hop niche while checking out the latest happenings with your favorite hip-hop artists. You’ll find it all here. They are also a highly active blog, posting around 68 times per week. Check them out when you can, and you’ll find something of interest to you.

2. Hip-Hop DX

This blog is all about the hip-hop genre, and you’ll hear the best hip-hop music criticism and news all of the time as it pertains to the music world. For new Hip-hop news and rap, you’ll be able to keep up with all of it here. Hear videos, interviews, news, and more. Based in Los Angeles, California, it’s a great place to bookmark if you are into this type of music.

3. The Source

The Source has been “the source” for over 25 years as a leading international voice for Hip-hop music and culture. You’ll dive into the music as well as the culture that inspires this form of music and fashion. You’ll see a behind-the-scenes look at how many hip-hop artists create their work based on ideas and cultures that inspire it. You’ll also learn how the hip-hop world makes the decisions it does to create products and investments for the industry. They are a very prolific blog, offering about 168 posts per week.

4. Pigeons and Planes

This blog is all about music discovery. The COMPLEX company hosts the site, and they offer new music updates daily. You’ll hear hip-hop primarily but also get a chance to listen to and preview many emerging artists whether they are established or newcomers. If you enjoy hip-hop music or any of the other emerging music types, you’ll get some value from this blog. Bookmark them now so that you’ll be able to go back to their blog anytime that you want to for future reference.

5. Okay Player

If you like urban music and hip-hop, you’ll love this resource because they are all about hip-hop and urban music. They are considered the primary digital destination for music lovers everywhere. They feature groundbreaking music that helps you stay up on the latest breaking news in the music industry, and you’ll find lots of new previews, interviews, and updates from the music world. They feature about 56 posts per week.

6. Underground Hip Hop Blog

Many hip-hop fans long to find a blog that offers more than just the everyday news. They want to hear the news from the industry itself. What you need for that is a direct line to the underground information. This blog has that. They consider themselves a true underground Hip-hop site that is directly connected to independent producers and artists, disc jockeys, and promoters, all who offer a fresh insight into the happenings of the rap and hip-hop music world. They have around 24 posts per week.

7. DJ Booth

DJ Booth is a blog that focuses on top new rap bands, songs that are climbing the charts, and downloads and reviews. You’ll find a variety of resources to read and videos and other types of media that will help you learn more about this unique kind of music. They offer nothing but quality content and streaming music and videos that you can check out. Hear the future rock stars of the hip-hop movement from listening to their clips on their site. Hop on their site to see what they have available for you.

8. Dead End Hip Hop

If you are longing for a hip-hop resource that is also a community of hip-hop followers, you may like being a part of this group. It is comprised of over 180K people who are focused on bringing information to the public about the hip-hop world. They appeal to both fans and artists because of their recognition of the importance of understanding the hip-hop culture, as a basis for a study of their music.

9. Hip-Hop Vibe

Hip-Hop Vibe is a news source blog that has been in business since 2009. They feature a great mix of media including videos, songs, and mixtapes from the rap and hip-hop world. You’ll find exclusive interviews along with many special programs such as reality TV and others. If you want to keep up with the latest updates in the rap world, you’ll find plenty to talk about here.

World Star Hip Hop

World Star Hip Hop is home to everything entertainment & hip hop. The top urban outlet responsible for breaking the latest urban news. It is a content-aggregating video blog. Founded in 2005, the site averages over 500,000 unique visitors a day. The site regularly features public fighting caught on video, music videos and assorted content targeted to young audiences. Blog owner, O’Denat, refers to the site as the “CNN of the ghetto”.

The blog is infamous for posting videos of violent fights, police brutality, public sexual acts, public shaming, child shaming, and child abuse. Many of the videos of violent events have gone viral.


UPROXX is the premier news and culture platform for the digital generation. Their team of journalists and storytellers deliver a mix of long form and short form news, sports, music, and entertainment content. Shorter pieces provide trending news that people want to know about delivered in an authentic, distinctive voice. Longer stories shade in missing details, answer bigger questions, or expand your knowledge base.

No matter the way they deliver their content (video, audio, photo, written), expect UPROXX to deliver a cultural reference or connection point you won’t find anywhere else. They’ll tune you in, engage you, and hopefully, occasionally, change your life.


XXL is a hip-hop print magazine and website that was founded in 1997. Since 2007, it’s featured an annual Top 10 Freshman list that features rising artists to watch. Lupe Fiasco, Wale, J. Cole, Big Sean, Meek Mill, Future, Kendrick Lamar, and Schoolboy Q are just a few of the freshman featured. The website and magazine remain the definitive source of hip-hop news to this day.

HOT 97

Hot 97 is one of the most iconic hip-hop radio stations on the planet. Legendary artists young and old have stopped by the studio for a freestyle session, and its DJs are well-known around the world. It’s also hosted the annual Summer Jam concert every June where timeless performances have occurred. Hot 97 is an integral part of hip-hop culture, and you can find an archive of its content (along with live-streaming what’s on the air right now) on its website.

HOT97 is the worlds biggest and most well known Hip Hop radio station. Recently it branched off and formed HOT97tv to bring you the best Hip Hop video content on the web.


Rap-Up is a print magazine and website launched in 2001 and dedicated to hip-hop. Rather than get gritty like much of the competition, Rap-Up focuses on hip-hop as a part of pop culture. It’s known for its polished look and innovative vibe. It’s a great place to learn about mainstream rap music and hip-hop culture.

Rap-Up has appeared on CNN, ABC News, BET, VH1, E!, The CW, EXTRA, and mtvU. The publication has been featured in newspapers and magazines such as The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News, New York Post, USA Today, People, GRAMMY Magazine, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, The Daily News of Los Angeles, and more.


Bossip draws a loyal following of young and influential trend setters who are up-to-date with what’s hot in society. Bossip was voted as the Best Hip-Hop Blog in 2008 by VH1 Hip-Hop Honors, one of Yahoo! Top Ten Blogger’s Roll 2009, and other mentions include nomination for “Best Online Hip Hop Site” for the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards, recognition in the New York Daily News, Time Magazine, Newsweek, Entertainment Weekly, LA Times, New York Times, Boston Globe, USA Today, Washington Post, VH1, TMZ, CNN and more.

It is the premier destination for African American popular culture and entertainment, with a voice that’s edgy, viciously hilarious, politically aware–and completely unique.


2DOPEBOYZ is an online hip hop music review, news and criticism website launched in 2007 by Meka Udoh and Joel “Shake” Zela who were former editors at HipHopDX. In 2012, 2DOPEBOYZ was nominated in the “Best Hip Hop Online Site” category at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards.

Though it started as a hobby for Joel “Shake” Zela and Meka Udoh back in 2007, the blog has grown into one of hip hop’s biggest blog sites. With over a million visitors per month, the site hosts new music, album release dates, mixtape downloads, as well as events such as benefit concerts and artist showcases.


AllHipHop was founded in 1998 and aims to be the CNN of hip-hop websites. It is a great resource to find the latest hip-hop news, rumors, and music. It recently partnered with Maven to keep the company afloat, and it remains one of the best hip-hop websites on the Internet.

The blog is the world’s largest and oldest continuous source for Hip-Hop and Urban Culture. It is also one of the longest running social networking sites on the entire Internet, for music lovers and Hip-Hop enthusiasts.

Hip-Hop Wired

The owners of Hip-Hop Wired authoritatively document the many facets of the Hip-Hop Nation with the respect and verve it duly deserves. Their mission is to accurately survey the Hip-Hop landscape with proper perspective, championing topics they believe should be celebrated, yet remaining partial enough to lend a critical eye to issues that deserve deliberation and debate.

Too often political and social issues that affect our communities are glossed over by other outlets, but Hip-Hop Wired vows to keep a devout vigil over the happenings of our culture, maintaining and fostering insightful discourse on music, politics, fashion, technology and all topics that appeal to the affinities of the Hip-Hop Internets.

SOHH (Support Online Hip Hop)

SOHH is a hip hop news website. Felicia Palmer and Steven Samuel founded the website in 1996. In 2000, Rolling Stone magazine writer Mark Binelli called it the “best overall hip-hop site”. It is the place to go for the latest information on hip-hop, rap music, sneakers, rappers, mixtapes, new videos and urban news.

SOHH is a pillar in the Hip Hop community, it is also a popular forum for hip hop fans to engage in discussion and debate. Led by editorial director Cyrus Langhorne, the site churns out nearly two dozen articles a day, covering all corners of the space.


HHNM is an independent outlet with no association with any major corporation or media house. In other words, they own their masters. They are one of the very few independent Hip-Hop outlets today which is certified and trusted by both Google News and Apple News.

Founded in 2008, HipHop-N-More serve their readers with the freshest and the hottest Hip-Hop news, music, videos, exclusive interviews, rumors, artwork and much more. Being one of the most premier Urban music websites, the team at HipHop-N-More believe in quality over everything.


SAHIPHOPZA is Probably the most reliable South African Hip-Hop, and RnB blog as far as delivering consistent content timely, and efficiently. SAHIPHOPZA is the right place for you to download free south african mp3, albums and videos.

They set up themselves, inside the online network, so as to offer performers, record names, and chiefs their ceaseless experience, aptitudes, and mastery that they have in the computerized domain of music promoting.

Their showcasing efforts utilize key strategies which are set up to successfully augment presentation, assemble brand mindfulness, just as making a grassroots development.

Hip Hop Golden Age

Hip Hop Golden Age was created out of love for classic & real Hip Hop and as a platform to help preserve Hip Hop culture. They aspire to be the No. 1 Classic Hip Hop platform – a place where visitors can read great articles about Old School & Golden Age Hip Hop; and the place to be for all relevant information on Old School & Golden Age Hip Hop artists. HipHopGoldenAge’s mission is to preserve, promote & celebrate Classic Hip Hop and Hip Hop’s culture.

Hip Hop Vibe

Hip Hop Vibe was launched on September 6, 2009 and since then, they have provided up-to-date news, music, videos, and later models, interviews, and features on up-and-coming artists. Readers of Hip Hop Vibe have come to expect all types of features with the names they love, in addition to commentary on various hip hop-related events. 

The goal at Hip Hop Vibe is to always give the audience the latest in all aspects of the hip hop culture. Considered one of the fastest-growing media outlets covering urban entertainment, Hip Hop Vibe has teams and locations around the United States.


BallerStatus is one of the most recognized online properties within the hip-hop lifestyle and culture space, offering a daily balance of on-trend stories across categories such as music, entertainment, movies, fashion and streetwear, gaming and tech, and sports.

They are also your best source for all the latest hip-hop songs, album download, free mixtapes, videos & news! Hot new hip hop & R&B music updated daily! Download and stream music for free on BallerStatus and join the BallerStatus community!

The Word Is Bond

When The Word Is Bond started in 2010, the hip-hop landscape was a different place, characterised by an overbearing commercial influence. In response, The Word Is Bond’s vision was to promote the underground emcees they loved and share music which was underexposed.

Five years on, the collective journey has been epic. Thanks to a dedicated team of writers and contributors, they have been able to connect artists with fans, sharing multi-media content which highlights the hip-hop we love.


While other blogs are focused on clickbait headlines FuxWitHit dedicates their time to finding new music and exploring fresh sounds. With a hip-hop heart and a strong electronic music focus, they cover everything from Rap, Trap, Future Bass, House, Jersey Club and more. 

In addition to sharing new music, they provide in depth reviews, exclusive interviews, guest mixes and more. Also, if you are looking forward to getting access to free Hip Hop Music mp3 download, FuxWitHit can turn out to be the right choice for you.

Hip Hop Indie Music

Hip Hop Indie Music allows the public to listen to music for free from their favorite Indie Artist. Traditionally, the site covers mostly indie music, lifestyle, and many more that will catch your eyes in different aspects. Hip Hop Indie Music features music that runs alongside more mainstream or commercial music and has frequently used the term Indie music. 

Indie music became widespread and answered an increasingly larger market of people who were looking for alternatives to mainstream music institutions. In the same way that alternative was used before it became an actual genre of mainstream music, Indie is sometimes used in place of underground as a term to describe music.

Results And No Hype

RESULTSANDNOHYPE blog represents the new age rebel millennials in the world of music, art, film, photography, sports, fashion, and creative design. RNH Magazine’s journalistic approach enables readers to see a panoramic view of our writer’s visionary message. 

RESULTSANDNOHYPE Magazine’s chief focus is to highlight ultra-dynamic entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers of our generation who are creating a better “digital” tomorrow. The content within their online community is provocative, sexy, outside-of-the-box, and visionary.

Central Sauce

Central Sauce is a global platform where content creators showcase incredible content without the creative restrictions imposed by the top-down editorial processes at conventional outlets. Their decentralized approach and creative community provide a system of support that empowers and connects writers, data analysts, videographers, and creatives of all kinds from around the world.

Above all else, the creative collective has passion for the music. You won’t find any egotistical music critics or “hit pieces” on CentralSauce, because they only create content about music & artists that they are truly passionate about.

Starting Your Own Hip Hop Blog

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