Home renovation is very popular on television and on the internet. Whether it’s a minor or full renovation, the “before and after” photos are always quite surprising!

For beginners, it can be quite overwhelming. But that’s why home renovation blogs exist. These blogs provide design ideas, furniture options, on-trend color palettes and even DIY guides to help you redesign your space for less. Also, starting a blog all about home renovation would be a great project. We can give you hand with this through our quick guide below.

List of the Top Home Renovation Blogs on the Internet Today

When you want a new house but don’t want to spend or borrow that much money, home renovation is the best option to go with. It can be a DIY project or you could look for services with the best value for money. We’ve made a list below of the top home renovation blogs that you’d want to check out and even end up keeping on a bookmark.

This Old House

In this blog, you’ll get expert tips on how to take care of older homes through some valuable instructional tutorials and other tools. General housing contractor, Tom Silvers explains how to keep cold air out in the winter time, how to take care of general house repairs, and tips on renovating, decorating, and gardening, as well. They bring in old world craftsmanship and combine it with modern technology to form a winning combination of knowledge for home renovators and designers. This is a great blog for people who need advice as they proceed through their design projects.

1800Foundation Home and Foundation Repair Blog

Any type of home repair work can be quite stressful for homeowners or even those renting out a property. 1800Foundation has not only created a website to provide estimates and contact information for such services, but their blog is also full of information and resource guides on many different types of home repair — specifically those related to foundation and structural damage. Since these are some of the most important and costly types of home and building repairs that may need to take place, it’s important to put in the necessary time and research before hiring a contractor. This is exactly what you will find through their foundation repair and home improvement blog.

Remodelista: Sourcebook for the Considered Home

This blog is a major sourcebook for the homeowner with remodeling guides, daily design dispatches, and ideas that can be applied to every room. The goal of this blog is to create daily selections of information on how to select furnishings and stylish pieces for the home. You’ll also catch some book reviews and lists of great resources to turn to for more information on design trends. They post often and feature around 15 posts per week.

Homebuilding and Renovating

This online home design blog features some great ideas for the DIY designer. The blog is full of sound, and practical advice for DIY projects and it also features a regular Beginner’s Guide. There are places where you can find specific topic information that will help you along your way, along with learning how to create a building or design budget, how to build custom structures, and more. If you want regular weekly tips, this is the blog for you. They post about four times per week on home design topics.


This is a great Australia-based designer and home improvement blog that will appeal to the home designer in you. Based in Australia, this site features a wide array of programs and features that will lead you to success with your building, renovation, and home design projects. Australians are always conscious of the weather and its effect on home structures. The harsh winds and sandstorms, coupled with the winter weather often seen by Australians, offer special challenges to residents there. This blog will help you to keep your home intact when Mother Nature is less than kind. Check out this blog if you are an Australian looking to renovate your home or get it ready for the harsh weather that is so prevalent in Australia.

Sweeten Blog

This blog features a free service that allows readers to connect with the best contractors for their home projects. They offer help with DIY projects, too. You’ll find lots of helpful information, design stories, tips, and tricks to help you decide the best way to go when it comes to design projects. Check out and bookmark this blog when looking for information on how to design your next project or organize your space in your home. It just may prove to be one of your best resources.

Retro Renovation

This daily blog lives up to its name by providing powerful information about some of the resources you have available to use for remodeling and renovation. It is designed to cate to people who enjoy the more traditional looks in design. If you want to create a vintage look, this site is a great resource for historical looks. They focus on home improvement for both vintage and mid-century homes. You won’t find anything modern here, but this blog is perfect for those who appreciate the finer quality of days gone by.

Our Home Exterior Renovation

If you watch HGTV and you are looking for a blog where their content may be found, you may want to check out this site. Featuring Emily Henderson as your host, she shares all sorts of innovative design ideas and vintage-inspired home styles for everyone. They are a Los Angeles-based design firm that specializes in eclectic styles of design, so you’ll love it if you are into that format. They also share some of their more exciting design adventures for you to enjoy and learn from. Check this blog out if you like to see professional designers tell it like it is.

The Inspired Room

Melissa, the blog owners of this enchanting site, created this blog to inspire women designers everywhere to love the home you have. Rather than going into debt for a new, bigger house, Melissa shows you how to make room with the space you have and create a stylish, functional environment. The Inspired Room was voted the Readers’ Favorite Top Decorating Blog in 2015 and 2014 by Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. These credits show the value of this blog, and it’s worth checking out.

Renovation Find

Renovation Find is a blog that focuses on providing resources for home renovators. They have free online databases of some of the most trusted areas of renovation that connects you to professionals everywhere. They control the information in their database, and they conduct and monitor financial research to check out the legal health of their registered companies. This saves you lots of time and trouble when trying to sort out the companies you can trust the ones you can’t.

Old Town Home

If you appreciate the older, more traditional aspects of design, you’ll love this renovation blog that takes the philosophy of learning from the past. They are located in historic Alexandria, Virginia, and the blog is run by a husband and wife team, Wendy and Alex, who takes you through lots of sound design and decorating advice. They go back in time and look at the successes and failures in the design world and show you how you can learn from them. Bookmark this site if you plan on taking on your design projects shortly. It is perfect for the traditionally-minded designer or anyone who wants to take older materials or designs and turn them into something unique and functional in the modern world.

How to Start a Blog of Your Own in the Next 10 Minutes

You’ve seen some of the best. Now, you’re more than ready to start your own blog! It can be a blog on home renovation or something you really love to talk about. Hold on to those ideas as we guide you on how to set the right foot into blogging.

The first thing you need to do is to register a domain name and web hosting. We advise you to do this through Bluehost, as they are one of the best hosting solutions on the internet nowadays and host over 2 million websites and domains. We also recommend hosting solution from WordPress and host a number of our own online site properties.

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