Aside from K-pop, another component of the Korean culture that has dominated the world is Korean Drama. New fans all over the world are being converted every day. Not everyone may be able to understand the language, but reading the subtitle doesn’t seem to bother anyone. With their unique storylines and dreamy lead actors, there’s no question why people love K-drama so much!

List of the Top Korean Drama Blogs on the Internet Today

The list of K-drama shows one aims to binge-watch may seem endless, but this list of the top Korean drama blogs isn’t. We’ve cut it down to the best of the best. Each blog has its own unique flair that you can observe and take note of if you’re starting your own blog. Go ahead and check them out!


Drama Beans

Drama Beans was born in 2007, a fan searched the internet for a place to discuss Korean Dramas with the loving attention and detail she felt they deserved. She decided she’d have to build it herself and started blogging about the dramas she was watching at the time.

The blog quickly grew into something much bigger than she’d ever dreamed, and suddenly she was writing about dramas day and night, day after day. Over the years, the blog has expanded and the Dramabeans family has grown to include a staff of recap minions, because people get tired, but the dramas keep coming, and the more dramas they could cover, the better they could serve everyone’s TV addictions.

If you are looking for a Korean Drama blog that covers romance, movies that have romantic endings, and also sort content based on genre then this is definitely one of the top sites to invest some time in.


Founded in December 2016, Kdramapal, a site headquartered in the Philippines, is dedicated to publishing online content related to Korean dramas (Kdramas). At KDP, they strive to make their blog the go-to online destination for avid fans looking for the latest info and updates on South Korean television series.

Every content they publish can be generally categorized into one of the following: news, features, post series, information, and initiatives. Most contents are published on a non-regular basis, but there are others that run weekly or monthly. You will also find lots of information on the site about some of the most famous Korean movies and shows that highlight names like Joo Won, Jung So Min, Jan Geun Suk, and many more.

Drama Fever

Drama Fever was launched in 2009 by co-founders Seung Bak and Suk Park out of a New York City apartment beginning with just one Korean Drama series. In just a few short years, DramaFever has grown to become the leading online destination for the best TV shows and movies from around the world.

Today, DramaFever offers hundreds of series, variety shows, movies and even kids programming in multiple languages. Their passionate audience is rapidly growing around the world, and DramaFever is available in more countries than ever before.

If you are looking for the latest news and information on Korean drama, actors from Seoul, kDrama, k Pop, and South Korean addresses, this Asian drama website and blog is definitely for you.


Han Cinema

Han Cinema is an independent South Korean Movie and Drama Database created by Cédric Collemine in 2003. It provides information related to Korean movies, television dramas, actors, and other related information. The site is aimed at non-South Korean audiences. Han Cinema is one of the most comprehensive English websites on Korean cinema and TV. And still growing everyday.

On this blog, you will discover the South Korean cinema and TV drama diversity. Browse through movies, dramas, directors, actors and actresses, film companies, updated news and many more.

With so many different Korean drama blogs on the internet today, it’s important to find that one that covers topics of your own interest — such as romantic comedies and featured movie titles like Autumn in My Heart, Vampire Prosecutor, and Nine Tailed Fox. No matter what your interests are, you will find plenty of movie reviews, news, and entertainment gossip on sites like the one above.


Korean Dramaland (KDL)

This blog is all about movie locations. If you are curious to find out where your favorite drama scenes were filmed, at Korean Dramaland (KDL), you can browse nearly thousand locations across more than 300 dramas on one map, you will find out more about each location and how to get there, and even find out which other K-Dramas were filmed at the same spot.

You are also encouraged to be a part of the KDL journey by adding filming locations, sharing information on these locations, bookmarking your favorite spots at your ‘My KDL’ account, when you have signed up and of course, spreading the word to your other drama-loving friends.


Kchat Jjigae

At Kchat Jjigae, blog owner, Stephanie talks about anything that passes through her head about Kdramas. Her regular posts include Reviews, Casting Info, Musical Monday, Throwback (Musical) Thursday, General Observations, squealing and general fangirling, and of course, Khottie of the Week.

Once a week she has their Podcast, named The Kchat Jjigae Podcast. A while back, she started the LGBT Asian drama and movie pages as, though Stephanie liked to watch them, they were hard to find and then realized these dramas needed to be talked about too.


The Fangirl Verdict

Originally, The Fangirl Verdict, started as a mainly reviews-driven blog, with fangirling on the side, and just a sprinkling of musings type posts. Over time, the blog has evolved, and this has become a more multi-faceted space, with more stuff to offer everyone.

Right now, their posts fall into several main categories: Reviews; which includes mainly kdrama reviews, with a couple of movie exceptions, K-love Confessions; it has to do with a personal love journey & photo galleries, Pure Pretty; celebrating the gorgeous men on the k-screens, and Dream Dramas and more.


Beyond Hallyu

At Beyond Hallyu, they aim to take a closer look at Korean culture and what else Korea has to give. They offer a closer analysis of Korean pop culture. They also look at all the other things Korean culture has to offer, including alternative, indie and hip-hop music, mainstream and independent film, its increasingly world-renowned fashion scene, delicious food and unique and constantly changing language and culture.

As a UK based blog, they also try to offer information for our British readers about all the Korea related events and opportunities in London and the rest of the UK.


Modern Korean Cinema

Modern Korean Cinema is the top resource for Korean film news, reviews and features. It is a comprehensive blog featuring reviews, news, interviews, upcoming releases, features, and festival coverage on Korean cinema as well as three weekly features: ‘Korean Box Office Update’, ‘Korean Cinema News’ and the ‘Weekly Review Round-up’.

Modern Korean Cinema is based in Seoul. Driven by the passion of a dedicated group of writers from around the world the site features a diverse array of content. The blog also features an Upcoming Releases page which is frequently updated, the most detailed resource of its kind available on the internet in English.


The Talking Cupboard

The talking cupboard focuses mainly on Korean entertainment, including kdramas, kmovies, and sometimes kvariety. The blog consists mainly of random thoughts about dramas the blog owner, Mimi, is watching or has finished watching, recaps, swoon-worthy and drool-worthy pictures of actors (and sometimes actresses), magazine spreads, and purely random ramblings.

Mimi is deeply interested in the history and culture of South Korea, hence, she also made a few posts focused on traditional Korean clothing called hanbok and other things related to Korean culture and history.

How to Get Started with Your Own Korean Drama Blog

Now that you’ve seen the top performing Korean drama blogs, we know you’re definitely ready to start your own math blog!

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