Ten years ago, it was scandalous to talk about marijuana in a positive way. Public sentiment has changed dramatically in recent years. Nearly two-thirds of the states in this country have legalized marijuana for at least medicinal purposes, while many have legalized it for recreational use as well.

Since interest in marijuana has grown considerably, many ambitious bloggers are trying to capitalize off of it. If you are interested in starting your own blog about marijuana, you should look at some of the top marijuana blogs for inspiration.

List of the Top Marijuana Blogs on the Internet Today

There is no doubt that the interest and business of marijuana is going to continue to climb, as it becomes legalized in more states. No matter what you might be searching for on the topic, the selection of blogs posts below will definitely help you out.


Marijuana.com was one of the first websites of its kind. For nearly 25 years, it has provided news on marijuana related topics.

This website became enormously successful by providing some of the most detailed news and reviews for the pot industry. They also have a knack for understanding their readers’ preferences and creating content that appeals to them. The authors use a number of emotional headlines to draw visibility, such as articles talking about New York City police officers wrongly applying marijuana laws to discriminate against African Americans.

Their vast knowledge of the marijuana industry and the psychology of their readers has helped marijuana.com dominate its niche since 1995.

High Times

High Times brands itself as a resource for all marijuana-related topics. However, the site takes a more focused approach than they give themselves credit for, which seems to account for their success.

Marijuana.com and other pot-related sites primarily discuss and strains and product reviews. High Times primarily covers new stories for activists and people that are interested in the movement for legalization. Many people are interested in the crossover between social justice and marijuana. The site admits that its core mission has evolved over the years, so it is currently as much of a destination for social content as news.

Since High Times focuses heavily on issues related to criminalization and social justice, it is ranking for keywords such as “how long does weed stay in your system for” and “how to beat a drug test.” These keywords don’t seem to have as much competition as terms related to particular strains and marijuana-related products, which appears to have helped the site draw a stable stream of traffic from Google.

Canna Law Blog

Most marijuana blogs primarily publish entertaining articles on the topic. You don’t find too many that focus exclusively on the legal aspect of the industry. The blogs do cover the legal side of things are typically written by laypeople, so their credibility is usually questionable.

Canna Law Blog is probably the most authoritative legal source on the topic. All of the content is written by practicing attorneys that specialize in marijuana law. Since the authors are undisputed experts on the legality of marijuana, both hobbyists and providers turn to them for guidance.

Due to the blog’s unique expertise, it ranks well for a variety of keywords related to the legality of marijuana. It dominates the front page for terms such as “Hillary Clinton marijuana”, “is weed legal in spain” and “PropD”.

Medical marijuana 411

The most active consumers of marijuana-related content are interested in it for recreational purposes. Chronically ill patients are a smaller, yet substantial base. Medical marijuana 411 has grown by targeting this smaller and less competitive reader base.

While the general theme of the site is already pretty specialized, the content is even more narrowly focused. Their content is usually very emotional. They publish a lot of articles about people that have been convicted of marijuana laws and talked about Seantrel Henderson getting suspended by the NFL for using medical marijuana.

Their specialized emphasis on medical marijuana has allowed Medical Marijuana 411 to rank for a variety of related terms, such as “marijuana alternative medicine”, “is weed an anti inflammatory”, “medical marijuana patient stories” and “elvy musikka.” They also have a phenomenal presence on Facebook, with over one million followers. This is a stronger social media presence than any other marijuana blog I have seen.

Marijuana Policy Project

The Marijuana Policy Project blog takes a more proactive stance than most others that cover regulatory topics. Other blogs primarily emphasize new legislation and cover recent milestones the movement has made. This blog actively advocates for greater leniency.

Due to the activist nature of the site, it has attracted a strong presence on social media. Nearly 500,000 Facebook and over 150,000 Twitter users follow it.


Identifying the best strains and marijuana products to purchase is important. However, knowing where to find them is a different issue. Few marijuana blogs provided an overview of different dispensaries. THCFinder filled the void. They help their patients identify the best places to find medical marijuana in their area.

THCFinder ranks for nearly 7,000 keywords, while most other blogs I checked rank for less than 1,000. Their SEO strategy appears to focus on local search terms that are ignored by other sites. By targeting a large number of keywords with little competition, they are able to attract a large amount traffic to their site.  They have also attracted a large number of Facebook followers by enabling people to share their content with other people looking for local resources for medical marijuana. Nearly a quarter of a million people follow THCFinder on Facebook.


Leafly is cannabis website that focuses largely on adaptability. There are a number of unique messages in their content:

  • Everybody’s body is different. The best strains of marijuana for one person may not be suitable for someone else.
  • Some types of marijuana are better for certain situations than others.
  • Pricing of different strains varies by region.

Leafly provides comparisons to help people make educated decisions.

Cannabis Culture

The vast majority of marijuana blogs focus on the United States. Cannabis Culture takes a more global approach. By writing content that is geared to people in other regions, they are able to capture a lot of readers that other blogs aren’t competing for.

Since their content is focused on a variety of regions, Cannabis Culture receives nearly half of its traffic from visitors outside of the United States.

Medical Marijuana Inc.

Medical Marijuana Inc. was the first public company in the United States to sell marijuana. They manage a blog that focuses on a variety of news related to the medical marijuana industry.

Their blog covers a lot of different types of content, including new studies on the health benefits of marijuana, regulatory changes and seminars that relate the medical marijuana industry. Providing detailed news on the medical marijuana landscape has helped them capture a large share of readers.

The Weed Blog

The Weed Blog is a very generalized blog dedicated to marijuana. The blog places a strong focus on activism and policy reform. However, those aren’t the only topics it covers. It reports on a wide range of topics, including legalization, growing tips, cooking and cultural issues.

Puff Puff Post Blog

As more states continue to legalize marijuana, it’s only a matter of time before it’s accepted throughout the United States. Until that time happens, more people will be looking for information on how to use, benefit, and invest in the world of hemp. Puff Puff Post is a blog that focuses on all angles of marijuana — such as current debates on cannabis usage, the potential bans and side-effects of vaping, the business of weed, and much more. In addition to reading all content on the blog, you can also follow Puff Puff Post on their social media accounts through Twitter and Facebook.

Higher Mentality Weed Blog

Usage of marijuana isn’t just about getting high, there are many benefits of the product as well — especially when you start to break down its many components like CBD. Higher Mentality is a weed focused blog that covers everything from the culture, wellness, different strains, cooking ideas, and also videos on marijuana and how it’s being used today. Also, marijuanally not only focus on strains but also focuses on the health benefits of marijuana i.e. the use of cannabinoids (CBD) for the treatment of diseases. The site also has a trivia and fun section (quiz) as well as articles on the culture surrounding marijuana. Be sure to look through the most popular and latest posts on the site by using the right side menu area. New content is being added to the site often, so check back every once in a while to see whats new.

Marijuanally Weed Blog

With so much attention on the benefits and business of marijuana today, there is also going to be a lot of learning and discussion taking place on the different types of strains and products to choose from. Marijuanally has created a site that profiles each of these strains and also provides detailed information on each, and their associated benefits or product info. Be sure to check out the various user guides on the site as well.

CBD Hemp Finder

While there is a lot of focus on cannabis in the world today — either for recreational use, it’s health benefits, or even the business of it, many people are using the drug for it’s CBD component. Through the use of CBD, many chronic pain issues and illnesses are being treated. Best of all, there are many smoke shops, herbal stores, and drug stores that are selling the product over the counter. CBD is legal in all states, as it does not have the THC component. To learn more about everything relating to CBD, be sure to check out the blog at CBD Hemp Finder.

Leaf Buyer

Founded in 2012 by a group of technology and industry veterans, Leaf Buyer is the deals and dispensary database of Leaf Buyer Technologies, Inc. They are the number 1 online resource for cannabis deals and specials. They aim to provide valuable information for the savvy cannabis consumer looking to make a purchase.

Leaf Buyer Technologies, Inc. continues to expand into every legal state. They strive to be the ultimate cannabis resource, providing consumers and businesses alike with the resources they need to thrive in the cannabis industry. The Leaf blog helps consumers stay up to date with medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries, news, guides, deals, and much more.

Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds believes that responsible consumption of cannabis can enrich one’s life. With more than 30 years’ worth of experience in the field of cannabis, Sensi Seeds is fully aware of the crucial role that cannabis can play for humankind. They are pleased to see the current increase in attention and recognition of the plant worldwide, not only as a medicine but also as a raw material.

Sensi Seeds is committed to preserving the genetic diversity and accessibility of the cannabis plant for future generations, and disseminating information and knowledge about the beneficial effects the plant can have when used appropriately through the blog.

Colorado Marijuana Blog

The Colorado Pot Guide is here to help you navigate the maze of legalized marijuana. They provide you with a complete dispensary directory, cannabis-related events and activities, and easy to digest legal information. The increasing legalization of recreational marijuana across the country has many people asking questions about the cannabis industry. Because of the overall lack of resources online, they created this site for you – the weed enthusiast.

Although laws are still being hashed out and the cannabis industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, it’s their hope to provide you with useful, comprehensive information to keep you informed and well-prepared for your next trip.

Marijuana Packaging

Marijuana Packaging strives to be more than just a leading wholesaler for online smoke shop and dispensary supplies. Their goal is to keep their readers and clients informed with the latest news, current trends, and social commentary surrounding the recreational and medical marijuana industry.

Whether it’s staying up to date with a new state that just legalized marijuana, learning about a new vape pen, or simply having a good laugh, they want to provide you with a dependable resource for getting the most relevant information pertaining to marijuana and marijuana culture.

Speed Weed

Speed Weed believes every adult should have safe, convenient access to medicinal cannabis without visiting a dispensary. Speed Weed is the largest, most professional, legal Marijuana Delivery Service in California. Cannabis delivered directly to your door – fast and free. On demand service to select areas of Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County.

Speed Weed provides a convenient way for legal cannabis consumers to shop without leaving their home or office. The Speed Weed menu features a variety of your favorite flowers, edible brands, hash, wax, concentrates and beverages. They also provide all the gear needed for a new patient or seasoned pro.

Freedom Leaf

Freedom Leaf is a group of diversified, international, vertically-integrated hemp businesses and cannabis media companies. Freedom Leaf has been a leading go-to resource in the cannabis, medical marijuana, and industrial hemp industries since 2014.

Founded by professionals with over 200 years combined experience in marijuana legalization advocacy. Freedom Leaf is building a diverse portfolio of valuable businesses through strategic mergers, acquisitions, and acceleration projects across the industry.

Medical Marijuana

At Medical Marijuana, their mission is to promote and support the medical marijuana producers, patients, and doctors by providing information about the benefits of medicinal marijuana. The Medicinal Marijuana will give you all the information you need to determine whether medicinal marijuana can help you achieve a better quality of life.

They provide useful resources so you can learn how to have an effective conversation with your doctor about using medical marijuana. You can also find out more about different medical marijuana strains and find out which one is recommended for your condition and symptoms.

United Patients Group (UPG)

United Patients Group (UPG) is an unparalleled resource and trusted leader in Medical Cannabis for physicians, patients and organizations. UPG acts as a virtual hand for patients, by helping them navigate through this ever-changing industry.

Additionally, they offer CME education courses and one-on-one consulting to physicians and medical institutions. CME courses include: Medical Cannabis and its applications in Fundamentals, Pharmacology, Neurological Disorders, Oncology, Pain Management, Palliative Care, Psychiatry, Safety and more.

Pot Valet

Pot Valet is your trusted source for legal marijuana delivery services in California. They commit themselves exclusively to providing the best experience for their customers, from the finest quality cannabis products to assured safety, absolute discretion, largest selection, and the fastest delivery – wherever they are in the state.

Their unmatched convenience ensures you receive only the best weed in under 45 minutes, right to your doorstep. No need to waste time in traffic or money on fuel. No need to risk your life navigating crime-infested areas to visit your local marijuana dispensary.

Medical Marijuana Canada

At Medical Marijuana Canada, they are committed to providing the best care and attention to their community by helping them leverage all the benefits of medical marijuana legally. They are a group of patients, doctors and growers passionate about driving the notion that medical marijuana should be readily available to all Canadians in need through the best and most compassionate means.

They want their community to receive prompt, excellent service, an abundance of care, understanding and a quality product they’re proud to put their stamp of approval on.

Tips to Start a Marijuana Blog

Marijuana is becoming a larger niche for bloggers to take advantage of. If you are interested in starting your own marijuana website, this is the best time ever.

Starting your own marijuana website is very simple. The first step is to decide what type of content you want to cover. Do you want to focus mostly on medical marijuana, regulation or recreational topics?

Next, you will need to choose a domain and sign up for web hosting. You can do this within a few minutes. I recommend using Bluehost. They have a very intuitive interface, high uptime guarantees and reliable support.

We have an excellent relationship with the folks at Bluehost, which has allowed us to negotiate a deal that offers you a 60% discount. Just click the image below and get started today!

To learn more about the blog setup and content creation process, be sure to visit our main page tutorial at blogging.org.

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