Some of the most popular searches on Google are about movies. In fact, the term “Internet Movie Database” alone receives over 11 million searches every month, making it one of the 250 most popular searched key phrases in the world. Since almost everybody looks for information on movies on a regular basis, movie bloggers can a virtually unlimited base of potential readers.

However, the Internet has become saturated with movie blogs since its inception. Movie bloggers must do more than just hash out the same reviews as everybody else. Even having a unique tone isn’t enough to really break into this niche. You need real valuable insights that nobody else has. This usually comes by researching the opinions of other movie fans, interviewing the casting crew and comparing the trailers of different movies to get a unique perspective.

List of the Top Movie Blogs on the Internet Today

Here are 10 of the leading movie review sites on the Internet. Studying how they attracted tens of millions of monthly readers can help you figure out how to create your own profitable movie blog. Let’s take a look at them in more detail.

1.      Movie Pilot

Movie Pilot is one of the largest movie blogs in the world. It has a community of over 30 million readers and contributors. One of the unique things about Movie Pilot is that its content is written by its fans, rather than professional journalists. As a result, the content is more genuine and personable. Accepting content from fans means the editors also have a larger pool of quality articles to choose from, which makes it easier for them to curate excellent content. Many of their fans also discover interesting indie films and lesser-known actors to write about, which are easier to rent for in the search engines.

Movie Pilot’s focus on crafting quality content has made them one of the most successful movie blogs on the Internet. They currently ranked for over 1.7 million keywords, according to SEMRush.

2.      Cinemablend

Cinemablend has over 120,000 indexed webpages and receives over 24 million unique visitors every month. Cinemablend publishes nearly 25 articles every day, which makes it one of the fastest-growing entertainment news sites on the Internet.

However, the depth of their content is arguably even more important to their success. Their movie reviews have toggle buttons, so readers can learn more about specific details of the upcoming movie. They can click a button to learn about the film synopsis, another to view images of the movie and another to read a review of the film. Few movie blogs offer this level of interactivity.

3.      Screenrant

Screenrant takes movie reporting to the next level. They speak with industry insiders to make bold predictions about upcoming movies and unearth other interesting insights that readers won’t find anywhere else. An example of one of these predictions includes the blog post

Screenrant attributes its success largely to the knowledge and connections of its writers. They prioritize hiring writers near major film centers, such as Los Angeles and New York. This gives writers the opportunity to interview directors and other industry professionals to get the inside scoop on upcoming movies.

4.      MovieWeb

Most new movie blogs take a very specialized approach. MovieWeb has a much broader focus. The site publishes nearly 90 articles a week on many different types of popular movies and industry news stories. Their scalable content strategy has help them become one of the largest movie blogs over the past 25 years.

5. has a similar but unique approach to Screenrant. Rather than passively reporting the news, they seek insider stories that other movie blogs don’t cover. They get the stories by interviewing Hollywood insiders. However, they also gather feedback from their own readers. Examples of polls they take include which actor should play the main character in Deadpool 2 and which character should play Lisabeth Salendar in The Girl in the Spider’s Web. incorporates primary research into their stories, so they can offer some of the most insightful blog posts in the industry.


Roger Ebert was one of the most renowned film critics of the 21st-century. He created his own movie review blog in 1999, which is still active five years after his death.

This website rose to prominence by offering detailed, frank and often harsh reviews of upcoming movies. All movies are rated with stars, so readers can objectively compare them before seeing them in the theaters.

Ebert’s wife, Chaz has taken a very active role in the site since her husband‘s death. One of her priorities has been reaching out to female writers. This has helped draw a large base of women readers that has been overlooked by other movie blogs.

7.      Collider

Collider is another forward-looking movie review blog. They use various sources to forecast the production value, plot lines and other elements of upcoming movies. Collider frequently reviews movie trailers to make these predictions. They also get inside stories from the cast and crew. However, their knack for analyzing movie trailers seems to be their edge. Most of the content on their front page is based on movie trailers that the authors have reviewed.

8.      Screencrush

Most movie blogs focus on reviewing upcoming or newly released movies. Screencrush takes a different approach, which gives it a monopoly on a specific reader base. While it covers some traditional movie news articles, Screencrush place is a greater emphasis on studying the factors that make some movies better than others. Many of their best articles compare and contrast recent movies. Here are some examples:

  • The 5 Biggest Snubs of the 2018 Grammy’s
  • How Meryl Streep Helped Make ‘The Post’ Screenplay Even Better
  • The One Scene That Explains Why ’civil War’ Worked and ‘batman Vs. Superman’ Didn’t

This blog provides a deeper understanding of the business model of the movie industry.

9.      Joblo

Joblo was another blockbuster movie blog that was started in the late 1990s. Its founder, Berge Garabedian wanted to give reviews from the perspective of a standard movie fan. After 20 years, his approach has not changed.

The reviews tend to center around movies of a darker and more sinister nature than the average movie site. The website often uses chilling headlines to stoke the darker sides of our psyches. One example is the article “The Trailer for Soderbergh’s Unsane Is a Stalking Victim’s Worst Nightmare.” This original twist to reviewing movies has attracted a large base of slasher and suspense movie fans.

10.      Geek Tyrant

According to their WhoIs records, Geek Tyrant was launched in 2010. Since the market was already saturated with entertainment blogs, the founders chose a more specialized niche then most of the other blogs on this list. Geek tyrant bloggers focus on reviewing movies that appeal to geeks. Some of the movies they have reviewed recently include Rogue One, the Kingkiller Chronicles, Transformer and Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2.

The number of self-proclaimed geeks is rising, which has helped Geek Tyrant grow its readership. Despite the blog’s narrow focus, it receives over 14 million unique readers and nearly 70 million pageviews a year.

11 . Den of Geek

Den of Geek is dedicated to serving the interests of today’s entertainment enthusiast. Reaching over 7 million unique users every month, their readers are core fans and casual viewers in the US, UK, and around the world. Their audience is passionate about their entertainment choices and highly influential amongst family and friends.

They create opportunities to connect with audiences on a deeper level; reaching and recruiting millions of engaged influencers by blending breaking news and the latest reviews with in-depth feature stories to provide the best coverage of movies, TV, games, comics, and culture.

12. We Got This Covered

The blog was founded by three Toronto based university students as a place to write for fun. Currently, the only original founder still on board is Matt Joseph, who runs the website as Editor In Chief. Helping him out is a team of dedicated editors and writers which now numbers close to 20. Though only eight years old, We Got This Covered is growing fast, with readers from over 225 countries around the world.

With a strong focus on film, TV and gaming, the blog continues to improve month over month. Recognized by major outlets like MTV, Huffington Post, Total Film, Indiewire, Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes and more, We Got This Covered is a strong brand name in the entertainment industry.

13. Trailer Addict

Trailer Addict was created for those who understand what it means to be a fan of movie trailers. They are bound by the knowledge that trailers are (at times) better than the films they represent. Trailer Addict has been built not for those who like a good trailer now and then, but those who understand that the need to watch trailers is a state of mind.

They offer trailers in high-definition through their custom trailer player. Their custom player allows users to read a description of said trailer while adjusting it to any size they see fit, including full screen.

14. Dark Horizons

Dark Horizons was founded in January 1997, it  is not only one of the world’s top sources for online entertainment news, but one of the most widely respected and well regarded with experience in this medium that few can match.

With a focus squarely on the industry rather than celebrity gossip, and a predilection for genre fare, the blog has amassed a very large and intensely loyal readership over the years, including corporate professionals, early adopters, influential industry insiders, marketing & PR departments, and film and tech journalists.

15. LRM Online

Latino Review Media (LRM) is the entertainment blog of choice for millions of fans.  LRM is known for bringing fans exclusives covering a wide range of topics from Films, TV, Comics, Marvel, Star Wars, DC and much more.  Their contributors strive to bring you insight of everything you, the fans, want to know through exclusive breaking news, interviews, commentaries and detailed reporting.

They are dedicated to making sure their fans have the best experience by continuously expanding, developing and improving their blog and more importantly bringing you the information you want to know before anyone else knows it.

16. Screen Anarchy

The blog was founded in September of 2004 with a great plan to write about the international, independent and cult film beloved by founder Todd Brown, but largely neglected by the online film community of the time, Screen Anarchy has gone on to become an industry’s leading resource for films from around the globe.

Screen Anarchy is one of the most read film websites in the entire world and has become daily reading for festival programmers, film producers, film buyers, and tens of thousands of fans every day who share Mr. Brown’s belief that there’s no point in talking about the same five films that every other site in the world is talking about.

17. Show Film First

Show Film First specializes in quickly assembling engaged target audiences for films, events and venues. They offer their members access to all kinds of exciting experiences, from classical concerts to comedy shows, and gather valuable feedback from them afterwards. This feedback helps promoters and filmmakers to make their film or event even better.

Established in 2003, they now have a diverse and well-developed membership of over 1 million people across the UK, US and Australia, meaning they’re able to target specific audiences to reach the right crowd.

Starting Your Own Movie Blog

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