Science is very much rooted in our everyday lives. It is the foundation of the different disciplines. Humankind has had many achievements that led to deeper understanding of ourselves and the things around us. The list of discoveries could go one forever but we’ve only just begun to scratch on the barriers to more knowledge.

Do you want to make others appreciate science more like what Bill Nye the Science guy did? If you love to discuss the latest discoveries or a certain discipline, starting your very own blog would be an investment for your spare time.

List of the Top Science Blogs on the Internet Today

There are so many different aspects of science that can be discussed. Whether it’s space, time, reality, technology, or even artificial intelligence… there is a platform and blog out there for you. Check out the list of the top science blogs below to learn from the best.

1. New Scientist

The New Scientist blog is a great place to find out what is new in the world of science. It is considered the number one science and technology magazine and they feature all of the latest in science news as it happens around the world. They post quite frequently about all things having to do with science, and they post around 34 posts per week on average. Another defining feature of this publication is the fact that they always seem to have the latest breaking news that will change the world including technology innovations that promise to change the world as we know it. Check out this blog to find out more.

2. Scientific American

Scientific American is the online version of the trendy real-world science magazine by the same title. This magazine features the latest science issues and news, and they cover important topics including earth, environment, and space, as well as many other topics that interest scientists and non-specialists alike. By bookmarking this blog, you can get your science news from one of the most trusted sources in science and get it first by visiting their blog. They are frequent posters and feature around 56 posts per week, so you will never have a lack of material to read about.

3. Science News

Science News is an online science publication that features all sorts of valuable information on science topics such as feature stories, inventions, daily news in the world of science, and much more. You can read their daily blog, read the reviews they post about and read about unheard of phenomenon that happens in the real world as they happen. You’ll find all sorts of science news in many different disciplines of science, and you’ll also discover Science news articles that date all the way back to the year 1924. This online blog and website stay up on the latest science news, and they are happy to share it with you as well.

4. Discover Magazine

If you have never heard of Discover Magazine, now is the time to discover the Discover magazine in a whole new way. Like many popular paper magazines that have seen a long life of real-world publication, their online publication is already experiencing similar popularity to the original Discover magazine. That’s because they make a habit of sharing the most relevant, up-to-date information from the world of science invention and discover, as well as thought-provoking articles that help people to expand their thinking. They have over five million online readers, and they are interested in offering the best topics for the general public who wants to stay in the know about the world of science and discovery.

5. Wired Science

Wired Science is an online science blog that gives you the latest information from the world of science including in-depth science coverage on the latest research and discoveries in all aspects of science. They pride themselves in furnishing information that is difficult to find elsewhere, and they make sure and include a heavy dose of technology to complement their science data and research information. They make around 15 posts per week, so you will be able to find lots of information anytime you go on their blog that you can use in the real world. Check out this blog to learn about the latest discoveries in the world of science that you may not find anywhere else. While you’re on the site, check out the technology innovations that are usually featured on the site, as well.

6. Popular Science

Popular Science has been one of the most famous scientific magazines for science and technology topics since its creation in 1872. That was long before the advent of technology that allowed them to post online. Now, you can continue reading the information provided by this popular science mag online through this online blog. They still feature the best information for science and tech buffs as well as the latest news, gadget reviews, and much more. They also post around 34 times per week. Check out this blog if you want to keep in the know on topics that matter to the world of science or technology or both. Check out their content today, and you’ll see why so many people continue to recommend Popular Science magazine as one of the best science and technology resources available for science hobbyists or career enthusiasts.

7. is a site that focuses on, (you guessed it), space! Astronomy is the focus here on this well-known science blog. You’ll find all types of space news as well as the latest news from NASA and technology as it affects the earth as well and planetary space, in general. They also discuss satellites and stars, novas and supernovas, and anything else that has to do with space as a topic. This blog would be a great addition to a science teacher or anyone who is interested in topics about space and the future of the universe. If you want to know more about the fascinating world of space, check out this website to learn more about the wonderful and fascinating world of space.

8. Science Mag is an online Science magazine that holds the title of the “leading journal of original research and global news.” This magazine features breaking news from science including several niche areas such as medicine, animals, biology, genetics, and many other scientific topics. It is an informative magazine that focuses on delving into some different topics that are important to everyday people who have an interest in the world of Science. Check out this online blog to see what they offer regarding Science news that you may not find anywhere else.

9. Science Blog

If you are a Reddit fan, you already know the great information you can find on the Reddit site. While not all information is valuable, it is an open forum which allows users to post their ideas about science and research. So you’ll get a good view of what people think about the world of Science and research discoveries. You can also use this space to share new scientific findings and discoveries or the latest advances in any of the many science topics including physics, biology, medicine, and many other science topics. Check out this blog to find out more about anything having to do with the world of science.

10. is a Physics and a Chemistry blog. It attempted to cover both of these highly in-depth topics on both of these important areas of modern science. Both fields are considered to be difficult for readers to digest, but this blog and forum takes the approach that everyone should be able to keep up with the news in the areas of Physics and Chemistry. You’ll find in-depth articles on both subjects, and you’ll learn how the world of science is changing and what to expect in the future on a variety of topics. Check out and bookmark t his blog if you want to stay in the know on all things having to do with either Physics or Chemistry. Check it out today.


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