SEO is an essential part of marketing, which dramatically influences business visibility, branding, web traffic, and ROI for millions of blogs, businesses, and brands on the internet today. So, if you want your blog to be fresh and sound, you should regularly look through SEO and marketing materials, not just found on our blog, but from other expert SEO blogs and brands as well.

To help with this process, we have selected 20 of the top SEO blogs on the internet today — all of which are dedicated to providing the best SEO strategies, trends, techniques and “how-to” articles focused on getting your online brand to rank higher in the search results. Each of these blogs provides up-to-date quality content and answers the vital question “what does it take to ultimately rank a site at the top of Google today?”.

With so many different SEO blogs and actionable tips on the internet today, you are probably thinking how you could possibly read through and keep up with everything that is currently being covered. Don’t worry, you are not alone in this thinking. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to keep up with online content, without the need to individually visit each blog on a daily basis. Such methods include using RSS feed readers like Feedly and Digg Reader, subscribing to daily or weekly newsletters found on each site, or even using any of the top blog aggregators like Instapaper and Flipboard. Using any of these subscription methods will help you keep track of the best and latest information from our hand-selected list of sites below.

Be sure to run through the full list of SEO blogs below and let us know which is your favorite.

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SE Ranking is one of the top rank tracking tools that you can use to monitor your website’s search engine positions, whether that be through Google, Yahoo or Bing. The blog itself is a gold mine of well-written material about the most vital questions and working methods related to SEO optimization: If you’re searching for great tips, how-to manuals, and latest updates in the world of SEO — look no further than the SE Ranking blog.

Moz blog is great if you’re a beginner in the world of online marketing and looking for the basics of SEO and how to get started. The best beginner guides found on the site are created by SEO experts and industry legends that helped build Moz into what it is today. The site is also a  great source of tactical & strategic advice and “how-to” materials. The comments below the articles sometimes can give even more valuable information that what’s actually provided within the article — which further exemplifies how powerful the Moz community really is. The site is truly a magnet for great specialists in the marketing and online business industry.

Semrush is a great place for SEO marketers, bloggers and content creators alike. When looking for information related to SEO and ranking in Google, their blog seems to have it all. In addition to being a source of great information, it’s also one of the first locations for newsworthy information and updates relating to recent Google updates and algorithm changes. Topics covered on the SEM Rush blog include the many different ways to optimize landing pages, hints on how to make perfect backlink, crucial factors that influence SEO, keyword research tools and much more. If you want to find some great marketing ideas — be inspired by the latest content and SEO best practices found at Semrush.

Search Engine Land is the place to be if you have implemented SEO in your business and your goal is to keep your site updated with the latest trends and movements made by Google and SEO. Of all the different SEO blogs out there, it’s probably the most accurate and well-written SEO news source, as their content is provided by many of the top experts in the world of SEO today. The site is updated with daily publications and cover all of the vital questions site owners and content creators might have, such as starting from scratch with a new site, to the latest movements and changes made in Google algorithm updates.

Kissmetrics is all about not just teaching their readers how to better understand SEO and ranking in Google, but also how to take this knowledge and implement new strategies in the process. Through the Kissmetrics blogs, visitors will discover how effective split testing and SEO analysis can be. From the latest marketing guides, case studies and expert-hosted webinars, there is no doubt why Kissmetrics has become one of the top sources for SEO information on the internet today. What’s also great about the site is that they usually mix textual content with videos, great comments, and overall give the most detailed content around.

Blogging Tips is focused on all aspected of blogging and content creation, but they also cover a lot of SEO as well. With the site having several contributors from around the world and in different niche markets, it’s great to learn about SEO and what works for others in different lights. A perfect example of this would be how social media might be working best for one blogger, while content creation and long tail keywords are working best for another. Not only is the site very handy for those who are thinking about starting their own blog, it’s also provided a lot of value to established bloggers as well.

The Daily Egg Blog is a great place to get a bit of fresh daily news about big SEO world, while not overloading you with content and news in the process. The best thing about this blog is the way its content and new stories are written. Unlike other ‘news’ and ‘tech’ sites, The Daily Egg has most of their content written in an easy and conversational tone. They have done a great job making the content “more human” and understandable by all audiences.

Hubspot blog was founded in 2004, and since then it’s become a major player in the world of online marketing and branding. With the topics of SEO news, how-to guides for internet bloggers, and site optimization and analysis covered, you will find everything that is needed to operate your marketing success. The site is always updated on a daily basis and is always at the top of the list of sites and information you should be paying attention to if you have a blog, brand or online business.

Search Engine Watch is a great place for marketing managers to get up to date information about search engine optimization strategies, trends, and techniques. The site also displays different SEO topics, such as its own guide to Google ranking signals, SEO audit, keywords myth and much more. Blog hosts some of the best-handpicked content about SEO and marketing. It has tons of materials: opinion pieces from marketing experts, researchers, tutorials, case studies, tips etc. One of the most popular areas of the site has been some of their featured expert roundup posts with more than 90+ expert bloggers, content creators and SEO masters.

Seochat is a perfect match for your business, whether you are focused on content creation, lead generation or simply trying to rank higher in Google. There are two great things that stand out about SEOchat. The first is the fresh and well-written material found on the site, such as their marketing tools to try in 2018. The second is the massive amount of free SEO tools that help to discover the most suitable SEO strategies for brands and website owners today. Whether you are looking for the best information on how to setup or fix meta tags, broken links, and images, SEOchat will help you find the right solution.

Backlinko Blog is one of the top SEO blogs if you’re looking for great case studies and information on how top bloggers and content creators are ranking in Google today. The site was founded by Brian Dean, who is well known for coming out with the ‘skyscraper technique’ and also sharing his own stories and case studies on what’s working best for him today. Be sure to look through his tips from other online marketers to drive a great amount of traffic towards your website in the many months and years to come.

MarketingProfs is another popular SEO blog on the internet today, and their name pretty much says it all. The majority of content on their blog is focused on local SEO and how to improve website performance. Overall, it’s a great resource for training materials, marketing tools, strategies, how-to, etc that can apply to all site owners and brands.

Clickz is a powerful resource, blog and active community with over 200k users. It’s a great first destination for anyone that wants to find the latest and up to date information on SEO and digital trends. Clickz also has tons of tools to help promote businesses and drive your marketing efforts to the top of the search rankings.

Wordtracker Blog covers a wide range of topics, while also making sure they relate to everything SEO and traffic generation. As you know, keyword research is one of the most vital aspects of the successful business online. Wordtracker is a tool that finds high-performing keywords for the websites and helps business and brands rank for such terms. Through their blog, they have write-ups and resource guides on the latest news about SEO, while also covering the common mistakes marketers make, and what to be aware of when looking at the most recent algorithm changes from Google.

UpCity is a company that helps business improve their exposure through social media, search and local sites. The most popular topics found on the site are search engine optimization, reputation management, local SEO and social media optimization. Site visitors will also find various blog posts that are great for beginners, as well as important updates and tips for more experienced SEOs.

MySiteAuditor Blog is run by a company that provides SEO audits and software for site owners, brands, and bloggers. Their blog is well-liked because of the informative articles about image optimization, mobile SEO checklists, title tags, URL optimization, and more. If you want to keep track of everything that is going on in SEO — make sure you have the time to start getting familiar with this blog.

State of Digital is a marketing platform which provides a large number of articles about SEO, content and social marketing to their audiences. Site visitors can also find content marketing courses for those who want to upgrade their marketing expertise, while also taking advantage of the expertise and tools the site has to offer. Such resources help users keep up with the latest algorithm updates in SEO, while providing in-depth analysis of industry news and also taking a look at the current state of internet marketing. Authors on the site are a mix of Local SEO specialists, web developers, and small business marketing strategists.

Techmagnate Blog is in a good standing among marketing individuals since the blog delivers great SEO content on the many facets that can influence SEO campaigns and further improve search rankings. When looking through the content on the blog, you will find many of them focus on content marketing, SEO tricks and algorithm updates. If you want to learn how to make an effective marketing strategy work for your business or brand while also growing your online presence – this blog is perfect for you.

SEObook provides online SEO training courses and educational resources and content through their blog. Topics covered on their blog include SEO linking building guide, improving anchor text, how to best use metatags, understanding Google ranking methods and more. The blog also offers very useful advice and new strategies on what’s working best today. The founder of the site is Aaron Wall, who is known as one of the early experts and veterans in the world of SEO and online marketing today. Blog a resource blog provided by an SEO-focused company that provides digital marketing solutions for big and small companies around the world. The SEO blog gives helpful information about tricks on social media optimization, digital marketing, online search engine marketing and how to implement each of these actionable methods into your own websites, blog, brand or online business. The majority of articles found on the site are written by a range of marketing professionals who discuss what’s working best for them in reference to SEO and ranking in Google, while also covering best practices, news, and updates in the industry as a whole. Other topics include optimization in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and some of the world’s best search engines and marketing events to attend in the world today.


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