Travel blogging has to be one of the most fascinating and fun niche markets to be in. This is true whether you are an actual travel blogger or simply looking for information and photos of the best places to travel around the world. With more than a billion active websites on the internet today, more people are jumping onto the travel blog craze more than ever before. And this is perfectly understandable, as WordPress is making the process of creating a website or blog so easy, that anyone can literally go live in just a few minutes time.

If you are passionate about the idea of world traveling or simply want to document where you’ve been, then a travel blog is probably perfect for you. This is also true if you are simply looking to stay in the comfort of your home and travel the world through the eyes of someone else, simply by looking at other pictures and videos from where others have been.

To help with this process, we’ve listed some of the top blogs that focus on travel. Each of them is unique in their own way and will provide you with an amazing traveling experience while never leaving the comfort of your computer chair.

List of the Best Travel Blogs on the Internet Today

With the travel industry booming like never before, world travel is something that many people are searching for on a daily basis. Whether it’s saving money on a hotel, finding the best resorts or landmarks on your journey, or even just to find real reviews and photos for different places around the world, travel blogs are a great place to start your research.

Be sure to take time and look through each of the travel blogs below. Think about what you like on each of them and how you might be able to create a site of your own. At the end of our list we are going to walk you through the process of how to get started with a travel blog of your own.

Luxury Travel Blog

The Luxury Travel Blog has the motto: “for those who enjoy the finer things of life.” They live up to their name by serving as a gateway to fascinating facts and information on the latest hotels and resorts, fine dining establishments, and the most recent news in travel. You’ll find luxurious hotels listed along with the most beautiful resorts and a plethora of interesting and practical articles that will help you make more educated decisions about your accommodations and vacation choices. This blog is based in the UK.

Nomadic Matt

This blog has an unusual name and the blogger, Matt, lives up to it by showing you how to use your vacation and travel money for wisely so that you can get the most out of your trip. You’ll follow him through excursions and destinations that are fun and exciting, and most for under $1,000. He has a thing about showing people some fascinating places to go to spend under $1,000 and still have a very good time. Matt doesn’t post very often, though (about twice a week) so we think it’s because he’s too busy traveling!

Lonely Planet Blog

The Lonely Planet Blog is a lone traveler who started the blog a long time ago as a means of showing people all of the fascinating places you can go. James Kay is the editor and chief blogger’s name, and he just got back from Scilly, England recently where he shared his experiences with his followers on the blog. James is known for visiting and reporting on unique destinations that are unknown to lots of people and sharing his experiences with others on his blog. He also has several guest bloggers who share their experiences about their vacations, as well. But the blog is not their only achievement. They have printed over 120 million print books all over the world in eleven different languages.

Solo Traveler

The Solo Traveler offers the best and latest tips, advice, vacation guides, and advice to the “solo traveler” who travel all alone. This blog speaks to the weary solo traveler who loves the solitude but needs the resources to stay safe and to have the confidence to go on their next excursion. The blog’s creator, known only as “Janice” is a fellow solo traveler and she offers great ideas to other solitary trip planners on this blog.

Sta Travel Blog

The Sta Travel Blog is modern travel blog that provides helpful tips and information for the traveler. They give you opportunities to check out the best airfare rates with exclusive airfare rates for students and young professionals. STA is considered the world’s “greatest travel company” that offers competitive rates for group tours from some of the world’s best travel providers.

Two Monkeys Travel Group

The Two Monkeys Travel Group is a great blog to check out if you are looking for unique travel destinations, places to go, or exotic vistas to check out. They feature a list of luxury hotels that you can check out if you want to stay in style and they give you sample itineraries if you need some guidance on how to plan your next trip. This site was established to help travelers learn to be more independent about their travel adventures and to design the perfect vacation for their interests. It’s a DIY resource for travel.

The Blonde Abroad Blog

What’s in a name? The name of this blog begs the question that Shakespeare once asked. The blog is run by Kiersten, a once cubicle-bound corporate financier who left the comfort of her office to dwell in “no man’s land.” She is now an award-winning solo female travel consultant and helps female travelers know the best places to go, shop, dine, and buy a bikini for the beach. As a plus, this blog also features some of the best vacation photography.

Planet D Travel Blog

Planet D is a well-known travel blog that features the ideas and teamwork of Dave and Deb. They take the approach that “adventure is for everyone” and they’ve been offering the very best travel advice and tips for people who want to step out of their comfort zones to find an adventure. They try to inspire people to try something new and adventurous, and they also give you sound travel advice.

Skycap News

Skycap News is a top-notch travel and destination blog created by Brian Clark, CEO, and founder of Ray Ray’s BBQ Sauce. Clark feels that travelers want to hear it from real fellow travelers and adventurers, not just bloggers and writers who know nothing of the wide open road. Brian has been all over the world and offers insights from many different exotic and unusual locations on this site. You’ll also get helpful travel advice for seniors or those traveling alone, as well as ways to save money and to plan when going. Bookmark this site when planning your next vacation.

The Expert Vagabond

This blog is maintained by a guy who lives up to his blog’s name: the expert vagabond. Matt is not just a traveler; he’s also a professional photographer who loves to get shots from locations that few people have been able to obtain. He is daring and adventurous and takes pride in the fact that he’s been on the road for over four years. It’s no secret that Matt is a vacation addict and doesn’t like the restraints of “those four walls.”

How to Start a Travel Blog in the Next 10 Minutes

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to see some of the top travel blogs on the internet today have you thought about the idea of starting one of your own? After seeing some of the photos and videos from these travel bloggers, I can definitely see why so many people are jumping into this space.

To get started with a travel blog of your own, it’s a pretty simple process. The first thing you are going to need is a domain name and web hosting. This can all be set up through our recommended web hosting provider Bluehost.

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As you can see, the world of travel blogging is quite fun and exciting — even if you aren’t actively traveling through the wild deserts of Africa or the swampy meadows of Florida. Right now is the perfect time to get started with a travel blog of your own. Not only because it’s something everyone loves to view pictures on and talk about, but also because of the amazing hosting promotion going on right now with Bluehost.

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