Udemy is one of the largest online learning course marketplaces with hundreds of thousands of students and thousands of teachers and courses to choose from. In addition to offering great content and value through their course marketplace, they also offer the opportunity to provide free coupon codes and discounts to students in the process.

As I’m always trying to help everyone get started with a blog of their own in the easiest and fastest ways possible, I wanted to provide a select few of my site visitors with a chance to access some of my best courses at no-cost each and every month. With over 10,000 students actively signed up to my Udemy courses, I’m sure you will find a ton of value in everything they have to offer.

Udemy Coupon Codes for October 2017

You can find each of my Udemy blogging and marketing courses below, along with a coupon code that can be redeemed for each. You will need to act quickly, as only a 25 coupon codes will be available each month! This page will also be updated as new courses as released over time.

Blog Tips – 30 Days to Successful WordPress Blogging in 2017

In this course, you will discover what it takes to create a successful website or blog in the next 30 days. Zac Johnson walks you through the process of how to find a winning niche for your blog, creating compelling content for your audience and finding a monetization structure that generates revenue from your site. Implement everything covered within this course and there is no reason for you to not earn your first $500 with a website or blog. This is currently one of the best selling blogging courses on Udemy, also with over 200+ reviews and a rating of 4.5 or above.

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How to Start a Blog – 7 Day Blog Challenge

Want to start a blog? Watch over my shoulder as I create a professional blog from scratch, while also walking you through the complete process. This video course is easy enough for a complete newbie to follow, while also being detailed enough for even advanced bloggers, content creators, and professionals looking to expand their reach and presence online. If the coupons are currently used up for this course, be sure to sign up for free version at 7DayBlogChallenge.com, which will unlock a new video daily over the course of a week.

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Email List Building 101: How to Start a Mailing List

Want to increase site traffic and online sales with your own mailing list and newsletter? Of course you do, and it’s now easier than ever with this email marketing 101 video series. Scale your website, blog or online business to a whole new level by implementing an autoresponder series and sales funnel to automate the process. This video tutorial will show you how.

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WordPress SEO Tips and Content Creation Guide

Starting a website or blog is easy. If you want to grow an audience and rank above the competition, that’s where the real time, work and effort is going to come in. SEO is all about creating high-value content and also making sure you promote the heck out of it in the process. That is exactly what you will learn in the WordPress SEO Tips course, which also covers content creation as well. Before writing your first blog post, this course is a must see!

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Google Adsense 101: How to Get Started with Google Adsense

There are many different ways to make money with a website or blog, but Google Adsense is one of the most common. With Google already having access to millions of advertisers in their search results, they went on to create Google Adsense — which is a monetization platform for other site owners to earn a commission every time they send a qualified click to an advertiser. In this course, you will discover all there is to know about Google Adsense and how to increase revenue on your site by using it.

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Quick Start WordPress Blogging Guide

At one point or another, everyone started out with a domain name and fresh install of WordPress on their site. It was at this time that you need to start thinking about how you were going to use WordPress to create your site, while also familiarizing yourself with the platform. In this course, you will learn the basics of WordPress, while also covering a short intro on the importance of site creation, WordPress themes and plugins, SEO and how to create the perfect foundation for your blog.

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Affiliate Marketing 101: The Basics of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective and lucrative ways to make money with a blog. The concept of affiliate marketing is earning a commission for every legitimate referred sale, lead or action that you send to an advertiser or merchant. In this course, you will get to walk through the basics of affiliate marketing to make sure you have a solid knowledge on how to join an affiliate program, what to look for on different networks and how to connect with different brands and affiliate program to earn more money.

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How to Start a Fashion Blog

Fashion blogging has become extremely popular and quite lucrative over the past few years. Throw in the addition of social media and the mass exposure being offered through Instagram and you have a clear winner with fashion blogging. In this course, we will be looking at the many components of what it takes to create a successful fashion blog, while also walking through all of the most basic steps to creating a site of your own. This course also provides an overview of the top fashion blogs in the industry and how they are making money with their content and audience.

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How to Start a Celebrity Gossip Blog

One of the most exciting and fast-paced blogging markets is definitely found in the world of celebrity gossip. With so many different celebrities in the world today and so many people just waiting for juicy gossip to drop, there is a huge demand and opportunity in starting a celebrity blog of your own. That is exactly what you will learn in this course. We will also be taking a look at some of the most popular gossip blogs on the internet today, while also showing you how to create winning content and make money with a celebrity gossip blog of your own.

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Where to Find the Best Udemy Coupons for Bloggers and Online Marketers

Udemy is a great educational platform that has served over 10 million users. I have used it to reach over 16,000 students and many bloggers and freelancers I have worked with said Udemy has helped them propel their business to new heights. The courses on Udemy are well worth the cost, but you can often get them even cheaper if you know where to find coupons.

Here are some of the best places to find coupons for Udemy courses.


The Best Online Courses Coupon is another website boon for online learners because it comparing all good courses and bring top courses in our hand. Every day this website providing udemy coupons and deals it cost 10$ or 15$.It manually verifying udemy coupons and discount codes. If you want to grab coupons try this website.


Couponism is a general coupon site that has over a dozen coupon codes for Udemy users. While browsing the site, I found one coupon that gives you 99% off any Udemy course. Another coupon gives you a $10 credit. Most of the Udemy coupons on Couponism are site-wide. It looks like the coupons are automatically updated every day, which is a convenience most other coupon sites don’t offer.


Groupon isn’t just great for getting deals on white-river rafting or wine-tasting trips. You can also find some great coupons for Udemy. I even found one for 95% off and another that allows you to register for any course for only $10. The coupons seem to expire at the end of the month, so it is a good idea to check early unless you already know what course you want to try out.

Brad’s Deals

Some of the best money-saving deals I have found have been on Brad’s Deals and Udemy coupon codes are no exception. I have seen coupon codes offering 70-90% off Udemy courses. Many of the deals are tailored to specific courses or categories of courses, so it is a good idea to check regularly to see if any of the deals match what you are looking for.

Warrior Forum

Some people at the Warrior Forum have given the site a bad rep, but don’t let them discourage you from taking advantage of great deals on the site. Some of the best coupons I found were on the Warrior Forum. Some Udemy instructors are members of the Warrior Forum and offer excellent coupons you won’t find anywhere else.  Anja Altberger, creator of the course Photography: Start an Online Business with your Photography, has offered a coupon that makes his course free. If you dig into the site, you should find great coupons for other entrepreneurship and digital marketing courses.

Best Free Coupons Facebook Group

You can find a number of great coupons by subscribing to this group. I have found some great ones for Udemy courses, so keep your eyes peeled when looking through your Facebook feed.


Dealsea.com is an excellent forum for finding coupons on high-ticket purchases. The last time I checked, it had 40 Udemy coupons. Some coupons allowed users to register for any course for $10 to $15, while others allowed you to take specific courses for free. The list of Udemy coupons seems to be updated monthly, so be sure to check often. You may want to check at the beginning of the month to get first dibs on the best coupons.

Digital Point

If you are looking for deals on digital marketing or entrepreneurship courses, Digital Point is another great site to check out. Like the Warrior Forum, some of the members are instructors allowing members to take one or more of their courses for free. The same instructors aren’t on both the Warrior Forum and Digital Point, so it is a good idea to monitor both sites for Udemy coupon codes.

The Fast Lane Forum

The Fast Lane Forum is another great forum for entrepreneurs. If you are interested in taking courses on starting or growing a business, you may find some great coupons here. The only catch is that you need to look for newer threads because coupon codes on the older threads are often expired.

Above you will find all of the latest Udemy courses and coupons being offered from Zac Johnson and Blogging.org. As we scale out with new courses, this page will be updated with the latest coupon codes and promotions. We are also in the works to create an expanded directory of courses that can be purchased on Udemy at a discount or for free using any available coupon codes.

Please check back to this page often, as it will be updated monthly with new coupon codes. Should you take any of the courses above, be sure to leave a review and let us know what you think!

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