Virtual Reality is one of the latest tech-craze in this innovative era. If you’d like to know more about it and what can be experienced through those VR glasses, there are VR Youtube Channels that you can visit. From child’s play, thrilling escapes, and combat simulations, you’ll definitely find one that will get you excited!

List of the Top 10 Virtual Reality YouTube Channels and Online Videos

This list that we’ve come up with is based on site rankings. You can browse through each VR Youtube Channel and observe how they interact with their audience. You can also note down their overall vlogging style, usual video length, and video uploading intervals.



Nathie is no stranger to the VR community, being one of the top VR Youtubers consistently churning out entertaining videos on VR games since 2016. His followers just seem to love his energetic delivery, and wide smile when discussing and playing those games.

He is a full-time, VR content creator that reviews apps, experiences and games. On his channel, you can find Playstation VR, Oculus Rift, Touch and HTC Vive reviews and gameplay. He also likes to play with drones, augmented reality and cinematography. The channel has an audience of over 404 Thousand subscribers and over 115 Million views.



The one-stop channel for industry news and technology updates on VR and AR, 3D-VR-360 VIDEOS also posts video demonstrations of all the technology and latest releases they can get their hands on. 3D-VR-360 VIDEOS is sure to keep you in the loop of all that’s up with the VR world. Together with news on VR products, this channel broadcasts and covers the most happening VR festivals taking place.

On this channel, you will enjoy the experience of high quality Virtual Reality videos in real stereo 3D and 360° on your VR-headset like Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, VR Box 360, Google Daydream, Pimax 4K VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Playstation VR. The channel has over 616 Thousand subscribers and over 129 Million views.



Nagzz21’s channel is a trusted source designed for the user virtual reality sector. They discover the best news of virtual reality, augmented reality, and human-computer relationship. They make Virtual Reality videos. He likes to concentrate more on VR multiplayer games (games that interact with other users) mostly VRChat but he also does some solo games as well.

If you like Virtual Reality games, as well as the interaction with people, then you have come to the right place. Nagzz21 also covers headset reviews, VR software, VR apps, free videos, buying guides, game reviews and all the latest news for all Virtual Reality devices. The channel has an audience of over 161 Thousand subscribers and over 18 Million views.


Lokey Games

Lokey Games are all about a selection of videos including Horror, FPS, Survival Games, Virtual Reality Oculus Rift Games and Game reviews. Lokey Games cover Virtual Reality and its application in the world of games and movies, and doing so exceedingly well. Keeping their audiences entertained and top of the VR game, they are a natural favorite of the VR community all over the world.

They are also getting into tech reviews, which will be on their new “Lokey Reviews” channel. Subscribe to Lokey Games to enjoy their selection of reviews, HILARIOUS gaming fails and the occasional Rage Quit. The channel is followed by over 149 Thousand subscribers and has over 21 Million views.



Cheru is an Australian YouTuber, and a strong believer that VR is the new and upcoming lifestyle of the world, Cheru reports news and reviews on VR systems and platforms. They provide pragmatic VR guides and solutions to the whole community. Current playing lots of Virtual Reality (VR), Amazing Frog, Brick Rigs, TABS (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator), Beast Battle Simulator and pretty much any and every other battle simulator and wacky Ragdoll physics sandbox game in existence.

Get on the channel, to join the conversation about the latest news, trends, gadget reviews, & ideas pertaining to the Virtual Reality & related domain. The channel currently has over 178 Thousand subscribers and over 38 Million views.


Rowdy Guy

Rowdy Guy is one of the best channels for all virtual reality enthusiastic. This is a comprehensive channel providing news on VR players, hardware, games, and apps. Together with news, they help the VR community with honest reviews and how-to videos on the latest VR tech.

Rowdy Guy is the place to be for Virtual Reality Gaming. Follow to see the craziest, scariest and funniest VR games and experiences with brand new energetic videos every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The channel is followed by over 96 Thousand subscribers and has over 18 Million views.



Merp is a Virtual Reality Youtuber. He talks about Virtual Reality. This channel covers almost everything about tech startups and VR; news, reviews, and previews. VR news and information shot in layman terms. Merp takes into consideration, everyone, even remotely interested in VR and report accordingly.

On MERPTV, you will also find 360 movies, panoramic images, interactive walk-throughs, 3D images and scenes. Stream content to all HMDs on Mobile, Tablet, Desktop. The channel has over 159 Thousand subscribers and over 19 Million views.


3D ‘n’ Play

3D ‘n’ Play is one of the oldest channels and with a  greater variety of 3D content on YouTube. On this channel, you will enjoy the experience of total immersion in the 3d world, with high quality videos elaborated exclusively to watch directly on your TV/3D Monitor, Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, VR Box Oculus Rift, Playstation VR, Cross Eyed and the classic Anaglyph.

They also bring VR to the education scenario.They also post reviews, and all the latest news from the VR world. You can become part of the 3D ‘n’ Play project and add more value to their educational systems with VR. The channel is followed by over 135 Thousand subscribers and has over 62 Million views.


cTa VR Play

cTa VR Play was born out of the belief that content sharing is pointing towards VR. As VR creation and consumption is becoming more accessible to everyday users, cTa VR Play’s vision is to be the natural platform for everyone to express their creativity, promote their works, and engage in community. They also believe that you are the future of VR.

On this channel, you will also find all the latest virtual reality games and apps gameplay for google cardboard and all supported VR headsets. The channel is currently followed by over 88 Thousand subscribers and has over 50 Million views.



JoshDub is a channel where you can find Gaming and Virtual Reality all in one place. JoshDub is on a mission to bring amazing virtual reality experiences to the world. On this channel, you will discover all the latest about the latest products, technology, and culture on VR.

They also review computer hardware and pretty much all the latest tech, JoshDub has all the latest news and reviews regarding VR headsets, their applications, and their producers. Follow the community of tech geeks and stay updated VR and lots more. The channel has over 128 Thousand subscribers and has over 25 Million views.

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