We Love Pretzel Crisps

Thank you to Pretzel Crisps for the bags full of their delicious pretzels dropped off at our office. Pretzel CrispsInevitably, when I sit at my computer blogging and working on client’s accounts the munchies are bound to hit in the afternoon.  Pretzel Crisps have been hitting the spot, and I dare say they have been for a couple other staff members as well since they have been disappearing rapidly. I am a fan of pretzels in general, but the Pretzel Crisps are a new favorite. They are thinner, more crispy, and less dry then regular pretzels and much healthier than potato chips. Almost like a combination of a cracker and a pretzel. Bottom line, We Love Pretzel Crisps.

The individual deli size packages make a quick and easy treat at work or on the go. Recently, my wife and I had family in town and so we took them out to the beach. Pretzel Crisps were an easy snack to take that all four of us agreed on, as an extra bonus even their baby liked them. It can be hard to please a crowd! Pretzel Crisps has a variety of over ten flavors so you can always find one that will be a hit. The Original flavor is delicious to eat on its own and we’ve also been topping it with everything from vegetable dip to Nutella. My all-time favorite has to be the Garlic Parmesan; they have just the right kick of flavor without being overpowering.


I had to laugh while grocery shopping last night in Palo Alto, when I ran into a guy with a cart entirely full of just Pretzel Crisps, yes they really are that good. But I am thinking he must be getting party snacks ready to watch the San Francisco 49ers play in the Superbowl this Sunday. I know we will be bringing out a couple of the new Pretzel Crisp recipes to watch the game at my house. Thanks again to Pretzel Crisps!