Web hosting costs are something every site owner or blogger will have to deal with. The good news is that there are many options available, and each of them cater to the needs of new site owners, established brands, and even Fortune 500 companies. When choosing a hosting solution, it ultimately comes down to the needs and server requirements in place for your site. For example, one hosting solution might be great for starter WordPress sites, while another might be a good preference for e-commerce sites.

For the most part, headline costs for website hosting are often less than $50 a year, but the reality is slightly different with many businesses paying hundreds or thousands of dollars every year to keep their web pages online. Again, in addition to the needs of the site owner, the hosting brand or company you can with may influence a premium in pricing as well. 

When it comes time to find a new hosting solution or setting up your first site, there are many different things you will need to look over and consider throughout this process. To help you through this journey, here are eight ways you could reduce your hosting costs.


Find a Cheaper Host


In many ways you get what you pay for in web hosting and cheap hosting plans are often deficient in multiple areas such as support and server speed. However, there are companies that offer low-cost hosting with everything you need: The problem is to find one of these plans that you can depend on.

Website review sites are the best way to identify cheap web hosting that you can bet your business on. These sites collect reviews from people who have bought hosting plans from hundreds of companies. The consumer reviews pull no punches and tell it like it is. These are complemented with expert reviews and you can run side-by-side comparisons of your preferred options.


Find a Better Web Host


If you are unhappy with your current host, there is no reason you need to wait until the end of your contract to find a new and better hosting option. A poor host could be costing you money in lost sales or frustrated customers, so there are times when you will need to swallow the loss of the contract you don’t want and opt for a better host sooner rather than later.

Most hosts will migrate your current site to their servers without charge, so the transition is usually undetectable to your users with no interruption of service.


Find a Coupon


Every website that promotes a web hosting company offers coupons.  Site owner receives large affiliate commissions if you buy hosting through their site link so they can afford to offer coupons to the value of half their commission or more. Review sites will have the widest selection of coupons.

Many of the top money saving and coupon sites on the internet today have sections just for web hosting related services. Since these coupons and discounts are in such demand, new ones are going live all the time. If the first ones you try say they are expired or no longer active, keep looking around until you find one that works.


Take Out a Longer Contract


A 36-month contract will often cost you less than two 12-month contracts, so is a great deal. However a long contract with an inferior web host would be a mistake because there are no refunds if you walk away from the contract after a year.

If you end up going with a longer contract, also make sure there aren’t any bundled up-sells being sold to you as well. These might be seen as Whois protection, site speed increases, or spam protection. For the most part, these can be added later on through WordPress for free.


Pay in Advance


You can pay for your hosting every month, but this will cost a lot more than making annual payments. Many hosting companies offer a discount on your first payment, so it makes sense to make that payment cover a longer period.

To see if this is an option, check the ‘special offers’ section of a hosting provider before completing your sign up and payment process. Often times this will be seen on the confirmation page when you are going through the billing process. Check to see if there is an option to pay for 12, 24, or 36 months in advance.


Keep Your Expectations Realistic


You may need a dedicated server at some point in the future, but only pay for once you have outgrown cheaper hosting options such as shared and VPS plans. Similarly, a good shared hosting plan will be adequate for many companies initially, rather than the added expense of a virtual private server.


Consider Cloud Hosting


With cloud hosting you pay for bandwidth as you use it. This might make sense and save you money if your website has large surges in demand, possibly after promotions you run. The alternative plan to meet these surges might be an expensive VPS or dedicated server that allows continuous demand without crashing.

The benefits of cloud hosting is that the server and contents of the site are accessible anywhere, while also utilizing less resources on the server itself. If you aren’t completely sure what could hosting is, or why it’s recommended over other shared and dedicated hosting, you can read more on that here.


Manage it Yourself


WordPress is the best content management system for most companies and is so widely used for good reasons. Managed WordPress hosting costs more: You do get a lot of extras, but consider whether you need those. If you can update plugins and WordPress yourself you could reduce your WordPress hosting costs.

Similarly, if you are confident you can back up and restore your website yourself, don’t pay extra for a web host that offers these for ‘free.’

A Final Look at How to Choose the Best Web Hosting for Your Needs

We’ve outlined eight excellent factors and considerations to look at when going with a new hosting solution, but we could have listed many more.

You could almost certainly find a cheaper hosting deal by changing providers because of the welcome discounts and coupons that most web hosts offer. This might make sense even if your current hosting contract still has some months to run.

It is impossible to judge how well a company will host your web pages from the company’s marketing and ads. The best way to find better or cheaper web hosting quickly is to use a hosting review and comparison site.

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