What Do Interchangeable Watches and Blogging Have In Common

What a strange question, right? Surprisingly enough, there are many things that they share in common. Let’s examine the watch industry first and then we’ll examine the blogging industry.


1. The watch industry

There are many different kinds of watches out there – watches for just about every occasion. Some people prefer metal bands, while others prefer bracelet type bands or leather bands.

When you’re buying a watch, you take about three things into consideration:

  • the price of the watch
  • the style of the face
  • the type of band

The only problem with buying a watch is that you’re stuck with the whole thing. There is little room for customization… that is if you don’t want to pay to have someone switch out the band for you.

2. The blogging industry

The internet is brim full of blogs. Moms are blogging about the meals they’re making their kids, fortune 500 companies are blogging about the latest and greatest gadget, and mom and pop businesses are blogging to build awareness about their products and services.

Blogs can be newsy, entertaining, and informative. You’d be surprised how many good blogs are out there. On the other hand, you’d be surprised at how many blogs actually make money.

What makes the difference between a blog that makes money and one that doesn’t?

3. What do interchangeable watches and blogging have in common?

First, let me tell a little story. Out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean lies a series of islands, otherwise known as the Hawaiian islands. How did these islands get discovered? Captain James Cook, a member of the British Navy, was an expert in cartography (the science or practice of drawing maps).

London appointed him with the task of exploring the Pacific. He didn’t find the islands til his third voyage. In his three voyages, he found the Hawaiian islands, Antarctica, and Australia.

I pose an interesting question to you. “What if he had not taken those voyages and mapped the Pacific to the best of his ability?”. We may have never heard of the Hawaiian islands, unless someone else discovered them and lived to tell everyone else.

My clients get to hear this all the time, “You’ve got to get off the informational island!”; otherwise, no one will know about your awesome products and services. In order for ModifyWatches, or any company really, to make sales, they’ve got to tell others about their awesome watches. The same goes for any blog and its owner.

The price must be paid to ‘tell others’ otherwise you’ll stay on the informational island that no one knows about. Products and blogs simply don’t sell themselves.


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