In the world of blogging, WordPress is king. WordPress rules the land of blogging platforms and has completely changed the way sites and blogs are created today. There is no longer a need to take programming classes to try and learn HTML of programming — this is all done through the WordPress platform which is as easy to use as Microsoft Word… if not easier.

Below we will answer all of your questions about WordPress and how you can get started with a blog of your own in just a few minutes.

What is WordPress?

In short, WordPress is an open source software solution that allows anyone to create a web site or blog without the need for programming. The software is written in PHP and was created off a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to instantly use the software without the need for vast training of previous programming or site development knowledge. WordPress is also being used for more than just creating blogs, as it’s a complete content management solution (CMS), which currently powers some of the largest sites in the world today.

If you were to search for “WordPress” online, you would likely come across two sites: and The .com version is a free solution for anyone to create a blog of their own without the need to download and setup the software on their server. The .org version is where you have access to their software, which can be downloaded and allows you to easily setup a blog with your own domain name and hosting. Most people prefer to go with the .org version of the software as it’s more professional and offers many advantages.

Who uses WordPress?

As previously mentioned, WordPress is being used as a CMS for many different web sites outside of the blogging world. Some of the top sites in the world such as TED, NBC Sports, UPS, TechCrunch and CNN are all powered off the WordPress solution.

Among popularity across the world, the majority of WordPress sites are based off the English language (71%) with Spanish (5%) and Indonesian (2.5%) right behind.

The question of how many people are reading blogs is also one that is often asked. With over 100 million blogs in the world today, WordPress stats show that 409 million people view more than 16.3 billion pages each month. With all of this content being read, it must mean that there is a lot of it out there — 61.8 million new posts are going live every month to be exact!

Needless to say, if you already have a blog or site running off the WordPress software, you are just another component of the success that made WordPress what it is today.

How to Get Started with WordPress?

We’ve covered what WordPress is, along with it’s many benefits. Now we will cover the basics of how to get started.

The biggest reason for WordPress’ success is that it’s completely free to use, download and run your site with.

Before using WordPress, you must first decide if you want to download and install the software on your own domain and hosting or simply sign up at their site for free and create a blog off their site.

There are many benefits to downloading and setting up WordPress on your own site and domain, which I’ve listed below. We also have a WordPress installation guide that will walk you through the exact steps to setting up your first blog in just a few minutes.

  • With your own domain name and hosting, you own all of your content
  • You can fully customize your site and WordPress without any limitations
  • When hosting your content through another service, you must abide by their terms
  • Inability to transfer, sell or make money with your blog outside of guidelines

When the question comes up to setup a new blog with your own hosting and domain name or use the site, I always recommend going with your own site. It only costs a few dollars per month and there is minimal if any downside.

WordPress Training Videos

Once you’ve downloaded the WordPress software and installed it on your server, there are many different options, features and navigation paths that you should know about before going live with your blog. You can learn all of these basics on your own, or you could join our private blogging community where you will have access to over 100+ blogging and training videos, which includes over 20+ different videos on WordPress training — everything from setting up your first WordPress theme, installing plugins and how to add new content and members to your site.

We’ve listed a few of our WordPress training video titles below.

  • The WordPress Dashboard
  • Creating a New Blog Post
  • Adding Images to Your Blog
  • Changing Your WordPress Theme
  • Managing Blog Comments

When it comes to WordPress, there is a whole world of opportunity and features for every site owner and blogger. Be sure to take the time to learn how the software works, so you can create the best site or blog possible.