Blogging the Boys Review and How to Create a Dallas Cowboys Fan Blog

If you want to create a fan site or a fan blog for a team of your choice, you really need to push the boundaries if you want to stand out on the blogosphere. That means creating quality blog content that people like, all while taking your time and adapting everything to your readership.

In addition, you need to have any piece of content as up to date as possible. If you don’t do that, you will end up losing some of your audience, as a lot of people expect fan blogs to offer great content with updated information. Which is a good thing, because you will stand out quite a bit if you post articles that contain professional and reliable info about the team of your choice.

Blogging the Boys Blog and the Cowboys Growing Popularity

The Blogging the Boys blog is all about the Dallas Cowboys. And that’s all they are sharing there, everything you want to know about the Dallas Cowboys. Is it a good idea to focus the entire blog on a single sports team? Yes, because there’s quite a lot of content and value to be had here even if it seems that you are limiting yourself basically with writing posts around a specific niche topic. But the reality is that the more you take your time and adapt this in a meaningful way, the better it will be.

It’s important to identify the audience requirements and stick to that. A lot of people like the Dallas Cowboys, and many of them are locals. So adding stuff like the local information that also affects the team in some ways is a very good idea to get them to read posts on your blog. It’s definitely a bit tricky to adapt something like this and create a new blog similar to it. But you can always try and adapt everything to your own needs as you build a blog if you want. It all comes down to studying everything and offering people the information they need, whenever they need it the most.

Format of Content and the Blogging the Boys Blog Design

The format used by Blogging the Boys in their blog postings is pretty interesting. They always want to offer you all the best information and that’s why you can easily sort all the latest info under the headlines. It’s a unique approach to content management when it comes to fan blogs like this. Most of them just show the latest information. But using such an approach actually makes a lot of sense, and that’s why it can be a very good idea to take your time and incorporate it in your blog if you want to.

Creating a blog like Blogging the Boys is a bit challenging just because there will be some slow news days which may result in less blog traffic if you don’t take action. That’s especially true during the offseason when teams aren’t playing and thus you will end up with not that much to do. Which is still not that much of a problem, since you can opt for interviews or any other things that you find relevant to your niche blog. It’s definitely tricky to adapt stuff like this and make it interesting again, but in the end, the return on investment can be huge if you always try to come up with some nice topics. Also, it can be a good way to increase blog traffic and gain loyal readers.

The Blogging the Boys blog is also offering a dedicated section for fan posts. This is a nice approach, just because you have a much easier time figuring out what was created by the website team and what posts come from the community.

That’s one thing to notice here, if you run such a site, you do need to offer the community as much information and content as possible. That doesn’t mean it will always be super easy. But it’s offering you some unique options to keep in mind, and the more you do that, the better the results will be in the end here.

A thing to consider here is that they are also hiring multiple writers too. If you create a blog like Blogging the Boys and you reach success, you may want to do the same too. Why is that important? Because it offers a much better perspective and it makes things more distinct in the first place. The idea is to make the content relevant, distinct and unique. You don’t want to push the readers into spending more time than they want either.

So yes, your news pieces and the content as a whole needs to be simple and to the point. Writing too much will just end up making people skim through the articles instead of reading completely. Remember, sports fans want to read a summary and they want to digest all the information without spending too much time with it.

Speaking of that, adding stuff like images and videos is crucial here. Videos in particular are very important if you want to back up your content. Usually the Dallas Cowboys will do local and national interviews. So it does make a lot of sense to find all those online videos and share them with your readers. It’s a good way to show that your content has a valid information source. Doing that is a crucial aspect of running such a blog. Blogging the Boys does a really good job in this perspective, and it brings in front some unique benefits for you to take into consideration. That being said, there are lots of unique challenges to explore when you create such a site. And one of them is how the audiences react to matches and results.

Blogging the Boys shows that even if the team loses, they back them up no matter what. This is what a true fan needs to do, and they honestly do a tremendous job in that perspective. At the end of the day, any loss can appear out of nowhere no matter how much you train. The idea is to push the boundaries and adapt things in a meaningful way. Sometimes it will be easy, other times it will be challenging. But you have to take your time and you really need to figure out what you can do to take things to the next level. The Blogging the Boys blog did that, and it really offers content that’s inquisitive and unique.

Who’s the audience?

For the Blogging the Boys blog, the audience is obviously any fan of the Dallas Cowboys. But any sports fan will find relevant and good content here. Although for the most part only fans of the Cowboys will end up appreciating the fan blog at its true potential. But yes, it’s safe to say that encouraging the fans to create their own content is what the Blogging the Boys staff did the best.

This is still a blog to begin with. Yet it’s interactive, it brings in front what the community has to say, and in the sports world this is a very important thing to think about. It all comes down to understanding the situation and just adapting things to a whole new level every time.

Most popular content?

The latest news are always very popular and receive lots of reads. Match analysis content is also regarded as some of the best content you can find on the Blogging the Boys blog, which is a good thing. In addition, the fan created content is also super popular. That’s actually a good thing, because it offers a whole new perspective on the market and it does bring in front some pretty unique, creative way to offer the market some new ideas to explore all the time.

How to create a blog like Blogging the Boys?

The first thing you want to do is to pick the right team you want to support. And yes, you will support this team just because it offers you a whole new perspective on how to play and how you can get results more than anything else. That being said, a lot of people will notice that Blogging the Boys has its own unique style. You want to create your own style when you start such a blog.

Your content needs to be informative and short, to the point and also fun at times. There aren’t a lot of fan blogs that put a positive spin on everything, including losses, so you might as well want to take such an approach if you want. The idea is to always bring in a new perspective on how you tackle things like that, and yes, the experience can be a pretty interesting one all the time.

Moreover, you want the content to be short and full of images or videos. The more multimedia stuff you add in there, the better it will be. It all comes down to understanding the market and figuring out some of the best ideas out there. As long as you push the boundaries and take things to new heights, nothing is impossible.

It all comes down to having a distinct approach and supporting your team no matter what. Creating such a fan site for a team of your choice is difficult, especially if your team ends up going through hard times. But in the end it all comes down to having fun and exploring the unique options and ideas out there. As long as you take your time and you find your own style and always support the team, you will be more than ok!

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