Top Book Instagram Influencers to Follow in 2023

Book influencers on Instagram are people who post about books and reading on the social media platform. They often share their love of reading with others, and sometimes offer recommendations for what to read next. Many bookstores and publishers follow them in order to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in reading.

In addition to the many different types of influencers on social media discussing their favorite books, writing and reading habits, there are plenty of book categories to niche your focus down even further.

Such topic points include; childrens books, romance, non-fiction, comics, book reviews, scrapbooking, Christian books, and the best selling books of all time.

Book Instagram Influencers
Search out the best book Instagram influencers to find a never ending supply of great reading content.

What do book influencers on Instagram post about?

Book influencers often post about the books they are reading, as well as any recommendations they have for others. They might also share photos of themselves reading, or of bookshelves full of books. In addition, some book influencers use their platforms to discuss social justice issues, and to promote books by marginalized authors.

Why are book influencers important?

Book influencers play an important role in promoting reading, and in helping people discover new books. They can help to create a sense of community around reading, and can make the world of books feel more accessible to those who might not otherwise encounter it.

What are some of the most popular book influencers on Instagram?

Some of the most popular book influencers on Instagram include @booksonthegram, @bookstagram, and @bookishfeatures. These accounts have hundreds of thousands of followers, and offer a wealth of recommendations and beautiful photos for book lovers to enjoy. And for even more great reading, writing and book related accounts, simply scroll down a little further to our complete list.

Top Ranked Book Influencers on Instagram

With so many different accounts, brands and influencers on Instagram, it can be tough to find the best ones to follow. To help in this process, we’ve listed the top ranked book influencers below.

Reese Witherspoon@reesewitherspoon25.9M
Emma Watson@emmawatson61.1M
Sarah Jessica Parker@sarahjessicaparker6.6M
Roxane Gay@roxanegay74405K
Kevin Kwan@kevinkwanbooks31.4K
Mindy Kaling@mindykaling5.6M
John Green@johngreenwritesbooks1.3M
Leena Norms@leenanorms12.3K
Rainbow Rowell@rainbowrowell57.8K
Roxane Gay@roxanegay74405K
Karah Preiss@karahpreiss14.8K
Emily Henry@emilyhenrywrites47.5K
Shonda Rhimes@shondarhimes2.4M
Marlon James@marlonjameswriter13.1K
Casey McQuiston@casey.mcquiston37.3K
Sally Rooney@sallyrooney615.9K
Kiley Reid@kileyreid22.7K
Elizabeth Gilbert@elizabeth_gilbert_writer479K
Brit Bennett@britrbennett16.8K
Jenna Bush Hager@jennabhager487K
Angie Thomas@angiethomas110K
Emma Straub@emmastraub28.6K
Tayari Jones@tayari22.9K
Jia Tolentino@jiatortellini22.9K

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