Brian Clark Blog Review: From CopyBlogger to Digital FM to

Brian Clark is a well-known blogger, writer, entrepreneur, and traveler. He developed the website Copyblogger to serve as a resource for providing strategies for both freelance writers and entrepreneurs to help them to make the most of their content online. To website owners and bloggers around the world, he’s one of the most influential bloggers and content creators of our time.

Clark began creating content online in 1998 and developed his brand and began to experience entrepreneurial success in 1999. He has been involved in creating some different solo entrepreneur type businesses over the past 20 years as either a solo entrepreneur or co-founder.

He attributes much of his earlier success to a growing online publishing industry coupled with the commercial internet that got its big start in the late 90’s. He used digital marketing and online marketing to launch and maintain his businesses, and he has continued to see success online through his following and connections with his expanding base.

About Copyblogger

Developing Copyblogger was one of the best things Brian did to jumpstart his brand. In January of 2006, he began this site which has evolved into a high-profile digital trade magazine that produces content for the content marketing industry. He has had praise from well-known publications such as Guardian and Advertising Age, both of which have recognized his site as one of the most influential blogs in the world.

Some of the best successes of Copyblogger include:

  • Creating SaaS (software-as-a-service)
  • Web Hosting
  • Developing WP themes and plugins
  • Creating courses and online web conferences

Brian says his greatest strength has been his ability to connect to his audience and provide something valuable to them on a consistent basis.

Introduction to Brian Clark’s Blog

Brian’s blog is not just an ordinary blog. It is an educational resource for bloggers and freelancers worldwide. He presents helpful information based on years of practice and research on what works and what doesn’t. His helpful tips and how-tos offer sound advice to individuals and companies who need to develop the best practices for online blogging that will result in revenue and success.

One of the things you’ll notice about Brian Clark’s blog is the fact that he provides lots of relevant and valuable information for bloggers. His goal is to share what he has learned to help bloggers to find their niche, create a brand around their blog, and learn how to curate and create the best content that appeals to a target audience.

How Brian Created Studio Press Then Sold It

Brian Clark started with his business by creating the Copy Blogger site. But he had also purchased another property known as Studio Press. He created Studio Press to serve as a site that allowed people to build beautiful WordPress sites and blogs using his techniques and tools to create outstanding content.

Then he sold the Studio Press company to WP Engine which had as its goal to combine the best WordPress design framework (Genesis) with the WordPress blogger and web design platform. Clark knew a lot about WordPress sites from both the building and content end of things, so he was able to put better technology and ideas into the company before selling it to WP Engine.

Best Articles and Resources on the CopyBlogger Site

All of Brian’s articles are designed with his audience in mind. Bloggers from all over the world check out his site to get rich ideas on how to create the best content for their websites and blogs. They know that, if they follow Brian Clark’s advice, their blog can only get better.

Brian’s prowess and expertise at building great blogs have gotten noticed by many well-known companies including Venture Beat which called “the Bible of blogging.” Wow! That’s a pretty big compliment. But Brian lives us to it in the many ways he shares important articles and ideas such as “Content Marketing: How to Build an Audience that Builds Your Digital Business.”

Brian also recently built a brand new content site that focuses primarily on branding and digital assets through podcasting and media creation. He uses this basic premise when creating original content for his new site, Rainmaker Digital (also known as, which features a plethora of radio shows, podcasts, and other media that addresses the specific issues that digital content creators and marketers face). The goal of the site is to teach digital content creators to think of themselves as digital real estate owners who have the power to own a large part of the web by applying themselves to fine-tuning digital assets and properties.

He also emphasizes the importance of differentiating between advertising and marketing with marketing being more focused on your branding and web presence, which has a more lasting effect than advertising products and services.

You’ll find plenty of great resources on Brian’s new site, so it’s one site, you’ll want to bookmark and return to time and time again for great free lessons and tutorials via podcast that will contribute to your business or blog. When you check out the rich content on his site, you’ll wonder why he didn’t make them into audiobooks and make a fortune with them on But he prefers to share his information with his audience on his site.

Brian Clark’s web properties

Below is a list of Brian’s web properties and digital assets. Check out his blog on Copyblogger, but make sure to also check into the site which is even more active and features many podcasts on important topics you’ll benefit from if you want to become a successful blogger and content creator.

Main Page:

New Sites:

About the Author:

Social Accounts:

Creating your Own Entrepreneur Blog

If you are a blogger wanting to make a name for yourself as Brian has, there’s never been a better time to begin than right now.

Don’t forget that adding media such as podcasts and videos can greatly increase the demand for your content with your audience. One of the keys to Brian Clark’s success was to tune into the needs of his target audience. You can do this, too with your audience. Think about who you are building your site for and speak to their needs. Send out surveys and learn what they want through comments on social media.

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Learn from the masters like Brian but be yourself and watch how far you’ll go!