Cara Delevingne Net Worth – How Rich is Delevingne in 2024?

As of 2023, renowned English fashion model and actress, Cara Delevingne, has a net worth of approximately $55 million according to various sources. Her wealth is a result of her successful career in modeling, acting, and other ventures.

cara delevingne net worth

Key Takeaways:

  • Cara Delevingne has a net worth of around $55 million in 2023.
  • Her wealth comes from her successful career in modeling, acting, and other ventures.
  • Delevingne’s net worth is a testament to her talent, drive, and unique brand.
  • She has established herself as a respected figure in the fashion and entertainment industry.
  • Delevingne’s net worth is expected to continue growing in the future.

The Rise Of A Supermodel

Cara Delevingne’s modeling career began with her signing with Storm Management in 2009, but it wasn’t an immediate success story. She initially struggled to secure paying gigs, facing rejection and discouragement. However, her breakthrough came when she caught the attention of Christopher Bailey from Burberry, who saw something special in her.

With Burberry’s support, Cara Delevingne quickly rose to the top of the fashion world. She became a sought-after model, walking the runway for iconic brands such as Burberry, Fendi, and Chanel. Her unique charisma and style made her a favorite among fashion publications, with Vogue Magazine naming her their “crush of the season” in 2012. That year, she walked in over 50 shows during Fashion Month, solidifying her status as a supermodel.

“I was constantly told no, but I never gave up. It was through sheer persistence and the right opportunity that I was able to make my mark in the fashion industry.” – Cara Delevingne

Throughout her modeling career, Cara Delevingne has become synonymous with the fashion industry. Her runway presence and collaborations with iconic brands have cemented her status as one of the most influential models of her generation.

Year Brand Notable Achievement
2011 Burberry First major runway show
2012 Chanel Named face of the brand
2013 Versace Featured in campaign alongside Kate Moss

“Cara Delevingne’s rise in the fashion industry is a testament to her talent, hard work, and ability to captivate audiences. She embodies the essence of a modern-day supermodel.” – Fashion Critic

Diversifying Her Portfolio: Acting And More

In addition to her successful modeling career, Cara Delevingne has ventured into acting, showcasing her talents in films such as “Paper Towns,” “Suicide Squad,” and “Valerian And The City of a Thousand Planets.” Her performances have received acclaim for their authenticity and depth, solidifying her status as a talented actress.

Besides acting, Delevingne has also demonstrated her musical abilities through collaborations with renowned artists like Pharrell Williams. Her versatility in different creative pursuits has allowed her to explore new avenues and expand her horizons.

In the fashion world, Delevingne has not only been the face of iconic brands but has also collaborated with them. She has designed collections for brands like DKNY and Mulberry, showcasing her vision and creativity. Additionally, she co-authored a book titled “Mirror, Mirror” in 2017, highlighting her passion for storytelling and self-expression.

cara delevingne acting career


Film Year
Paper Towns 2015
Suicide Squad 2016
Valerian And The City of a Thousand Planets 2017

With her diverse range of talents and ventures, Cara Delevingne continues to make a significant impact in the entertainment industry. Her dedication to exploring different creative outlets and collaborating with others sets her apart as a versatile and multifaceted artist.

Endorsements And Earnings

Alongside her successful career in modeling and acting, Cara Delevingne has also established herself as a highly sought-after brand ambassador. Her collaborations and endorsements with global brands have not only elevated her status in the industry but also substantially increased her earnings.

Some of the prestigious brands that Cara Delevingne has partnered with include YSL Beauty, Burberry, and Tag Heuer. These collaborations have allowed her to showcase her unique style and personality while promoting the brands’ products and values. As a result, she has become a prominent figure in the world of fashion and luxury.

It is estimated that Cara Delevingne earns around $9 million annually from her endorsements and other sources. This considerable income is a testament to her influence and marketability, as well as the trust that brands place in her ability to appeal to their target audience. With her charismatic presence and strong personal brand, she continues to attract lucrative collaborations that contribute to her overall net worth.

Brand Collaboration
YSL Beauty Brand ambassador for beauty campaigns
Burberry Face of Burberry campaigns and runway shows
Tag Heuer Global ambassador for luxury watches

“Working with these incredible brands has been a dream come true. I am grateful for the opportunities to represent them and collaborate on meaningful projects. It’s important to me to align with brands that share my values and promote inclusivity and creativity.” – Cara Delevingne

Through her endorsements and brand collaborations, Cara Delevingne not only continues to build her personal brand but also contributes to the success of the companies she partners with. Her ability to seamlessly blend her personal style with the brand’s image has made her a valuable asset in the world of fashion and beyond.

Cara Delevingne endorsements

Personal Life and Advocacy

Cara Delevingne’s personal life and advocacy work have been an important part of her public persona. She has been open about her relationships and uses her platform to raise awareness and support for LGBTQ+ rights.

As an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, Delevingne has been vocal about her own experiences and challenges within the community. She identifies as pansexual and has been involved in various campaigns and initiatives to promote inclusivity and acceptance. Through her advocacy work, Delevingne has helped to create a more positive and understanding environment for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Delevingne’s personal life has also attracted attention, with her relationships becoming a topic of public interest. She has been in relationships with musician St. Vincent and actress/model Ashley Benson. Despite the media scrutiny, she has handled her personal life with grace and authenticity, never shying away from expressing her love and support for her partners.

“Love is love, and I’m all for that. I fall in love with the person, not the gender.” – Cara Delevingne

By sharing her personal experiences and advocating for LGBTQ+ rights, Cara Delevingne has become an inspiration to many and continues to use her voice to create positive change.

cara delevingne personal life

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Cara Delevingne, the British fashion model and actress, was born on August 12, 1992, in Hammersmith, London. She grew up in Belgravia, London, in a comfortable upbringing with her parents Pandora Anne and Charles Hamar Delevingne, along with two older sisters and a paternal half-brother. Growing up in a creative environment, Delevingne was exposed to the world of fashion and entertainment from an early age.

At the age of 17, inspired by her sister Poppy’s success in the industry, Cara Delevingne made the decision to pursue a modeling career of her own. She signed with Storm Management, a London-based modeling agency, and embarked on a journey that would catapult her to international fame and fortune.

Delevingne’s career in modeling took off slowly, with initial difficulties landing paying gigs. However, her big break came in 2010 when she caught the attention of Christopher Bailey from Burberry. This marked the turning point in her career, as she quickly became one of the most sought-after models in the industry. Her unique charm, dynamic runway presence, and ability to connect with audiences made her a favorite among renowned fashion designers and iconic brands.

cara delevingne modeling career start

“I always wanted to be a model. But I knew I didn’t fit the bill. I’m not tall enough, I don’t have the right body shape, I don’t have the right bone structure. But then I ended up working with Burberry. And they liked me because I looked like a boy. They cast me as the androgynous model.” – Cara Delevingne

From there, Cara Delevingne’s modeling career skyrocketed, with numerous runway shows for prestigious brands and high-profile fashion campaigns. Her rise to fame and success not only paved the way for her in the modeling world but also opened doors for her in the world of acting, music, and other creative endeavors.

The Rise of Cara Delevingne in the Modeling Industry

In the world of fashion, Cara Delevingne has become one of the most successful and sought-after models. Her unique look, charismatic personality, and undeniable talent have propelled her to superstardom. Throughout her career, she has graced the runways of prestigious fashion shows, secured lucrative campaigns with renowned brands, and made a name for herself as a true fashion icon.

Delevingne’s modeling success can be attributed to her early breakthrough with Burberry, which opened the doors to countless opportunities. She quickly became a favorite among designers and walked in numerous international runway shows, captivating audiences with her effortless grace and captivating presence. Her ability to effortlessly transition from high fashion to commercial campaigns has made her a versatile and highly sought-after model.

Not only has Delevingne conquered the runways, but she has also been the face of major fashion campaigns. Brands like H&M, Zara, Chanel, and Burberry have recognized her star power and enlisted her to represent their collections. Her striking beauty, combined with her innate ability to bring life to any fashion concept, has made her the perfect muse for designers and photographers alike.

cara delevingne modeling success

The table below showcases a selection of Cara Delevingne’s notable runway shows:

Year Fashion Show Designer
2011 London Fashion Week Burberry
2012 Paris Fashion Week Chanel
2013 Milan Fashion Week Fendi
2014 New York Fashion Week Tom Ford

With each runway show and fashion campaign, Cara Delevingne has solidified her status as a true fashion icon. Her modeling success has not only brought her fame and fortune but has also paved the way for her thriving career in acting, music, and other creative ventures.

The Versatile Career of Cara Delevingne: From Runway to Silver Screen

Throughout her career, Cara Delevingne has proven herself to be a versatile talent, excelling not only in the world of high fashion but also in the realm of acting. Her filmography showcases a range of roles, each bringing a unique dimension to her on-screen performances.

Delevingne’s acting journey began with her role in the 2012 film adaptation of “Anna Karenina,” where she demonstrated her ability to captivate audiences with her on-screen presence. Since then, she has continued to expand her repertoire, taking on diverse roles in films such as “Paper Towns,” “Suicide Squad,” and “Valerian And The City of a Thousand Planets.” Each of these films allowed Delevingne to showcase her acting prowess, earning critical acclaim for her authenticity and depth.

Delevingne’s commitment to her craft is evident in the way she immerses herself in each role. Her ability to bring characters to life with subtlety and conviction is a testament to her talent as an actress.

Delevingne’s filmography not only highlights her versatility but also her willingness to take on challenging and unconventional projects. By choosing roles that push boundaries and challenge societal norms, she continues to establish herself as an artist unafraid to explore new territories. With each performance, Delevingne further solidifies her position as a rising star in the world of acting.

Cara Delevingne Acting Roles

Film Year Role
Anna Karenina 2012 Princess Sorokina
Paper Towns 2015 Margo Roth Spiegelman
Suicide Squad 2016 Enchantress
Valerian And The City of a Thousand Planets 2017 Laureline

As Delevingne continues to explore the world of acting, audiences eagerly anticipate her future projects. With her undeniable talent, dedication, and versatility, she is sure to leave an indelible mark on the silver screen for years to come.

Other Projects and Work

In addition to her successful modeling and acting careers, Cara Delevingne has also ventured into other creative endeavors, showcasing her versatility and talent. She has made a mark in the music industry, collaborating with renowned artists like Pharrell Williams. Her unique style and charismatic stage presence have garnered attention and praise from both fans and critics.

Cara Delevingne’s influence extends beyond the world of fashion and entertainment. She has collaborated with various fashion brands, lending her creative input and designing collections. Notable collaborations include her work with DKNY and Mulberry, where she brought her unique perspective and personal style to the design process.

“Fashion, for me, is not just about wearing clothes. It’s about expressing yourself and pushing boundaries. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with some incredible brands and designers, and I always strive to bring something fresh and exciting to the table,” says Delevingne.

In 2017, Cara Delevingne embraced yet another creative outlet with the publication of her book titled “Mirror, Mirror.” Co-authored by Rowan Coleman, the book delves into themes of self-discovery and acceptance, inviting readers to explore their own unique paths to self-love and happiness.

Music Collaborations

Cara Delevingne’s foray into music has been met with enthusiasm and recognition. Her collaboration with Pharrell Williams on the song “I Feel Everything” for the soundtrack of the movie “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” showcased her musical talent and versatility. The song received critical acclaim and further solidified Delevingne’s reputation as a multi-talented artist.

Year Song Collaborator Album/Film
2017 I Feel Everything Pharrell Williams Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

In addition to her collaborations, Cara Delevingne has expressed her passion for music and her interest in pursuing it further. With her natural talent and dedication to her craft, it is no surprise that she continues to explore new creative avenues and leave her mark on various industries.

cara delevingne music

Cara Delevingne Achievements and Awards

Throughout her illustrious career, Cara Delevingne has received numerous accolades and recognition for her exceptional talent and contributions to the fashion and entertainment industry.

Her work as a model has earned her widespread acclaim, leading to nominations and wins at various prestigious awards ceremonies. In 2012, she won the Model of the Year award at the British Fashion Awards, marking a significant milestone in her career. Delevingne has also been recognized for her runway prowess, receiving the Fashion Icon award at the Elle Style Awards in 2014.

“I always like to do something that challenges me and that nobody has seen before.” – Cara Delevingne

Delevingne’s transition into acting has been equally impressive, with her performances garnering critical acclaim. She was nominated for the Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Breakout Star for her role in “Paper Towns” and won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actress: Action for her portrayal of Enchantress in “Suicide Squad.”

In addition to her modeling and acting achievements, Cara Delevingne has made significant contributions to LGBTQ+ advocacy. She has been recognized for her efforts in promoting equality and acceptance for all individuals, receiving the Trevor Project’s Hero Award in 2019 for her advocacy work.

Award Year
Model of the Year 2012
Fashion Icon 2014
Teen Choice Award – Choice Movie Breakout Star 2015 (Nominee)
Teen Choice Award – Choice Movie Actress: Action 2016
Trevor Project Hero Award 2019

Cara Delevingne’s achievements and awards speak to her exceptional talent and undeniable impact on the fashion, entertainment, and advocacy industries. Her dedication to her craft and commitment to using her platform for positive change continue to inspire and empower others.

cara delevingne achievements


In conclusion, Cara Delevingne’s career has been nothing short of extraordinary. With a net worth of approximately $55 million in 2023, she has established herself as one of the most successful and versatile figures in the fashion and entertainment industry.

Through her modeling, acting, and other creative projects, Cara has continuously expanded her influence and financial status. Her unique brand, combined with her talent and drive, has allowed her to achieve remarkable success and create a lasting impact.

Looking ahead, it is clear that Cara Delevingne’s career and net worth will continue to grow. Her ability to diversify her portfolio and take on new challenges ensures that she will remain a prominent figure in the industry for years to come.


What is Cara Delevingne’s net worth?

As of 2023, Cara Delevingne has a net worth of approximately $55 million.

How did Cara Delevingne become famous?

Cara Delevingne rose to fame through her successful career in modeling and acting.

What brands has Cara Delevingne worked with?

Cara Delevingne has worked with brands such as YSL Beauty, Burberry, and Tag Heuer.

What is Cara Delevingne’s career outside of modeling?

In addition to modeling, Cara Delevingne has acted in films, collaborated with musicians, designed fashion collections, and authored a book.

Is Cara Delevingne involved in any advocacy work?

Yes, Cara Delevingne is a vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

Where was Cara Delevingne born?

Cara Delevingne was born in Hammersmith, London.

When did Cara Delevingne start her modeling career?

Cara Delevingne started her modeling career in 2009 after signing with Storm Management.

What films has Cara Delevingne appeared in?

Cara Delevingne has appeared in films such as “Paper Towns,” “Suicide Squad,” and “Valerian And The City of a Thousand Planets.”

Has Cara Delevingne received any awards?

Yes, Cara Delevingne has been nominated for and won awards such as Teen Choice Awards and Women’s Image Network Awards.