17 Ivy League Celebrities that Went to Harvard

Harvard University is the most renowned university in the world, producing 161 Noble Laureates and 8 United States presidents. Many celebrities attended Harvard before becoming famous, and some joined even after becoming known to the world.

In this article, you will learn about the many celebrities from all fields that went to Harvard and were right under your nose, and you never knew. Prepare to be amazed after knowing about the various celebrities and entrepreneurs that went to Harvard University.

Harvard University

17 Brilliant Celebrities that Went to Harvard for College

For many, attending Harvard University is a dream come true. However, for some celebrities, it’s more than just a dream – it’s a reality! Actors and singers such as Natalie Portman, Rashida Jones, Mindy Kaling, John Legend and Matt Damon have all attended the prestigious university.

Let’s now take a look at some of the most famous people in the world of Hollywood, entertainment and business — that also happened to go to one of the most famous colleges in the world, Harvard!

Mark Zuckerberg 

Mark Zuckerberg does not need any introduction. He is one of the most successful people who graduated from Harvard. He joined Harvard in the year 2002 and chose to study computer science. After 2 years at Harvard, he dropped out to focus on his business venture, which we know now as Facebook. 

His social networking site Facebook helped people to connect throughout the world. In 2017, Harvard awarded him an honorary degree. Mark is happily married to a philanthropist and pediatrician, Priscilla Chan. They have two kids together, with a third on the way.

Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones is a famous actor, writer, and theatre personality. In 1997, she graduated with a degree in Religion and Philosophy. Initially, she planned on pursuing a four-year law degree at Harvard Law School but later changed her mind.

She was active during her four years at Harvard and was a member of the Harvard Radcliff Dramatic Club, Harvard Opportunes, Black Students Association, and Hasty Pudding Theatricals.

Barack Obama is a Harvard Alumni

Barack Obama 

United States President Barack Obama served as the 44th president. In 1991, he graduated from Harvard Law School with a J.D. magna cum laude. His father also went to Harvard, and now his daughter Malia Obama also went there. His other daughter Sasha Obama is also studying right now.

He was the president of Harvard Law Review during his years at Harvard Law School. He is also one of the Harvard graduates who received a Noble Prize in 2009. 

Michelle Obama went to Harvard

Michelle Obama 

Michelle Obama is a lawyer, writer, and America’s first African-American first lady. She received Juris Doctor Degree from Harvard Law School in the year 1988. At that time, she was the head of her class.

Michelle Obama also released New York Times best best-selling called Becoming. She has worked as a civil rights activist and to advance racial equity.  

Conan O'Brien Graduated from Harvard

Conan O’Brien

Comedian and the host of the show “Late night with Conan O’Brien” graduated magna cum laude from Harvard. He was always a bright student and graduated high school as valedictorian. He received a degree of Bachelor’s in Arts in American History in 1985. 

He is married to Liza Powel O’Brien, and they have two kids. While he was at university, he used to write for Harvard Lampoon, a comedy magazine. Later, he also became the president of the magazine. After graduating, he started his successful comedy career. 

Natalie Portman Studied at Harvard

Natalie Portman 

Natalie Portman is a famous actress known for her films like Thor, Closer, and Jane Foster. But she is not just an actress but a Harvard Graduate. She enrolled in 1999 and graduated from Harvard in 2003 with a four-year bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Natalie is happily married to dancer Benjamin Millepied. They have a son Aleph and a daughter Amelia. 

She is also a published researcher, activist, and filmmaker. She decided to study at Harvard even after having a successful acting career. Many critics said at that time that she wouldn’t be able to manage her acting career besides this degree, but she proved all of them wrong. 

Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata is an Indian Industrialist, a successful businessman, and former Chairman of Emeritus of Tata Sons. He is also a philanthropist and investor. He got an MBA degree from Harvard in the year 1975.

Ratan Tata never got married and has no children. The Tatas were the first to set up a steel mill, a power company, and I.T. services in India.  

He is currently running 31 companies and 10 industries globally. He also received the Padma Bhushan and the Padma Vibhushan Awards, civilian honors from the Government of India.  

Tyra Banks went to Harvard

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks is not just a fashion industry queen and entrepreneur. Tyra is one of the actors who went to Harvard. She received a certificate degree in business education from there. She said in an interview that this degree helped her grow her firm. Tyra Banks broke up with Erik Asla, but they co-parented their son.

She is the founder of Tyra Beauty and Bankable Productions. She is famous for her talk show, The Tyra Banks Show. She was also the face of Covergirl and even hosted a modeling competition named America’s Next Top Model.

Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd is an actress and political activist who graduated from Harvard in 2010. She first rose to fame with her performance in films such as Heat and Double Jeopardy, but she has since become much more than just an actress. She is an outspoken advocate for women’s rights, and has been lauded for her activism. After graduating from Harvard, she continued to pursue her goals of making a positive difference in the world.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon is a Hollywood star who graduated from Harvard in 1992. He has risen to become one of the most recognizable and beloved actors in the world, thanks to iconic performances in films like Good Will Hunting and The Bourne Identity. His success at Harvard started with his acceptance into the prestigious school. After graduating, he went on to huge movie stardom.

B.J. Novak

B.J. Novak is a screenwriter, actor, director, and producer who graduated from Harvard in 2001. He has had an illustrious career that began with appearances on popular TV shows like The Office and Friends. His credits also include writing for films such as Inglourious Basterds and directing episodes of The Mindy Project. After graduating from Harvard, he quickly rose to become one of the most sought after writers in Hollywood.

John Lithgow

John Lithgow is an actor and author who graduated from Harvard in 1967. During his time at the prestigious school, he was active in theater productions, which set him up for success later in life. After graduating, he went on to star in movies like Terms of Endearment, Cliffhanger and The World According to Garp. In addition to his acting career, he has also published several books.

Colin Jost

Colin Jost is a comedian and TV writer who graduated from Harvard in 2004. He began his professional career by writing for shows like Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock before eventually joining their on-air talent roster as a Weekend Update anchor. After graduating from Harvard, he quickly rose to become one of the most sought after writers in Hollywood.

Elisabeth Shue

Elisabeth Shue is an actress who graduated from Harvard in 1988. She rose to prominence with movie roles in films such as Adventures In Babysitting, Leaving Las Vegas and Hollow Man. After graduating from Harvard, she went on to star in a range of movies, from light comedies to serious dramas. She has since become one of the most recognizable actresses in Hollywood.

Tommy Lee Jones was a Harvard Student

Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones is one of the oldest celebrities and a well-known actor and director. His famous films are Men in Black and The Fugitive. In 1969, he also graduated with a degree in English from Harvard. 

He studied at Harvard on a need-based scholarship. At Harvard, he was pals with famous future vice president Al Gore who also graduated from there. He did his thesis on “the mechanics of Catholicism.” He even played on the football team of Harvard School. 

Dean Norris

Dean Norris is an actor who graduated from Harvard in 1985. He began his professional career by appearing on shows like The X-Files before rising to fame with his performance as Hank Schrader on Breaking Bad. After graduating from Harvard, he went on to appear in movies such as Total Recall and The Cell.

Mira Sorvino Harvard Alumni

Mira Sorvino

Mira Sorvino is a famous actress, film producer, and screenwriter. Nonetheless, she is a Harvard graduate. She graduated magna cum laude. Nonetheless, with a degree in East Asian Culture studies. She is married to Christopher Backus and has four children.

While studying, she struggled to manage her career alongside education and wanted to drop out. But later on, she decided not to quit her degree. She received many awards for her acting career, like Golden Globe and Academy Awards.

Celebrities and Where they Went to College

These are just some of the celebrities who have graduated from Harvard. It is clear that attending this prestigious school can set students up for success – no matter what profession they choose to pursue!

It is the most popular Ivy League because it encourages people to explore, ask questions, and indulge in their passion. It also provides a diverse environment to the best students from all over the world.

Harvard helped in shaping the character of these celebrities and also to succeed in life. Many celebrities agree about the role Harvard played in their grooming and changing their approach to life.