8 Different Celebrity Body Types and Examples of Each

As we all know, female celebrities come in all shapes and sizes. From tall and slim to petite and curvy, there’s no one-size-fits-all body type when it comes to being a star. We can take a look at some of the most popular body types among celebrity women so you can get an idea of what looks they’re rocking on the red carpet.

One of the most classic and sought after looks is the hourglass figure. Think Kim Kardashian, Beyonce or Scarlett Johansson – they all have curves in all the right places that make them stunningly beautiful.

With this in mind, today we are going to highlight the many different body shapes and types, while also giving you Hollywood examples of each.

Different Celebrity Body Types

8 Celebrity Body Types and Famous Actresses

In the world of celebrity, body shapes can be anything from petite to curvaceous. From Jessica Alba’s athletic frame to Kim Kardashian’s voluptuous curves, female celebrities come in all sizes and shapes.

These body types definitely have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on which type you are. No matter the type, we have examples, descriptions and photos for each.

1. Pear Shaped Body Celebrities

People with a pear body shape naturally have wider hips and thighs compared to their upper body. This doesn’t necessarily mean they need to have large buttocks, just that the lower half of their body tends to be more prominent.

Creating a loose fit at the bottom, such as with flared pants or wide-leg jeans, is ideal for individuals with a “pear” body shape, also known as a triangular body.

Rihanna Pear Shaped Body
Rihanna is known for her perfect pear shaped body and physique.
Kim Kardashian has a Pear Shaped Body
Kim Kardashian is probably one of the best examples of a pear body, with her larger lower butt area.

2. Hourglass Figure Celebrities

Women with an hourglass body shape are considered to have the ideal proportions. Women with this body type have a clearly defined waist, with the upper and lower halves of their body in equal balance.

The hourglass figure is known as the most desirable body type. It is easy to show off an attractive physique with this shape.

Beyonce Hourglass Figure
Beyonce wears the hourglass body type well and can fit into almost anything.
Jennifer Lopez Hourglass Figure
Jennifer Lopez is another musician and actresses known for her hourglass figure.

3. Celebrities with Rectangle Body Shape

People who have a rectangular body shape are slim, trim and appear petite (for women). They have a straight figure with a sleek overall look.

A rectangular body shape is also known as a banana body. In this type of body shape, the waist measurements are the same or similar to the hip and bust measurements.

Taylor Swift Rectangle Body Shape
Taylor Swift has a rectangle shape to her body.

4. Apple Shaped Celebrities

People with an apple-shaped body have a larger upper body compared to their lower body. This makes the chest and shoulders appear more prominent.

Women with this type of figure typically have a bigger bust, broad shoulders, and a slim waist.

Kate Winslet Apple Body Type
Kate Winslet is known for having an apple shaped body.

5. Oval Body Shape Celebrities:

Men typically have an oval-shaped body, which gives the appearance of being heavier than those who are more toned. However, in women, it’s the mid-waist area is usually not as toned in comparison to the rest of the body.

Oprah Oval Body Shape
Oprah is a good example of a celebrity with an oval shaped body.

6. Celebrities with Spoon Body Shape

The ‘spoon’ body type is similar to a pear shape, with hips that are larger than the bust area. What makes it unique is its shelf-like appearance.

Usually there is also some extra weight around the arms and thighs, but with a well-defined waistline.

America Ferrera Spoon Body Type
America Ferrera has a spoon body type, simply because of her larger hips than bust area.

7. Inverted Triangle Body Shape Celebrities

This physique has broad shoulders, a slim waist, and thin legs – giving an overall athletic look. The name itself suggests that the body is sleek and well-built.

The inverted triangular body type is considered sporty and fit. It should not be confused with the apple shape, as this body type has broader shoulders than hips.

In this area, people tend to have slim legs, a toned waist and a bust that is different from those in other areas.

Angelina Jolie Inverted Triangle Body Shape
Angelina Jolie represents the inverted triangle body shape well.
Cindy Crawford's model body is considered a Inverted Triangle Type
Cindy Crawford has an inverted triangle body type, which is often seen in models

8. Diamond Body Shape Celebrities

The Diamond body shape is characterized by a narrow and defined bust, with a fuller waistline, broader hips than the shoulders, and an overall toned upper and lower body compared to the midsection.

Typically, it’s more common to see more men with this different body shape in comparison to women.

Queen Latifah has a diamond body shape
Queen Latifah has a diamond body type, specifically because of her wider shoulders.

The Many Different Beautiful Body Types of Women

There are so many different body shapes that female celebrities are known for, and it can be tough to keep track of them all! However, with the help of the different types listed above and celebrity examples for each, it should be much easier to understand them all.

While the hourglass figure is probably the most well-known body shape, thanks to celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Beyoncé, it shouldn’t be considered the most attractive.

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