Christmas Vacation Quotes: 25 Festive Sayings to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

Christmas Vacation is a classic holiday comedy that has been entertaining audiences since its release in 1989. The film follows the Griswold family’s chaotic Christmas vacation, filled with mishaps, misunderstandings, and memorable moments.

One of the most beloved aspects of the movie is its collection of hilarious and heartwarming quotes that have become a part of popular culture.

Famous Quotes from Clark Griswold, played by Chevy Chase, have become synonymous with Christmas Vacation. His enthusiastic declarations of holiday cheer and determination to create the perfect Christmas are both endearing and comical.

Cousin Eddie, played by Randy Quaid, also has his fair share of memorable lines, with his unique brand of humor and quirky personality. The Griswold family, including Beverly D’Angelo’s character Ellen and the children, also have their own memorable quotes that have become fan favorites.

Key Takeaways

  • Christmas Vacation is a beloved holiday comedy with a collection of memorable quotes.
  • The film features famous quotes from Clark Griswold, Cousin Eddie, and the Griswold family.
  • The quotes reflect the film’s themes of holiday cheer, family, and the chaos of the holiday season.

Famous Quotes from Clark Griswold

Classic One-Liners

Clark Griswold, played by Chevy Chase, is the iconic character from the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation movie. His classic one-liners have become a part of pop culture and are still quoted today. Here are some of his most memorable quotes:

  • “We’re gonna have the hap-hap-happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny f***ing Kaye.”
  • “Can I refill your eggnog for you? Get you something to eat? Drive you out to the middle of nowhere and leave you for dead?”
  • “Where do you think you’re going? Nobody’s leaving. Nobody’s walking out on this fun, old-fashioned family Christmas. No, no. We’re all in this together. This is a full-blown, four-alarm holiday emergency here.”

Holiday Reflections

Clark Griswold is not just known for his comedic one-liners, but also for his reflections on the holiday season. Here are some of his famous quotes that capture the essence of Christmas:

  • “It’s a membership to the Jelly of the Month Club.”
  • “I don’t know what to say except it’s Christmas and we’re all in misery.”
  • “The most enduring traditions of the season are best enjoyed in the warm embrace of kith and kin. Thith tree is a thymbol of the thspirit of the Griswold family Chrithmath.”

Clark Griswold’s quotes are not just funny, but they also reflect the struggles and joys of the holiday season. From his determination to create the perfect Christmas to his frustration with the threshold of hell that is holiday shopping, his quotes capture the spirit of the season.

As Clark would say, “Hallelujah! Holy sh*t! Where’s the Tylenol?”

Cousin Eddie’s Memorable Lines

Cousin Eddie, portrayed by Randy Quaid, is one of the most iconic characters in the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation movie. He is known for his eccentric personality and memorable lines that have become part of pop culture.

Here are some of Cousin Eddie’s most memorable lines:

  • Shitter was full!” – This line is perhaps the most famous quote from Cousin Eddie. He says it after emptying his RV’s chemical toilet into the sewer and causing a disgusting mess in the process.
  • “That there’s an RV. Don’t you go falling in love with it now, because we’re taking it with us when we leave here next month.” – Cousin Eddie proudly shows off his RV to the Griswold family, making it clear that he has no intention of leaving it behind.
  • “You surprised to see us, Clark?” – Cousin Eddie and his family unexpectedly show up at the Griswold’s doorstep, much to Clark’s dismay.
  • “That’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.” – Cousin Eddie’s reaction to receiving the Jelly of the Month Club subscription as a Christmas gift from Clark.
  • “Don’t go puttin’ none of that stuff on my sled, Clark. You know that metal plate in my head? I had to have it replaced, cause every time Catherine revved up the microwave, I’d piss my pants and forget who I was for a half hour or so.” – Cousin Eddie’s explanation for why he cannot wear a metal hat while going down the hill on a sled.
  • “Squirrel! Squirrel!” – Cousin Eddie’s reaction to seeing a squirrel in the Griswold’s Christmas tree, leading to a chaotic scene where the tree falls down and breaks.

Overall, Cousin Eddie’s lines add a unique flavor to the Christmas Vacation movie and have become some of the most quoted lines in pop culture.

Quotes from the Griswold Family

The Griswold family, known for their hilarious and chaotic Christmas vacations, has given us some of the most memorable quotes of all time. From Ellen’s wise words to Rusty and Audrey’s witty remarks, the Griswolds have taught us about family, love, happiness, and peace.

Ellen Griswold, the matriarch of the family, is known for her calm and collected demeanor. Her words of wisdom have helped her family through many tough situations. One of her most famous quotes is “I don’t know what to say, except it’s Christmas and we’re all in misery.”

This quote perfectly captures the chaos and stress that often comes with the holiday season.

Rusty and Audrey, the Griswold children, are known for their hilarious one-liners. Rusty once said, “Dad, this tree won’t fit in our yard.” This quote perfectly captures the absurdity of the Griswold family’s Christmas traditions.

Audrey, on the other hand, once said, “I don’t know what to say, except it’s Christmas and we’re all in misery.” This quote shows Audrey’s ability to see the humor in even the most stressful situations.

Overall, the Griswold family’s quotes remind us that even in the midst of chaos and stress, family, love, happiness, and peace are still possible.

Quotes from Other Characters

Margo and Todd Chester’s Lines

Margo and Todd Chester, the uptight neighbors of the Griswold family, have some memorable lines in Christmas Vacation. Margo’s comments about the Griswold’s Christmas lights are particularly memorable. She says, “It’s a beaut, Clark. It’s a beaut!” in a sarcastic tone.

Todd also has some funny lines, such as when he tells Clark, “Hey Griswold, where do you think you’re gonna put a tree that big?”

Uncle Lewis and Aunt Bethany’s Lines

Uncle Lewis and Aunt Bethany are two of the more eccentric characters in Christmas Vacation. Uncle Lewis has a habit of smoking cigars indoors, while Aunt Bethany is known for her forgetfulness.

One of the most memorable lines from this duo comes when Aunt Bethany says the Pledge of Allegiance instead of grace before dinner. Uncle Lewis also has a classic line when he says, “Hey Griswold, where do you think you’re gonna put a tree that big?”

Frank Shirley’s Lines

Frank Shirley is Clark’s boss in Christmas Vacation, and he has a few memorable lines. One of the most famous is when he tells Clark, “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of how much I’m worth.” He also has a funny exchange with Clark when he asks him if he’s happy with his Christmas bonus.

When Clark responds that he’s very happy, Frank says, “Good. ‘Cause I’m sure it’s not as much as you were expecting!”

Overall, these characters add a lot of humor and personality to Christmas Vacation, and their lines are some of the most memorable in the movie.

Quotes about Christmas Festivities

The Christmas season is a time of joy, celebration, and togetherness. It is a time when families and friends come together to share in the holiday spirit and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are some quotes about Christmas festivities that capture the essence of this special time of year:

  • “Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” – Norman Vincent Peale
  • “Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.” – Calvin Coolidge
  • “The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.” – Burton Hillis
  • “Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection.” – Winston Churchill
  • “Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.” – Charles M. Schulz

During the holiday shopping season, people rush to stores to buy gifts for their loved ones and to prepare for the festivities. The aroma of turkey, eggnog, and other delicious treats fills the air, and the sight of reindeer and Christmas cards brings a smile to everyone’s face. The holiday season is truly a magical time of year that is cherished by people all around the world.

Reflections on Christmas Vacation

Christmas vacation is a time for families to come together and celebrate the joy of the season. As the classic Christmas movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation reminds us, it can also be a time of chaos and unexpected mishaps. From tangled Christmas lights to burnt turkeys, the holiday season can be full of surprises.

Despite the challenges, many people look forward to Christmas vacation as a time to relax and spend quality time with loved ones. As the saying goes, “It’s not what’s under the tree that matters, it’s who’s around it.” This sentiment is echoed in many merry Christmas quotes, reminding us to cherish the moments we have with family and friends.

While reflecting on Christmas vacation, it’s also interesting to consider some Christmas trivia. For example, did you know that the tradition of hanging stockings by the fireplace dates back to the legend of St. Nicholas, who is said to have left gold coins in the stockings of three sisters who were too poor to afford a dowry? Or that the first Christmas card was created in 1843 by Sir Henry Cole in England?

No matter how you choose to spend your Christmas vacation, it’s important to take time to reflect on the true meaning of the holiday season. Whether you celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday or simply as a time to come together with loved ones, it’s a time to be grateful for the blessings in our lives and to spread joy and kindness to those around us.