Create a Powerful Logo Design for Your Brand with Designhill

Creating an awesome logo for your blog, internet startup, company or brand doesn’t need to be overly complicated and overwhelming. There have been some incredible advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence in recent years that have greatly improved our lives in so many ways. As the technology gets smarter, it also gets more efficient and this has expanded into the realm of graphic design as well.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to generate a great logo, look no further than the DesignHill logo maker tool that you can access from practically any browser on nearly any Internet-connected device. This tool is great for anyone wanting to make a logo design for a new domain name or even just for a personal website or blog. A few quick clicks and you’ll have a cool logo in no time.

Now With Artificial Intelligence!

While you can certainly hire a professional graphic designer or run a logo design contest through Designhill to have an actual human being design a logo for you, sometimes you just want something beautiful at a fraction at a cost and ready to use in a matter of seconds. Literal seconds.

The online logo maker tool at Designhill is powered by artificial intelligence. This means that they have programmed the software such that it can make intelligent design decisions about how to best create a logo that fits your needs and preferences, even if you’re not entirely sure what those are in the first place!

Instead of getting you to describe in words how you want your logo to look — which can be very difficult for those of us who aren’t necessarily all that graphically inclined or trained — the tool runs you through a series of visuals to arrive at the best possible solution.

Here are a few examples of logos that were created using this AI-powered utility. As you can see, the logos look remarkably professional, as if a real human being designed them. They take advantage of unique icons and imagery, as well as premium fonts and colors in layouts that are aesthetically pleasing and speak to the brand messaging.

Generate Unique Logos Within Seconds

There is absolutely no obligation at all to spend a single dime if you want to give Designhill’s logo maker a try. You only pay when you are satisfied with the results and want to pay for the logo files.

The logo generator consists of a few short steps and the online utility will walk you through each individual step in a very easy to follow manner. It starts with selecting a few design ideas from about 30 in total. This gives the algorithm a sense of the kind of aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. You also pick your colors, define your brand name, enter an optional slogan, and decide on an industry.

From there, you can optionally select up to five different icons or graphics to accompany your logo. The library here literally boasts over a million different symbols, so you’ll be sure to find at least a few that align with your overall brand messaging. In the context of creating a hypothetical logo for Blogging.org, I selected a few that represent blogging and a few that continue the “rocket ship” motif of the current logo of this website.

Searching through the available symbols and icons is easy. You will be presented with some relevant keyword suggestions when you first arrive at this step of the process, but you can just as easily type in your own search terms to find exactly what you want. The symbols range in complexity, but they’re all meant to be vector-friendly so that your final logo is easily made to be print-ready at any resolution.

Customize Your New Logo

And that’s really all there is to it. After you’ve followed the steps described above, you’ll be shown a number of proposed logos that adhere to the specifications you provided. There are a total of ten shown to you initially, but if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll find a button that says “load more.” Click on that and you’ll get ten more. Want even more options? Click on the button again and again and again until you find something you like.

But what if you like the general idea of one of the generated logos, but would prefer to tweak a little something here or there? You can do that too.

You’ll notice that for each of the generated logos, there is an “Edit logo” button. When you click on that, you’ll be taken to a page where you can choose to edit the name and slogan, edit the color palette (including hex codes), edit the symbol, add or change the container, and adjust a number of other settings like symbol size and text distance.

The possibilities here are tremendous and it really depends on just how much tweaking you want to do. If you really like one of the logos as-is, you can proceed with the purchase immediately. If you’d like to spend a little time in finding just the right symbol or picking a different color scheme, you can do that too. It’s entirely up to you.

As you go through the various logo designs that are created by the site, you will also notice there is a “Load More” button as well. You can continually click on this button to generate new concepts and logo designs to choose from. Since the site is running off AI-powered intelligence, there is pretty much an endless supply of designs to choose from.

In addition to everything previously mentioned, we can also refer to this article from TechCrunch, that shows how they were able to play around with the design tool as well and create a few fun concepts for their logo as well. You can see one of their favorites and hand-selected concept designs below.

The Best Logo for Your Brand

In addition to previewing your logo in its standalone form, the “Edit logo” page also has a series of generated preview images to show what your logo would look like in other circumstances, like being used on stationery and branded merchandise or how it’ll look on social media. When you purchase the premium package, you’re also given a black and white version of your logo to use as you see fit.

Having walked through the many benefits and features that Designhill has to offer, let’s now cover some of the basic logo design pricing options offered through the site as well.

The basic logo package is only $20, but you are limited to a lower resolution (600 x 600 pixel) logo file. Realistically, the $65 premium package is the best deal. You get high-resolution files, including transparent background and vector files (SVG, EPS, PNG, JPG), complete with font names and colors, lifetime phone support and more. You can download a sample if you want to know what to expect before pulling the trigger too.

Designhill also offers an add-on where you could get a social media kit that contains your logo in over 50 different versions perfect for Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, Instagram and more. Between the colored version, transparent version, and black and white version, you’ll have plenty of options for how you to use your logo too. You get full copyright ownership with the final source files and since you have the font names, you can keep up with branding consistency much more easily too.

Your logo will likely be one of the first things people will see. Take a moment to head over to Designhill and put their logo maker to use, while also making sure you have a powerful logo design to represent your brand in the process. Make sure it’s a good one. That’s just smart.