Darren Rowse Problogger Blog Review and How to Start a Pro Blog

Darren Rowse is a famous entrepreneur who made his fortune on blogging. He is known for his expertise in blogging, affiliate marketing, internet branding, and more. He creates top-quality digital media products that people can download and use to inspire them to achieve a higher degree of success.

Darren’s history is an interesting one, beginning with his humble beginnings as a part-time minister and building custodian to his later claims to fame in the influencer space. He is Australian by birth and still resides in Melbourne, Australia to this day where he enjoys a comfortable lifestyle, thanks to his blogging and content marketing prowess.

In addition to blogging, he enjoys Photography and speaking publicly in special live events where he explains to others how we got to where he is today. He is the host of b5meida, ProBlogger.net, and digital-photography-school.com. He uses all of his various platforms to teach others how to market themselves effectively and to grow their business. In his public appearances, he often says that he loves helping others find success as much as he enjoys his progress and he actively promotes other bloggers on his site through podcasts and articles.

Rowse has not only made a small fortune blogging on his site and blog, but also contributes to around 20 other blogs that are topic-specific and often become famous. Rowse seems to be a magnet for relevant topics and can create quality content for these important niche areas that attract the masses to his material and sites.

His two most effective blogs to date are ‘Digital Photography School’ and ProBlogger. The digital photography blog offers helpful tips to photographers who wish to improve their photography ability or sell photos to popular content sites. The ProBlogger blog is his most popular site, and he offers many valuable tools for bloggers including a writing job board.

His two blogs get around 100,000 pageviews per day and produce over $20,000 in review per month! The ProBlogger site was listed as the number two site on the Most Favorited Blogs List according to Technorati’s publication.

Rowse was recently named in the Forbes Web Celebrity List in the year 2007 as well. This was a distinguished honor that gained him even more attention and grew his fanbase further. So, for anyone not yet familiar with this famous Australian, his accolades and other achievements have increased the level of attention that he’s been able to command.

Books and Authorship

He is also an author and has co-authored books such as ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income and others. He has an active Twitter page and is the co-founder of the Third Tribe publication. He offers all of his books and literature on his blog, though he often also offers them on major distribution sites such as Amazon as well.

What Makes Darren Successful?

If you look at all of the successes of Darren Rowse and analyze his achievements, you will see that he has taken account of his unique talents and he uses his platforms to promote his brand and to help others find their way around the content marketing space. Rowse is tenacious in his approach and learned how to use his resources to get ahead in the world of blogging, and he has become a big player in the influencer space as well.

He sells eBooks on the topic of blogging and how to improve your blogging game, as well as some great podcasts on his site to help grow your business as a blogger. He has a great following on his social media sites, as well. We have included his social media links below to check out for yourself.

About Digital Photography School

Darren’s other blog is known as the Digital Photography School. This site focuses on improving your photography ability and creating photography studios or other settings that help photographers increase their reach in the photography world.

ProBlogger Job Board and Forum

Darren’s ProBlogger site is his most popular site, and it features many different resources that will help you grow your blog or website to new levels. Check out the job board and forum today to see what he has to offer if you are wanting to grow or start a blog.

Darren Rowse is the ultimate guru of the blogging world, and he has become an icon of the blogging industry. He also reminds us that the heart of successful blogging is great writing. In the article, “How to Write a Series for Your Blog”, Darren discusses how you can curate and create great content that continues to produce for you by turning it into a series.

In another article entitled, 11 Ways to Write More Compelling Content for Your Blog, he addresses the important tips that he has found successful with his blogs to help others create compelling content that continues to create positive results.

This Aussie Knows What He’s Doing

There’s no doubt that Darren Rowse knows what he’s doing when it comes to running a successful blogging business. But he is also a great example of an online entrepreneur who truly knows how to expand his business to other platforms and types so that he is continuing to grow his wealth. He shows others how to do what he’s done as well and doesn’t hold back anything. This earns him millions of followers and fans that results in even more revenue.

His podcasts are quite popular as well. Listen to this podcast about a blogger Darren interviewed recently that reveals how she went from just buying groceries to buying a house with only her blogging revenue. These are the kinds of helpful podcasts and content that you’ll find daily on Darren’s site. It is a very active site, and that is one of the reasons Darren continues to grow his business and help others to build their brands.

Check out his social media URLs to learn more about what Darren Rowse does and to join his newsletters, social media follow sites, and more. You may find him to be a great resource and influencer that you can refer to, learn from, and follow as you grow your own business. If you are a blogger or you want to be, Darren is the person to follow. He certainly seems to know what he is doing when it comes to producing quality content for a targeted audience that is highly niche-specific. That’s the key to success when it comes to blogging.

If you are a writer, check out his job board on the Problogger site. You’ll find many opportunities to pick up some writing jobs and expand your freelance writing career while building your own business.

Website and Social Media URLs

Below are Darren Rowse’s website and social media accounts. Check them out andbook mark them so you can return often. When you want to get great at something, you should find the people who are being the most successful and follow them. Be yourself, but learn from the masters. Darren Rowse fits that profile when it comes to building your blogging or media business.

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