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Daymond John is an American businessman and television personality. He is the founder of the lifestyle brand FUBU, and appears as an investor on the ABC reality television series Shark Tank.

John was born in Brooklyn, New York, on February 23, 1969, to parents who were both African American. His father worked as a transit policeman and his mother was a homemaker. He has three sisters. As a child, John was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD.

He began his entrepreneurial career at the age of six, when he started selling pencils and other school supplies out of his home. When he was ten years old, he started a neighborhood business called “Next Day Blinds”, which delivered custom-made window treatments to local homes and businesses.

In 1992, John founded FUBU, a clothing company specializing in hip-hop fashion, with two of his friends. He financed the business by selling his own furniture and raising money from family and friends. The company’s name stands for “For Us, By Us”, and was inspired by the black pride movement of the 1970s.

FUBU became successful very quickly, and within two years, John had turned it into a multi-million dollar business. In 1998, he appeared on an episode of the NBC sitcom Friends, in which he played himself as a guest at Ross Geller’s bachelor party.

In 2009, John joined the cast of Shark Tank, a reality television series in which entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of investors. He has appeared on the show for nine seasons, and has invested in over 50 businesses.

In addition to his work in fashion and television, John is also an author. He has written three books: The Brand Within (2009), Display of Power (2012), and Rise and Grind (2018).

John is a philanthropist and active supporter of entrepreneurship. He is the founder of the Daymond John Foundation, which provides financial assistance and mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs. He is also a trustee of the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Interesting Facts About Daymond John

1. Daymond John is a self-made millionaire who started with nothing and built a fashion empire.

2. He is the founder of the urban clothing brand FUBU and has appeared on the reality TV show Shark Tank since 2009.

3. Daymond was born in Queens, New York, and raised in Hollis, a neighborhood known for its high crime rate.

4. Despite his tough childhood, Daymond was able to turn his life around and become a successful entrepreneur.

5. He is an inspiration to many people who have come from difficult backgrounds.

6. Daymond is also a philanthropist, and has given back to his community in many ways.

7. He is a strong advocate for entrepreneurship, and has helped many people start their own businesses.

8. Daymond is an excellent speaker, and his motivational words have helped many people achieve their dreams.

9. He has written several books on business and success, and his advice is sought after by many people.

Daymond John Net Worth
Daymond John is known for being a cast member on Shark Tank

Daymond John Net Worth

Daymond John is an American entrepreneur, investor, television personality, and author. He is best known as the founder, president, and CEO of FUBU, and as a “shark” on the ABC reality television series Shark Tank. As of 2021, Daymond John’s net worth is estimated to be $300 million.

In 1992, John launched FUBU (For Us By Us), a clothing line aimed at the African-American market. FUBU achieved early success, and by 1998, it was generating $350 million in annual sales. John has since licensing agreements with major retailers such as Macy’s and Walmart, and the company has expanded into other products such as fragrances, home furnishings, and even a cruise line.

In 2009, John appeared as one of the “sharks” on the ABC reality television series Shark Tank. He has been a main cast member ever since, and his investment deals on the show have earned him an estimated $8 million.

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