11 Awesome Domain Name Generators You Need to Try

In the early days of the Internet, it was relatively easy to snag your domain name of choice, even if it was far more expensive back then than it is now. But times have changed and it can feel impossible to grab the perfect domain for your online business, blog, e-commerce store, web tool, or whatever other website you wish to run. It feels like all the good ones are taken.

Rather than wasting your time checking on the availability of individual domain name ideas one at a time, it’s far more fruitful to use one of the many domain name suggestion generator tools on the web instead. All you have to do is start with a simple idea and these tools can produce a great number of unregistered domains (and domains for sale) that could suit your needs.


What if you don’t even have a specific idea in mind, but you know that you want to start some sort of website? You’re not sure if you want to run an iPhone blog or if you want to sell custom t-shirts. Even if you know what TLD you want, you should still consider using a .com domain name generator to give you some new ideas incase you missed a few. The Domainhole Name Generator is perfect for this, because all you have to do is choose the length and the top-level domain (TLD) that you want and it’ll take care of the rest. Even if a great domain is listed as not available, the generated ideas could set you down a more profitable path.

Domain Hole Domain Name Generator


Looking for domain names on Domainpuzzler gives you the option between a few different search modes. This is a nice and easy domain name chooser that anyone can instantly start using with no learning curve. The “Easy” mode lets you look for domains related to individual keywords, the “Advanced” mode lets you combine your keywords with other words to form more unique domains, and “Magic” mode takes your chosen words and combines them with popular words for something you may not have even considered. It’s really flexible and you can limit results based on the TLD you want too.

Domain Puzzler Domain Name Generator


If you’re not interested in all the extra fluff and features found with other domain name generators, the remarkably straightforward approach of Domainr could be a great option for you. This is yet another easy to use domain name picker that is free and straight to the point. Just start typing out a name or word that you might want and the page will populate in real time while you’re typing with possible domains. Domains that are available are highlighted in green, including a range with more unique TLDs like .io and .xyz, whereas taken domains are shown in blue with the option to “make an offer” to the existing owner. The WHOIS information is displayed there too, in case you want to check on the registar or expiration date.

Domainr Domain Name Generator


What seems like a never ending list of domain suggestion generator tools, bring use to DomainsBot. At its most basic level, DomainsBot will work like most of the other domain name generators on this list. You enter a keyword and it’ll generate a list of possible domain suggestions that build upon your preferred keywords. The list contains available domains, as well as domains that are listed for sale on Sedo. Once you have your list, though, you can modify and refine your results by choosing TLDs and changing languages, as well as adding synonyms, prefixes and suffixes. It’s really easy to dig deeper to find just the right domain for you.

Domains Bot Domain Name Generator


Even when you look at other url name generators that are able to build upon your domain name idea, they can oftentimes do so in a somewhat haphazard fashion. Impossibility! takes a much more direct approach with a clean and uncluttered interface. You start with a single word and then you can choose to add possible adjectives, nouns or verbs to either the beginning or the end of your word. “Horses” can lead to slyhorses.com, nexthorses.com and idlehorses.com, for example. What’s great is that you can further refine the length of these additional words so that you are limited only to 4-letter adjectives or 5-letter verbs.

Best Domain Name Domain Name Generator


The starting page for LeanDomainSearch is deceptively simple in its appearance. You get a single search field, not unlike what you find on the homepage of Google, for entering the word you’d like to include in your domain. Once you get to the results page, though, you unlock many more features and options. The results can be sorted by popularity, length, or alphabetical order. You can filter the results so that the domains start or end with your search term. Not sure which you want just yet? Click a domain name to add it to your list of highlighted favorites.

Lead Domain Search Domain Name Generator


Finding a great domain name for your site or brand is always going to be important. This is where a handy tool like Domain Wheel can come into play. While there are a lot of interesting tools and features throughout our list of featured sites, Domain Wheel combines the power of many different solutions like GoDaddy and DomainsBot with a human element to make sure users are getting the best results possible. The option is also there to request different keyword ideas to create the perfect keyword-rich domain.


The tool at NameMesh makes heavy use of color to keep the search results well organized and easy to read. You can enter multiple ideal domain name words, toggling which TLDs you want, selecting your domain registar of choice, hiding registered domains, and defining the maximum number of characters. The results are organized into broad color-coded categories — like common, similar, SEO, short, and fun — to appeal to the type of website and domain that you wish to acquire.

Name Mesh Domain Name Generator


The domain name generator at NameStall is remarkably robust in how much you can do with it. You start with your keyword, as can be expected, and then you can choose whether you’d prefer to have your keyword at the beginning or at the end, as well as whether or not you’d be willing to consider a domain with a hyphen in it. The additional word groups can stem from lists of popular last words, top keywords, popular first words, and popular words of varying length. You can also choose up to four TLDs for your suggested domains.

NameStall Domain Name Generator


The most unique feature of NameStation is that it is actually two domain name generators built into one unified tool. On the one hand, you can use the smart domain search with an instant availability check based on the phrase or keyword you desire. You get keyword suggestions and can check over 400 TLDs. On the other hand, there is a “contest” portion where you can crowdsource your domain name ideas from real human beings with real (and unique) creative ideas to fit your chosen niche.

NameStation Domain Name Generator

Shopify Business Name Generator

One of the biggest names in e-commerce also offers a tool for finding your perfect domain. The Shopify Business Name Generator allows you to search for business names and the associated available domains. This is much more of a business-oriented tool, empowering you to register your business name at Shopify and register the domain name in one seamless transaction. After that, you simply set up your Shopify store and you can start selling almost right away.

Shopify Domain Name Generator

Namobot Business Name Generator

Unique in its kind, Namobot allows you to enter keywords and it will generate a huge list of domain names, with your preferred keywords. The result that you get are categorized into common and SEO- friendly names. It also gives suggestions of related words so that the user can associate them manually and make their own combinations. Additionally, Namobot also helps you find if your chosen name is already registered as a domain name or not. Namobot works not only for websites, but also for apps, blogs and store names.

A Rose By Any Other Name

It doesn’t matter if you come up with a great name for your business or product if you can’t land an appropriate domain name for the accompanying website. These name generators can not only check on the availability of your top choices, but also enlighten you on related possibilities for even greater brand recognition and SEO advantages. You need to own your name online and this is how you can find it.