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Drake is no stranger to the spotlight, as he has numerous hip-hop albums to his credit, and his album Scorpion is one of the top fifteen albums of 2018. This is ultimately why Drake’s net worth continues to climb year after year. And with each of his upcoming singles likely to bring even greater success, so do the chances of his personal finance increasing.

But what is his background? Drake was born Aubrey Drake Graham on October 24, 1986, in Toronto, Canada. He was the son of a Jewish woman and an African American father, Dennis Graham. Drake’s father had a passion for music and a deep respect for jazz and classical music.

Despite being the son of a music producer, Drake got his first big break when he was fifteen. His father was an agent and organized an audition for Drake for the TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation.

This led to the role of “Jimmy Brooks” in the teen drama series. Though the role wasn’t big, it helped his family get through a difficult period in their lives. Drake also went on to act in other television shows and movies and voiced the character in Ice Age: Continental Drift.

In 2014, Drake won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Song for his song “God’s Plan.” The song, which was featured in the film Scorpion, also spawned a successful collaboration between the rapper and actress Millie Bobby Brown.

Although the award was a surprise, Drake downplayed its significance in his public image. In 2015, he teamed up with Chris Brown and released a single called “No Guidance.” In February 2018, Drake announced that he would be working on his seventh studio album, but he did not provide details.

Drake Net Worth on Instagram
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Drake Bio and Wiki Data

NameAubrey Drake Graham
Date of BirthOctober 24, 1986 (age 36)
Place of BirthToronto, Ontario, Canada
Other NamesChampagne Papi, Drizzy, 6 God
CitizenshipCanada, United States
OccupationsRapper, singer, songwriter, actor, businessman
Years Active2001–present
OrganizationsDreamCrew, 100 Thieves
WorksDiscography, videography
RelativesLarry Graham (uncle), Teenie Hodges (uncle)
AwardsFull list
GenresHip hop, R&B, pop rap, pop, trap
LabelsOVO Sound, Republic, Young Money, Cash Money

Drake Age, Height and Bio

Looking to find out about your favorite stars? Well, here is your source of updated information. Let’s find out everything about one of the most popular music artists of the century, Drake.

How old is Drake and where was he born ?

Born: October 24, 1986, Toronto, Canada (age 35 years).

How much is Drake worth?

Net worth: $250 Million

Who is Drake married to?

Not Married.

How many children does Drake have?

One Child: Adonis.

What is the height and weight of Drake?

Height 6′, Weight 196 lbs

The Life and Career of Drake Video

Why Drake is Famous

Drake, born Aubrey Drake Graham, first rose to fame as an actor on the teen drama television show “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” However, it wasn’t until he released his debut studio album “Thank Me Later” in 2010 that he truly made a name for himself in the music industry.

Since then, Drake has continued to dominate the charts with hits like “Hotline Bling,” “One Dance,” and “God’s Plan.” He has also become known for his frequent collaborations with popular artists such as Rihanna and Migos.

In addition to his successful music career, Drake is also a business mogul. He founded the record label OVO Sound in 2012 and launched a clothing line, October’s Very Own, in 2011.

Overall, Drake’s artistic talent, business savvy, and consistent output of chart-topping songs have solidified his place as a dominant force in the music industry.

Drake Albums
Over the years, Drake has released numerous albums.

Drake Personal Life and Changing Career

When Drake was 15, he had an acting agent who had become father to another college buddy’s father. Agents have been given Drake the opportunity to play Degrassa: Next Generation, a teen series. His character was Jimmy Brooks. Jimmy was a basketball star he was severely handicapped when he was killed by one student.

The rapper was always passionate about his music career, and Jay-Z was one of his greatest inspirations. In 2006 Drake released his earliest mixtape Room for Improvement. A year later he released his second mixtape, and his third was released in 2010. Lil Wayne and Drake had worked together on several songs, and Drake had joined in a tour with Wayne.

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Discover everything there is to know about Drake, through his Wikipedia page.

Drake on His Actor Role with Degrassi

The actor’s father helped Drake land a role in a television series for teens called “Degrassi: the Next Generation”. In his role in the show, Brooks plays an NBA player who has gotten injured after being shot by his friend. The actor appeared on Season 1-7 and made guest appearances in 2008.

As Drake appeared in Degrassi, his father became sick and couldn’t work. Degrassi’s paycheck had been the only income for them for a number of years. The show’s founder earns $50,000 annually. This is roughly $2,000 each month after taxes. While this show was just the start for Drake, it was his music career where he would be focusing his efforts on next.

Drake Music Videos YouTube
Drake’s most popular music videos can all be found on YouTube.

How does Drake Spend his money?

Drake’s net worth is continually changing, which also means his spending habits change as well. He has worked hard to earn some money but his spending style reflects his love and passion for life. It’s mostly used for buying property and houses.

Drake owns a $7.5 million property, which has now gone on sale. Drake gathered an enormous amount of unique and expensive automobiles from around the world, which adds to his personal net worth as well. He imports and customizes the car to his own personal preference.

He also owns a Boeing 707 aircraft. The aircraft is custom-built with Air Drake as a personal brand. This plane is worth about $115 million. Drake has an enormous desire to buy expensive jewelry. His fashion company has owl logos that appear throughout his pieces of jewelry. With such a passion for basketball, it also wouldn’t be surprising to see Drake become a part owner in the Toronto Raptors sports team. This is especially true with him being a Canadian rapper.

How Drake has Found Mainstream Success

The first album Drake released was on July 15th. This album has been a top -10 release across the country and the US. In the United States it hit #1 on Billboard 100. This is finally rated Platinum by RIAA. He also released two studio albums : Take Care in 2011 and reached number One in many nations and eventually became 6-time Platinum.

Since that time, each single was four times gold. Drake is an extremely successful force in both the rap and music industries in general. Throughout his professional career, he has worked alongside some great musicians including Jay-z and Kanye West.

Drake Music Videos
When looking for Drake music videos, be sure to follow his channel on YouTube.

Drake Young Money Entertainment Record Deal

Drake had no record deal at that time but it may have been a surprise for some. In 2009 he produced three mixtapes “So Far Gone”. The Mixtape is free to download from the website. The mixtape included several well-known names from Drake’s music catalog, which includes the likes of Lil Wayne, Lloyd, Trey Songz, Omarian and Bun B.

After getting viewed over 1000 times during its debut hour, the mix album reached the top spot on “Billboard Hot ’50”. It was eventually released in a vinyl EP, which debuted at number 6 in Billboard 200, and won 2010 Juno Awards as a Rap Album. This is just another example of how his music is always potentially up for grabs at the Billboard music awards.

Although still independent, he has high demand amongst musicians worldwide.

Drake Music Awards
Drake continues to win Awards for his work in the music industry.

Drake’s Career and Awards

Degrassi’s career began as a television series in 2001. With the show his popularity grew, along with his net worth, however his passion to sing remained in his mind. Drake first released one mixtape in 2006, which continued to be released in 2009.

The artist has had three mixtape successes and is signed in 2009 by YoungMoney Entertainment. He released a debut album in 2010 called “Thank You Later”. Check Polo G Worth. It reached Billboard 200. His 2nd and 3rd albums Take Care (2013) and Nothing Was Same (2013) proved extremely successful and provided him great sales successes.

Drake Instagram
Through Instagram, Drake shares a look at both his professional and personal life.

Drake Business Ventures

Among his favored brands are Sprite, Burger King, Whataburger, Nike and Apple. Immediately after Apple Music launched, the rapper agreed to an exclusive deal worth $19 million. This would only further improve Drake’s net worth. This agreement gave Apple exclusive ownership for Drake’s first solo albums.

In 2012 Drake merged his own record label with a distribution company, Warner Bros. Documentation. OVO Sound also offers music to artists such as DJs. He serves on the “International Ambassador Team” for the Toronto Raptors and runs Drake Nights with the teams every year.

Drake at the Billboard Music Awards

Drake Quotes on Life

Drake is one of the most successful names in the music industry. Some of the most popular songs in hip hop collection include Hotline Bling, One Dance, and God’s Plan, all of which have inspired his fans throughout. His journey from rags to riches is an inspiration in itself. Here are some of the best quotes by Drake:

  • “Everybody dies but not everybody lives..”
  • “I’m always going to work like I have something to prove.”
  • “Wish you would learn to love people and use things, and not the other way around.”
  • “Accept yourself. You don’t have to prove sh*t to no one except yourself..”
  • “When you look ahead and darkness is all you see, faith and determination will pull you through.”
  • “Pain makes you stronger. Fear makes you braver. Heartbreak makes you wiser.”

Drake Net Worth – $250 Million USD

On top of being a well-known name worldwide, Aubrey Drake Graham has been involved in many other business ventures. He has also worked as a brand ambassador for Apple Music. The rapper has launched his own OVO label with some of his friends. Drake also has a brand of whiskey named Virginia Black.

Drake FAQ

How much is Drake’s contract? 

Variety says that Drake’s $400 million Universal contract is “LeBron-sized” because of how much it’s worth and how big it is. The contract covers “recordings, publishing, apparel, and visual media initiatives,” which sounds like a lot.

Who did Drake hook up with?

Rihanna was the subject of Drake’s most committed (public) relationship. By 2017, Drake had moved on to Jennifer Lopez, another well-known beauty. Since then, Drake has reportedly dated models Imaan Hammam, Bella Harris, and Brittany Renner. He has also kept his playboy ways. 

When did Drake date Rihanna? 

Between 2009 and 2016, Rihanna and Canadian musician Drake were recognized for their on-and-off relationship. During this time, they collaborated on a number of songs, including “Work,” “Take Care,” and “What’s My Name.” 

What was Drake’s biggest hit? 

“God’s Plan,” one of Drake’s top five Hot 100 hits for the longest time (22 weeks).

Did Drake date a Kardashian? 

In his 2018 smash song “In My Feelings,” he rapped about a woman named Kiki, which is Kim’s nickname. The creator of SKIMS, however, denied that the two ever got together. “Never occurred. “Story over,” she concluded.

Drake Wiki

Born: October 24, 1986, Toronto, Canada
Children: Adonis Graham
Full name: Aubrey Drake Graham
Parents: Sandi Graham, Dennis Graham