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Efren Ramirez is best known for his role as Pedro in the 2004 comedy film, “Napoleon Dynamite.” He has also appeared in television shows such as “Breaking Bad” and “Eastbound & Down,” as well as several independent films.

Outside of acting, Ramirez is a DJ and music producer who goes by the stage name “Freeflow Freenzy.” He is also a passionate activist, speaking out against police brutality and immigration issues. In 2016, he joined the Artists’ Committee for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. Ramirez currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and children.

Why Efren Ramirez is Famous

Efren Ramirez, best known for his role as Pedro in 2004’s hit comedy “Napoleon Dynamite,” has been making waves in Hollywood for over 20 years.

Before breaking out with his memorable performance in “Napoleon Dynamite,” Ramirez appeared in films such as “Flubber” and television shows like “ER” and “NYPD Blue.” He continued to appear in films like 2006’s “Crank” and 2008’s “Garden Party,” but it was his role as the lovable underdog Pedro that solidified him as a recognizable face in the industry.

In addition to acting, Ramirez is also a musician and DJ, performing under the name EFREN. He even provided music for the soundtrack of “Napoleon Dynamite.”

Aside from his career in entertainment, Ramirez is also an advocate for Hispanic and Latino representation in Hollywood. He has spoken out about the lack of diversity in the industry, and works to inspire and support emerging Latino actors and filmmakers.

Overall, Efren Ramirez’s talent and passion for his craft, as well as his dedication to promoting diversity, make him a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood.

Efren Ramirez Net Worth – $4 Million

Efren Ramirez, best known for his role as Pedro in the 2004 cult classic Napolean Dynamite, has a net worth of $4 million.

Before landing his breakout role, Ramirez had a number of small acting gigs including appearances in television shows like ER and The X-Files.

However, it was his portrayal of the lovable underdog Pedro that launched him into stardom.

In addition to Napolean Dynamite, Ramirez has also appeared in Crank and its sequel Crank: High Voltage as well as roles in several independent films.

Outside of acting, Ramirez is also a DJ and has performed at events such as the Coachella music festival.

While he may not have reached the level of wealth of his Napolean Dynamite co-stars Jon Heder or Aaron Ruell, Ramirez has definitely left his mark on Hollywood.