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Elizabeth Hurley first gained fame as a model, but she has proven herself to be a talented actress as well. She rose to stardom after being cast in the 1997 film “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery,” in which she played the seductive villainess Vanessa Kensington.

Since then, Hurley has appeared in numerous films and television shows, including “Bedazzled,” “Gossip Girl,” and “The Royals.” She also serves as an executive producer for the hit E! series about a fictional British royal family.

In addition to her acting career, Hurley is also known for her stunning fashion sense and her swimwear line, Elizabeth Hurley Beach. At 53 years old, she continues to stun on red carpets and regularly shares her fitness routine with her millions of Instagram followers.

Overall, Elizabeth Hurley has proved to be a versatile and successful entertainer in both film and fashion. She shows no signs of slowing down, and fans can’t wait to see what she does next.

Elizabeth Hurley’s Age, Height, and Bio

Looking for the latest information on celebrities and social media stars? You are in the right place! Elizabeth Hurley is an American actress and model. Here are the recent developments on Elizabeth Hurley.

How old is Elizabeth Hurley, and where was she born?

Born: June 10, 1965 (age 57 years), Basingstoke, United Kingdom

How much is Elizabeth Hurley worth?

Net worth: $50 Million

Who is Elizabeth Hurley married to?

Arun Nayar (m. 2007–2011)

What are some of Elizabeth Hurley‘s most popular acting roles?

Bedazzled, The Royals, Austin Powers, Gossip Girl

How many children does Elizabeth Hurley have?

Damian Hurley

What is the height of Elizabeth Hurley?

Height 5’8″, Weight 125 lbs

What are Elizabeth Hurley’s measurements?

Measurements: 36-23-34 inches

Elizabeth Hurley’s Quotes on Life

Elizabeth Hurley’s rise to fame came in the 90s after appearing in multiple hit Tv series and movie shows. Besides acting, she also has an active and accomplished model. Here are some latest sayings by Elizabeth Hurley on life.

  • “Getting as much sleep as possible and following a healthy diet will stop you from feeling run-down if, like me, you’re super-stressed.”
  • “I like people to match my energy.”
  • “Spending time outdoors makes you feel great.”
  • “Nothing irritates me more than chronic laziness in others. Mind you, it’s only mental sloth I object to. Physical sloth can be heavenly.”
  • “I would seriously question whether anybody is really foolish enough to really say what they mean. Sometimes I think that civilization as we know it would kind of break down if we all were completely honest.”
  • “I’ve always wanted to be a spy, and frankly I’m a little surprised that British intelligence has never approached me.”

Elizabeth Hurley FAQ

What accent does Elizabeth Hurley have?

The flawless British accent that this actress possesses is without a doubt her most potent asset. When she played Vanessa Kensington in the film “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery,” Hurley honed her skills and turned her local accent into the key to the character’s seductiveness.She did this by playing to her abilities.

Was Elizabeth Hurley an Estée Lauder model?

Elizabeth Hurley is a well-known face for the Estée Lauder brand because she has worked for the company as a model, an actor, and a spokesperson.

What lipstick does Elizabeth Hurley wear?

While posting a photo of herself in a white bikini on Instagram, Elizabeth Hurley revealed the lip treatment that she always uses. It looks like she likes the Clinique Moisture Surge Lip Hydro-Plump Treatment in particular.

When did Elizabeth Hurley wear that dress?

There’s an appearance on the red carpet, and then there’s Elizabeth Hurley in that notorious safety pin gown by Versace from 1994.

Elizabeth Hurley Wiki

Born: June 10, 1965, Basingstoke, United Kingdom
Spouse: Arun Nayar (m. 2007–2011)
Height: 5′ 8″
Partner: Steve Bing
Children: Damian Hurley
Parents: Angela Mary Hurley, Roy Leonard Hurley