23 Athletes Featured in the the ESPN Body Issue

The ESPN The Body Issue has been showcasing athletes and their incredible bodies since 2009. One of the most recent issues features 14 athletes, including NBA star Karl-Anthony Towns, surfer Caroline Marks, and Paralympic track athlete Scout Bassett.

These athletes strip down to nothing but their birthday suits, proudly displaying their athletic prowess and the hard work they put in to attain their amazing physiques. Each photo is tastefully done and showcases the beauty of the human form.

In addition to the stunning photography, each athlete shares personal stories about their journey in sports and how their body has helped them achieve success. The Body Issue celebrates not only physical strength and ability, but also the mental fortitude it takes to push through challenges and come out on top.

This year’s issue offers something for everyone, featuring a diverse group of athletes from various sports and backgrounds. It serves as a reminder that having a strong and capable body is something to be celebrated and admired.

The ESPN The Body Issue continues to showcase the dedication and hard work of these amazing athletes, reminding us all to appreciate the power of the human body.

ESPN Body Issue Covers
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Top Athletes Featured in ESPN Body Issue Over the Years

1. The first spot on our list goes to New Orleans Saints quarterback, Drew Brees. He graced the cover of the 2011 Body Issue and impressed fans with his chiseled physique and dedication to fitness.

2. Ronda Rousey, UFC champion and actress, showed off her toned arms and impressive athletic skills in the 2015 issue.

3. NFL player Antonio Brown flaunted his impressive muscular build and love for fitness in the 2014 issue.

4. Olympic gymnast Simone Biles stunned in her 2017 feature, showcasing her powerful muscles and agility.

5. Tennis star Venus Williams bared it all for the 2018 issue, showing off her fit and strong body.

6. NFL player Aaron Rodgers showed off his impressive physique and athletic abilities in the 2019 Body Issue.

7. Dancer Misty Copeland proved that ballerinas can have muscular, powerful bodies in her feature for the 2012 edition.

8. Swimmer Nathan Adrian flaunted his toned muscles and washboard abs in the 2013 issue.

9. Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps returned to the magazine’s pages in 2014, showing off his long, lean physique and impressive skills in the pool.

10. Soccer star Sydney Leroux Dwyer stunned with her toned physique and athleticism in 2015’s issue.

11. MMA fighter Conor McGregor posed for the 2016 edition, showing off his muscular body and impressive tattoos.

12. NBA player Isaiah Thomas showed off his fit physique and impressive basketball skills in the 2017 issue.

13. Snowboarder Jamie Anderson stunned with her toned muscles and athletic abilities in the 2018 edition.

14. NFL player Alvin Kamara bared it all for the 2019 issue, showcasing his strong physique and love for fitness.

15. Pro skier Lindsey Vonn showed off her toned physique and love for the sport in the 2013 edition.

16. Professional surfer Stephanie Gilmore stunned with her washboard abs and athleticism in the 2013 edition.

17. Beach volleyball player April Ross showed off her toned muscles and agility in the 2014 issue.

18. Olympic volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings returned for the 2015 issue, once again flaunting her toned arms and athletic skills.

19. Professional surfer Alana Blanchard bared it all for the 2016 edition, showing off her toned physique and love for the ocean.

20. Golfer Gary Player stunned with his impressive muscles and athleticism in the 2017 Body Issue.

21. NFL player Saquon Barkley stunned with his chiseled physique and impressive football skills in 2019’s issue

22. Olympic swimmer Nathan Adrian returned to pose for the 2012 Body Issue, once again showing off his toned muscles and washboard abs.

23. Olympic volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings flaunted her toned arms and agility in the 2012 Body Issue.

This list is just a small sample of the amazing athletes, models, and celebrities who have graced the pages of ESPN’s The Body Issue. Each person shows off their dedication to fitness and athletic abilities, proving that having a strong, healthy body is something worth celebrating.

Facts About ESPN The Body Issue

The ESPN The Body Issue first debuted in 2009, featuring athletes such as Lance Armstrong and Amanda Beard posing nude for the magazine. Since then, the issue has continued to feature a diverse range of athletes from various sports, celebrating their athletic abilities and unique physiques.

Some notable athletes who have been featured in the past include Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman, NFL star Antonio Brown, WNBA player Elena Delle Donne, and Olympic snowboarder Shaun White. In addition to showcasing well-known athletes, the magazine also features lesser-known individuals such as surfer Stephanie Gilmore and Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long.

While some may criticize the issue for objectifying athletes, many of the featured individuals use it as an opportunity to promote body positivity and embrace their physical strengths. In 2016, basketball player Elena Delle Donne said in her interview, “My message is to love your body and be confident with who you are…own it, because at the end of the day, you’re the one living in it.”

Overall, the ESPN The Body Issue continues to challenge traditional standards of beauty and celebrates athletes for their talent and athleticism. It provides a unique platform for these individuals to share their own personal stories and empower others to feel confident in their own bodies.

First issue date: October 19, 2009, Final issue: September 6, 2019

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