23 Family Guy Guest Stars and Celebrity Voice Actors

When it comes to TV shows like Family Guy, fans rarely know what to expect — especially when it comes to guest stars and celebrity voice appearances. The show is known for its randomness and comedic surprises.

But one thing viewers can always count on is the star-studded cast of guest stars that make special appearances or provide voice-over work throughout the series.

In this article, we will highlight some of the many different celebrities that have made appearances on the show, as different characters on the show, or sometimes even playing themselves.

23 Celebrities That Made Guest Appearances on Family Guy

Family Guy has featured a wide range of famous actors, singers and comedians in various roles over the years. Some have made cartoon versions of themselves, while others provided their voices for original characters. Here are some of the most notable celebrity appearances.

Anne Hathaway as Mother Maggie

Anne Hathaway provided the voice of Mother Maggie, a character in one episode of Family Guy.

Alfonso Ribeiro as Himself

Alfonso Ribeiro made a special appearance as himself in an episode of Family Guy.

Ricky Gervais as Billy Finn the Dolphin

Ricky Gervais gave his vocal talents to Billy Finn the Dolphin in one episode.

KISS in KISS-Stock

The rock band KISS made an appearance in their own special KISS-Stock music festival episode.

Amanda Bynes as Anna

Amanda Bynes lent her voice to Anna, a character who appears briefly on the show.

Norm Macdonald as Death

Norm Macdonald voiced Death in one episode, providing many memorable lines.

Brittany Snow as Candy

Brittany Snow lent her voice to Candy, another character that appears briefly on the show.

Ben Stein as Rabbi Goldberg

Ben Stein played Rabbi Goldberg in an entertaining bit about religion and faith.

Ashley Tisdale as Priscilla

Ashley Tisdale gave her vocal talent to Priscilla, yet another small role on the show.

Alex Trebek as Himself

Alex Trebek showed up as himself in an episode, offering a bit of comedic relief.

Ryan Reynolds as Himself

Ryan Reynolds made a special appearance as himself in one episode – offering some amusing interactions with the other characters.

Beverly D’Angelo as Ellen Griswold

Beverly D’Angelo voiced Ellen Griswold, another character from a single episode.

Alyssa Milano as Herself

Alyssa Milano appeared as herself in an episode and provided plenty of laughs.

Audrina Patridge as Herself

Audrina Patridge also made an appearance as herself in one episode.

Robert Downey Jr. as The Fat Guy Strangler

Robert Downey Jr. gave his voice to the Fat Guy Strangler, a character with a memorable role in an episode.

Adrianne Palicki as Tiffani Amber Thiessen

Adrianne Palicki voiced Tiffani Amber Thiessen in one episode – adding some fun and silliness to the show.

Will Ferrell as The Black Knight

Will Ferrell voiced The Black Knight, another hilarious character from a single episode.

Bryan Cranston as Himself

Bryan Cranston made an amusing appearance as himself in one episode of Family Guy.

Ben Stiller as Himself

Ben Stiller was another celebrity who made an appearance as himself on the show. His brief bit added plenty of laughs!

Andy Dick as Himself

Andy Dick made an appearance as himself in one episode. He provided plenty of laughs with his antics and wit!

Allison Janney as Teen People Editor

Allison Janney lent her vocal talents to the Teen People Editor for one memorable episode.

Adam Carolla as Death

Adam Carolla provided the voice of Death in one episode, giving a wonderfully creepy performance.

James Woods as Candy Lovin’ James Woods

James Woods voiced Candy Lovin’ James Woods in an entertaining bit about the power of sweets.

Liam Neeson as Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson made a special appearance as himself in one episode, where he reprised his Taken character to hilarious results. It was a treat for fans of the actor and the show!

Betty White Reading Peterotica Betty

Betty White briefly appeared on an episode, reading excerpts from Peter’s erotic novel to a room full of people.

The Many Voices of Cast Members on Family Guy

These are just some of the many stars who have lent their talents to Family Guy over the years. There are plenty more to discover and enjoy – so keep an eye out for your favorite celebrity cameos!

The possibilities are endless when you watch this wacky and beloved series. Whether it’s a crowd-pleasing star playing a role out of their character, or one of the show’s own creations, you’re sure to find something that tickles your funny bone!