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First We Feast is a website devoted to all things food and drink. From recipes and cooking tips to the latest food news and trends, the site has everything you need to know about the world of food.

Throughout the site, you will also find a wealth of information on wine, beer, and spirits, as well as interviews with some of the world’s top chefs and food personalities. So whether you’re a home cook looking for inspiration or a seasoned professional looking to stay ahead of the curve, First We Feast is your ultimate food resource.

In addition to the web site and FWF brand, one of the most popular aspects of all of it, is the Hot Ones video series, which features celebrities eating hot wings while answering quick rapid fire questions.

Learn about all of this and more in our First We Feast website review.

First We Feast
First We Feast is one of the most popular food blogs on the internet.

First We Feast Hot Ones Video Series

Hot Ones is a web series created by First We Feast. The show features celebrities being interviewed by host Sean Evans while they eat progressively spicier chicken wings.

The show has featured a wide variety of guests, including actors, musicians, athletes, and more. Some of the most popular episodes have been with people like Gordon Ramsay, Shaquille O’Neal, Terry Crews, Tom Holland and Kevin Hart.

Hot Ones has become a viral sensation, with many people tuning in to see their favorite celebrities sweat it out with the spices. It’s also led to some hilarious moments, like when Wiz Khalifa had to take a break to smoke a joint in order to calm his taste buds.

In it’s 19 season, “Hot Ones” features some of the most well-known celebrities in the world.

Popular Episode of Hot Ones

The first few episodes of Hot Ones were mostly just Sean and his friends talking about random things, but as the show grew in popularity, the guests got more and more interesting. Here are some of the most popular episodes of Hot Ones, based on views and comments.

In episode 3, Sean sits down with actor Danny McBride. They talk about Danny’s early days in comedy, his work on Eastbound & Down, and what it was like working with Seth Rogen on The Pineapple Express.

In episode 6, Sean interviews chef Eric Ripert. They talk about how Eric became a chef, what it’s like to run a Michelin-starred restaurant, and how he makes his famous fish dishes.

First We Feast Hot Ones Videos
Some of the most popular celebrities in the world have appeared on “Hot Ones”.

In episode 9, Sean interviews comedian Aziz Ansari. They talk about comedy, race, and dating in the modern world.

In episode 12, Sean interviews actor Seth Rogen. They talk about working together on The Pineapple Express, how Seth got into acting, and what it’s like to be a successful Hollywood actor.

These are just a few of the most popular episodes of Hot Ones. Be sure to check out all of the episodes on YouTube for more great guests and conversation.

First We Feast Hot Sauce

In addition to the many different articles and talking points that are available through the First We Feast website, it’s the “The Last Dab” hot sauce that has a lot of people talking.

This is the official hot sauce of the “Hot Ones” video series, which celebrities need to put on their last chicken wing in order to complete the show. It’s optional of course, but nearly all of them make an attempt at this scorching fire sauce.

Of the many different hot sauces shown on “Hot Ones”, it’s “The Last Dab” that provides the heat!

Not only is “The Last Dab” an option for celebrities on the show, it can also be purchased through the First We Feast website. It’s also important to note that with each new season of “Hot Ones”, comes a new line up of special sauces for the show.

First We Feast Summary

First We Feast is an extremely fun and entertaining website to visit. Thanks to the power of their social media reach and the extremely popular “Hot Ones” series, new users are visiting the site on a daily basis.

What’s also great about the site, is that they really focus on reviewing all things related to food and coming out with different types of content all the time. If you are a foodie, or love watching celebrities take the heat with some of the craziest sauces in the world, be sure to check out the site and the “Hot Ones” video series on YouTube.