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Floyd Mayweather is an American boxer with an incredible story and success record, while also becoming a household name in the sports world. His boxing career has been nothing short of amazing. In his early years, Mayweather amassed 84 wins, including four Golden Gloves Championships. While he was competing at lighter weights, Mayweather was still able to achieve such feats. Now, he is a multimillionaire, earning $85 million in 2012.

In his early 2000s, Mayweather fired his father as his manager and trainer, and later replaced him with James Prince. A few months after the Vargas fight, he decided to come back into boxing and won a bout against Juan Manuel Marquez, a man who had won the UFC welterweight championship. This victory was worth over $300 million and was one of the most lucrative bouts in boxing history. Later on in his career, Mayweather took on kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in a 3 round exhibition match, winning by KO. In his personal life, Mayweather is a father to four children, a son, a daughter, and a grandson.

As a child, Floyd Mayweather attended Ottawa Hills High School in Ohio but dropped out of school to pursue his boxing career. He made his professional debut at the Atlanta Olympics and placed third. His unmarked face earned him the nickname ‘Pretty Boy’. As an amateur, he won three national Golden Gloves championships and even an Olympic bronze medal in 1996.

Floyd Mayweather
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Floyd Mayweather Age, Height and Bio

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How old is Floyd Mayweather and where was he born ?

Born: February 24, 1977, Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States of America.

How much is Floyd Mayweather worth?

Net worth: $450 Million.

Who is Floyd Mayweather married to?

Not Married. Engaged To Anna Monroe.

How many children does Floyd Mayweather have?

Koraun Mayweather, Iyanna Mayweather, Zion Mayweather, Jirah Mayweather.

What is the height and weight of Floyd Mayweather?

Height 5′ 6″, Weight 149 lbs

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Interesting Facts About Floyd Mayweather

1. Floyd Mayweather is one of the most successful boxers of all time.

2. He has a perfect professional boxing record of 49-0.

3. Mayweather is a five-division world champion, who has won twelve world titles.

4. He is also a two-time Ring magazine Fighter of the Year (1998 and 2007).

5. In May 2015, ESPN ranked Mayweather as the greatest boxer, pound for pound, of the last 25 years.

6. Time magazine named him one of the most influential people in the world in 2012 and 2013.

7. In 2007, he founded his own boxing promotional firm, Mayweather Promotions, after leaving Bob Arum’s Top Rank.

8. Mayweather has generated approximately 23.8 million pay-per-view buys and $1.67 billion in revenue, making him the highest-grossing pay-per-view attraction of all time.

9. He is one of the richest athletes in the world, with an estimated net worth of $285 million in 2015.

10. Mayweather was born on February 24, 1977, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, into a family of boxers. His father, Floyd Sr., was a former welterweight contender who fought Hall of Famer Sugar Ray Leonard. His uncles Jeff and Roger Mayweather were professional boxers, with the latter—Floyd’s former trainer—winning two world championships, as well as fighting in the 1984 Summer Olympics.

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Floyd Mayweather Quotes on Life

Floyd Mayweather is one of the most popular boxers. He also works as an American boxing promoter. That is why he is seen in high regard by newcomers. They look up to Mayweather as he inspires with the following quotes:

  • “You’ve got to have a villain and they’ll always make me the villain. I’m used to it, it makes me work harder and it makes me fight harder.”
  • “Boxing is real easy. Life is much harder.”
  • “Everybody is blessed with a certain talent, you have to know what that talent is, you have to maximize it and push it to the limit.”
  • “It’s about having personality, it’s not about being the bad guy, it’s about entertaining people.”
  • “Showing is better than telling.”
  • “Tough times do not last, tough people do.”

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth – $450 Million USD

Floyd Mayweather has had one of the most successful boxing careers. Plus, he also has his own racing team, Money Team Racing, in the NASCAR Cup Series. Mayweather also made smart investment choices that leveled up his net worth. Combine that with his large garage and several properties, and he is one of the richest boxers of all time.

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Floyd Mayweather FAQ

Is Mayweather a billionaire by 2022? 

Floyd Mayweather is not a billionaire, even though he lives in luxury and makes a lot of money from his fights. 

How did Floyd Mayweather become so rich? 

Floyd Mayweather became wealthy by competing in boxing. The man is just one of a select group of top-ranked boxers who had an unblemished record at the end of their careers. As a 12-time world champion boxer whose career was going well, he started “The Money Team” (TMT) in 2007. 

How much does Mayweather make per fight?

Floyd Mayweather is expected to make between $20 million and $30 million when the fight is over. However, all of these numbers are just estimates that could change based on how many pay-per-views the fight sells. 

How many Rolls-Royces does Mayweather have? 

Josh Towbin, who works for Towbin Motors, says that Mayweather owns more than 16 Rolls-Royce Phantoms. 

Floyd Mayweather Wiki

Born: February 24, 1977, Grand Rapids, MI
Height: 5′ 8″
Children: Iyanna Mayweather, Zion Shamaree Mayweather, Jirah Mayweather, Devion Cromwell, Koraun Mayweather
Division: Welterweight, Lightweight, Featherweight, Super featherweight, Light welterweight, Light middleweight
Weight: 150 lbs
Career end: August 26, 2017
Siblings: Justin Mayweather Jones, Fatimah Mayweather, Deltricia Tawanna Howard, Fannie Orr