15 Great Sites to Get Free Images for Your Blog [Updated for 2020]

There are so many situations where you might need a free stock image to download and use for any purpose on your blog. Stock images that you purchase can really add up in cost, and memberships to stock image sites aren’t cheap either. The good news? There are tons of websites to get free images for your blog out there online, and they aren’t bad images either – you can find pretty much anything you want for free online if you know where to work. Sometimes you might find that you’ll need a combination of these sites to get the perfect photos for your site, but all of the ones below are great options for you to work from.

Whether you want great sites for product images, lifestyle images, landscapes, international wonders, or even photos from the public archive from hundreds of years ago, we’ve narrowed down the top sites to download photos for your blog, and where to find photos to fit any situation.

Here are 15 of the best sites to get free images for your blog.

Google Images

If you know where to look, Google has free images that you can download and reuse for whatever purpose you want. Simply perform a Google Image Search for the type of image you need (e.g. mountains, coffee, person typing on laptop) and then click “Tools,” and then “Usage rights.” Under “Usage Rights,” choose “labeled for reuse,” and your search results will filter out all of the images that you’re free to use for your blog. The downside? The results, especially if you’re looking for something specific, aren’t always the best.


Unsplash is a great website full of stunning stock photos that are uploaded to the site by a community of photographers. The site features over 550,000 free high-resolution images, and you can join the website as a member (for free) and then proceed to download as many images as you’d like. You can search through the sites “collections” of images that are organized by content, like people, outdoors, or interiors, and start your own collections to house your saved images. These collections are almost like Pinterest boards, but just for the photos that you like and want to download or keep in an archive for use later on. This can become extremely helpful, especially as you use stock photography more and more in your blog, to keep your photo library organized and make collections of photos that you want to save for later use.


Pexels website says their whole story up front – users can download any image on the site for whatever their usage is – commercial or noncommercial, no attribution is required (meaning, you don’t need to credit the photographer or Pexels when using the photo), and you can modfy or edit the photo however you want. You can download the photos for your marketing materials, product promotions, blogs, or social media posts – the site doesn’t limit what your usage is, except that you can’t turn around and sell it for profit. The photos are high resolution, large in size, and beautifully captured – you’ll find really stunning photography on this site that will work well in any web format.


Pixabay offers not only free stock image downloads, but also illustrations, vector graphics, and videos. You can search the downloadable options by orientation, category, size, and color so if you’re looking for a very specific type of image, you’ll be sure to find something that matches your exact needs. The photos are high resolution masterpieces that feature objects, landscapes, people and places from photoshoots all across the world by professional photographers who upload their work to the site. It’s a great, free tool that’s easy for anyone to use, and the search tools make it super simple to find exactly what you’re looking for quickly – something that can save valuable time when designing your perfect blog site or blog post.

Kaboom Pics

Kaboom, like the other stock image sites, offers a great selection of stock photos from photo shoots across the world that feature stunning landscape scenes, people, groups, and products. The photos are easily searchable and organized by a system of categories and key words, but one of the most helpful parts of the site is the feature that allows you to see the color palette visible in every photo. When downloading your photos, you can see the colors present in each photo in a convenient color palette next to the photo, which allows you to pick your photos even more selectively if you’re trying to follow a certain color scheme for your blog. Or, you can design your entire blog based off of one photo and its color scheme, and easily plug in the corresponding colors to your site to make it all fit together seamlessly. The possibilities on this site are endless!

Styled Stock

Styled Stock is a great site for the female blogger, offering a wide selection of stock images that are styled for the blogger in need of feminine stock photos. The photos feature clean, fresh photos with white backgrounds and rose gold accents, exhibiting a vibe of luxury and romance. They mostly feature photos of products and foods, such as a classic brunch scene, beauty products like lipsticks or other makeup items, or wine on a desktop. This site is great if you have a lifestyle blog and need photos of florals, food, desktops, or beauty to feature on your blog. And, we have to say – the aesthetic is amazing. These photos are reminiscent of every Instagram blogger’s dream, and will fit perfectly into a lifestyle blog or website.

New Old Stock

This stock photo website features old photos from the public archives dating back hundreds of years ago, featuring archaic scenes from all over the world. Most of the photos are black and white, but some are in color, and all offer a unique feel of datedness and history that can really enhance your blog. And, they’re all free – they aren’t limited by any copyright restrictions and can be used in whatever way works best for you and your brand. Each photo is optimized, edited and cropped so that it’s already the best quality possible when you download it at a minimum of 1,000 pixels width. Downloads are available in jpeg format.

Life of Pix

Life of Pix is unique because of the fresh, wide array of photographers that it features on a weekly basis on their homepage – making you find photos that you didn’t even know you needed to have! The photos are works of art; they’re not your typical stock photos that are stark or not high resolution. When using the site, you can create your own profile to personalize your photos, follow your favorite photographers to make sure you never miss when they upload something new, and create your own portfolio of photos that saves all of the photos you’ve liked on the site.


The photos from Picjumbo are described on the site as “the best of best free images” and you might agree once you scroll through their impressive stock photo collection. They have a great variety of lifestyle photos, landscapes and product photos, and they have a great feature where if you find a photo in the style of something you like, but want something slightly different, you can be shown more images exactly like that one, making it easy to hunt down the perfect photo for your blog. They also offer tons of design resources for you to use, like Instagram story templates, abstract backgrounds, and watercolor textures that you can use however you’d like. It’s really an all-inclusive resource to use for your next blog post.

MMT Stock

MMT Stock uploads dozens of new stock images every week, making sure that every time you visit the site, you see a fresh collection of photos and videos. You can sort through the options by type (photo or video), categories that include nature, technology, buildings, animals, food and drinks, textures, weather, and more, color and orientation (horizontal or vertical). The images are easily searchable if you’re not sure what category or color you want, and it makes for an all around easy experience when you’re searching the site for the photo you want to download.

And of course, everything is free – the licensing allows you to use the photos or videos for your website, themes, templates, projects, print materials, and social media postings any time and any place.


Gratisography is a great website to find unique, quirky photos that you may not find when browsing any of the other websites that we’ve spotlighted here. The site prides itself on offering stock photos that aren’t your typical stock photography finds by only featuring photos that are interesting and unique, and showcase something that perhaps hasn’t been seen in every other stock image you’ve ever seen. So if you’re looking for a website to make your blog stand out from others, and to find images that your blog visitors haven’t seen a million other times somewhere else, this site is the perfect place to start. Free downloads and new photo uploads weekly, Gratisography really brings something fresh and new to the world of stock photography.


If you’re running a blog about food, this is the perfect stock imagery website for you! With more than 900 free downloadable photos, FoodiesFeed offers every food blogger’s dream photo selection of fruits, vegetables, platters of full-cooked meals, food on a white background, shots of food from overhead, and much more on an easily searchable platform. This website is great because it’s specialized and you don’t have to hunt down great food photos on a website that isn’t specifically dedicated to food – instead, you have all of your foodie photos right on one website, waiting to be eaten downloaded.


This stock image site offers great photo downloads with an easily searchable category option, that divides out their photos into common sense sections. You can also search the site based on when the photos were uploaded, making sure that you snag the newest and best photos before others do! And, the site offers other resources that might be helpful to you as you navigate your blog launch, such as tips for choosing photos for social media like your Facebook page cover or profile photos, and business ideas that can help you get tips for selling products online. It’s more than just a stock photo resource, it’s also a website that’s dedicated to helping entrepreneurs get their business started and rolling.


Stocksnap is a great resource for those searching for stock photos because you can search the photo selections based on popularity – so see which photos have the most views and downloads, so you can see the best of the best up front. All photos are free and available in different sizes or qualities, making it easy to quickly download exactly what you need, once you find your perfect photo. Aside from an excellent search feature that scans and categorizes the photos, the site also organizes their photos by “trending,” so which photos are becoming more and more viewed by the day, and it uploads hundreds of new images weekly.


Picography is an excellent website of stock photos for usage however you’d like. The site posts popular categories that others are searching and downloading from, such as hospitality, nature, scenery, and cityscapes, so that you know what others are finding on the site that could work for your purposes. The photos are unique and different from regular stock photography sites, featuring people, places and things that are a little out of the ordinary. And, the site’s search feature works really well with the keywords that you need, making it easy to track down the stock photo you’re looking for with just a few clicks.