How to Outsource Tasks and Hire Freelancers on FreelanceMyWay

When trying to start a website or blog on the internet, you might find that it’s actually a lot more work than you initially expected. While the process of actually going live with your site is quite simple, it’s the work afterwards that actually takes more time, focus, and effort. This could be anything from creating content, working on your site design and even ranking in the search results.

At the same time, you also have to consider your options with creating a professional website and making sure that it has a custom design so it stands out from the crowd. Even with WordPress being the best content management system in the world today, there are still some advanced features and coding that the average person might not be able to figure out — or want to spending their time learning.

For times like these, you won’t need to hire a full-time designer or content writer, instead you just need to hire a few trusted freelance workers to get the job done right, and whenever you are in need. The concept here is nothing new. This is something we have seen from many other freelance marketplaces on the internet, but most of them focus in one specific area, such as logo design, content creation, or SEO.

Today we are going to look at, which is a freelance marketplace that not only offers high-quality freelance workers around the world, but also offers a wide range of services that are focused for anyone trying to build a business online. In short, with less distractions and categories, it’s easier for both freelancers and clients to simply get more work done and building new business partnerships that actually work.

Let’s take a look at their platform and what they have to offer.

Freelance Services Listed on FreelanceMyWay

Although the site and marketplace is fairly new, it is already set up in a way that makes perfect sense for site owners and freelancers alike. One of the biggest problems with other job sites on the internet, is that they offer way too many categories and options — which can instantly be enough to make you leave the site and forget about hiring anyone in the first place. With FreelanceMyWay, whether you are a worker or a client, you will find that your expertise or job listing falls into one of these categories.

  • Web Developer
  • Mobile Phone Jobs
  • Designing Jobs
  • Writing Jobs
  • Data Entry & Admin Jobs

If you want to start a successful website or business online, you are likely going to need many tasks completed that fall into pretty much all of these job categories. For example, a web developer can help with any WordPress installations you might need, a designer can create custom images for your site or ad campaigns, and a freelance writer can provide you with all of the necessary content you need to rank your site higher in the search results. Should you need any type of marketing or SEO work done, this would likely fall into the data entry and admin jobs as well.

The main benefit here is that you could actually hire a complete team a freelance workers to work on your site, while only needing to use one job hiring platform.

How Freelance My Way Works

The world of freelance marketing and hiring job sites, is quite simple. A client lists what they are looking to have completed, and a set of freelancers will follow up with their estimated project bid, portfolio of work, and anything else that might be useful in helping the client select them has the winner of the project. The client will then monitor all of these applications and then hire the workers that fit best to complete the job.

A marketplace like FreelanceMyWay comes into play as not only a way to connect both the client and freelancer, but also to protect both and make sure each parties are satisfied with the completed work and prompty receive payment or their completed work as well.

Here is a simple walk through of how freelance my way works.

  1. Post Your Project
    Post your project for free, and you will start to receive bids on your project within minutes. We’ll assign you a dedicated FreelanceMyWay specialist to help you through the process.
  2. Select Freelancer
    Once you review your proposals and find the Freelancer of your choice, simply select them to work on your project, and get started right away.
  3. Pay When Satisfied!
    You’re in control of when payments are sent. Pay safely using our milestone payment system. You can release payments based on your goals and timeline.

What’s really great about this process, is that you can get started right away for free!

If you would like to place a job on FreelanceMyWay right now for free, all you need to do is visit the site and click on “Post a Job” and you will be sent directly to their job form so you can get your project listed right away and start receiving free quotes from freelancers in minutes.

After submitting your job listing, it will appear on the main page of the site, while also being found in it’s own category and main job directories on the site.

When logged in, clients can view all proposals and select a winner for their job listing and get started right away. During this process it will also be important for you to fund your account as well.

The Costs Associated with Freelance My Way

As with all online marketplaces, there needs to be a business model in place. Any type of charges or job placement fees that may be incurred, are necessary to fund the service and make sure both parties are happy with their work and paid in a timely matter. Think of how eBay operates and makes sure their sellers and buyers are always safe and happy. The same applies here with FreelanceMyWay.

In the case of FreelanceMyWay, it’s free for clients to list any jobs they might be looking to hire for. A 20% service fee will be charged for any completed work that is processed through the site. For a better understanding of how this works, you can read the terms below, as taken from the FMW website.

It’s FREE to start a job and place bids as a freelancer. We charge freelancers a 20% service fee of any earnings on FreelanceMyWay. For example, if you agree to a $500 price for a job with a client, FreelanceMyWay would collect $100 from your payment.

The benefit here is that there really isn’t a displayed service fee for either site, but that it’s actually built right into the platform. If a business wants to pay $500 for a task, it will be listed on the site as $400 when the freelance workers are looking to complete a new job.

How to Get Started with FreelanceMyWay

Whether you are looking to get started with a website or blog of own right now, or wanting to get some customized design work or content creation for your brand — outsourcing the process is the way to go.

No one knows your business or brand better than you. However, that doesn’t mean you need to be spending your time and effort on areas that don’t make the most money of use of your time. Instead, hire an experienced freelance worker to help grow your website, blog, or brand, while also giving yourself more time and freedom to focus on the overall growth and success of your business.

Create a free account today on FreelanceMyWay and start getting more done, in a cost-effectivew way.