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Gucci Mane, also known as Radric Delantic Davis, is a rapper hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. He gained mainstream success with his 2005 album “Trap House,” which featured hit singles “Icy” and “Go Head.”

Known for his distinctive raspy voice and catchy lyrics, Gucci has collaborated with some of the biggest names in hip hop including Drake, Mariah Carey, Migos, and Lil Wayne. However, he has also faced several legal issues throughout his career, spending time in prison multiple times for offences ranging from assault to possession of illegal substances.

Despite these challenges, Gucci has maintained a strong presence in the music industry through the release of numerous mixtapes and studio albums. In 2016, he shocked fans by announcing his engagement to long-time girlfriend Keyshia Ka’oir and the pair tied the knot in a lavish, star-studded ceremony that aired on BET as a special titled “The Mane Event.”

Now 41 years old, Gucci shows no signs of slowing down and continues to dominate the rap game with hits like “Wake Up in The Sky,” featuring Bruno Mars and Kodak Black. He has also expanded his brand with business ventures including a line of ice cream flavors and a collaboration with Zumba. Love him or hate him, Gucci Mane remains one of the most influential figures in hip hop culture.

Gucci Mane Age, Height and Wife Bio

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How old is Gucci Mane and where was he born ?

Born: February 12, 1980 Bessemer, Alabama, USA.

How much is Gucci Mane worth?

Net worth: US $14 million.

Who is Gucci Mane married to?

Gucci Mane married Keyshia Ka’oir on October 17, 2017.

What are some of Gucci Mane’s most popular Rap Songs he starred in?

Trap House, Hard to Kill, Trap-A-Thon, Back to the Trap House, Murder Was the Case, The State vs Radric Davis and more.

How many children does Gucci Mane have?

Gucci Mane is a father of 3 children.

What is the height of Gucci Mane?

Height 6′ 2″, Weight 187 lbs

What are Gucci Mane’s measurements?

Measurements: 44-35-14.

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Gucci Mane Quotes on Life

Gucci Mane is known for being one of the most popular American rappers. He started writing poetry as a child and rapping at the age of 14.  Undoubtedly, people run up to Gucci Mane all the time for advice. Many of his motivational or life-changing quotes can be found online. Below are some of Gucci’s best-known quotes.

  • ‘’Music that makes me feel like a sucka is not my cup of tea. You don’t get my attention. Your music can be on the #1 jam list, but I cannot listen to it if I know what kind of person you are?’’
  • ‘’It is often impossible to expect someone to keep it real with you when you are keeping it real.’’
  • ‘’The pain associated with the hood can sometimes be so unbearable that laughing almost helps you stop crying.’’
  • ‘’What you say about me doesn’t matter to me, I drink pure codeine, and I don’t give a damn about your feelings.’’
  • ‘’I feel like I’m getting recognition for all my hard work. I am motivated to work even harder because of it.’’

Gucci Mane Net Worth – $14 Million

Gucci Mane has a net value of $14 million. Gucci Maneis career has been an extraordinary success financially. The process of measuring and accumulating wealth involves many factors. Many factors play a role in accumulating and measuring wealth, including the value of cars, property values, and licensing deals.

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Gucci Mane FAQ

Has Gucci Mane been jailed?

Gucci was given a two-year prison sentence in 2014 after admitting to having a handgun in his possession while a felon. He dropped 100 pounds while incarcerated and was a completely different person when he was released.

Who is Gucci’s first son?

In addition, the “Long Live Dolph” performer and his ex-girlfriend Sheena Evans share an older son named Keitheon Davis, and Ka’Oir has two children and a son from a prior union.

Is Gucci Mane still married?

He is, and Keyshia Ka’oir is Gucci Mane’s wife, and they are expecting their second child together.

What did Gucci Mane do to Jeezy?

Gucci Mane regrets criticizing Jeezy’s deceased business partner in the Verzuz Hits fight. Gucci Mane publicly mocked Da Snowman’s deceased partner during his 2020 Verzuz Hits duel with Jeezy, creating a scene that went viral.

Gucci Mane Wiki

Born: February 12, 1980, Bessemer, AL
Spouse: Keyshia Ka’Oir (m. 2017)
Height: 6′ 2″
Record labels: 1017 Records, Atlantic Records, RBC Records
Siblings: Joséphine Davis, Throwback
Full name: Radric Delantic Davis