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Holly Holm is a professional fighter and one of the most talented, exciting female MMA fighters in the world. She shocked the world when she knocked out Ronda Rousey to win her first Ultimate Fighting Championship title, but this was just one of many iconic moments in Holly’s career. Holly has been training as an MMA fighter since she was a teenager and continues to train hard today, proving that she will always be one of the best fighters in women’s MMA history.

Holly Holm began her journey into fighting as a child, training at her family’s karate dojo along with her siblings. At 14 years old, Holly attended a martial arts expo where she met kickboxer Benny “The Jet” Urquidez, who recognized her talent and encouraged her to pursue fighting as a career. From that moment, Holly was hooked on the thrill of competing in combat sports and spent years training and perfecting her skills.

In 2002, at age 21, Holly made her professional mixed martial arts debut against Katie Merrill. Though she lost this fight by TKO due to an elbow injury, she quickly bounced back with wins in each of the next nine fights. In 2005, Holly joined up with Team Jackson-Winkeljohn in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she would hone her MMA skills under famed coach Greg Jackson. Under his guidance, Holly made a name for herself as one of the top female fighters in the world, winning many major titles along the way.

In 2015, Holly got her long-awaited chance to compete for the Ultimate Fighting Championship women’s bantamweight title. She faced off against Ronda Rousey, one of the most dominant fighters in UFC history, and delivered a huge upset when she knocked out Ronda with a head kick and punches in the second round. This was one of the biggest moments in women’s MMA history, as it showed everyone that Holly truly deserved to be ranked among the best female fighters ever.

Despite becoming a household name after defeating Ronda Rousey, Holly believes that there is still so much more she wants to accomplish. Today, she continues to train tirelessly at Team Jackson-Winkeljohn alongside other top UFC fighters like Jon Jones and Carlos Condit, and she is constantly working to improve her skills in all areas of the sport. With her talent, work ethic, and drive to succeed, there is no doubt that Holly Holm will continue to be one of the best female MMA fighters in the world for many years to come.

Overall, Holly Holm is a true fighter: She is fearless in the ring, always giving 100% effort and never backing down from any challenge. If you’re looking for an exciting fight with top-notch competition, then look no further than Holly Holm – one of the greatest female fighters in MMA history.​

Holly Holm Age, Height and Husband Bio

Are you looking for the most recent information on Holly Holm? Here you will find everything you need. We will keep you updated on the latest entertainment, celebrity, and social media influencers. Holly Holm is an American mixed martial artist and Professional Boxer. Below are the most recent stats and findings from Holly’s life.

How old is Holly Holm and where was she born ?

Born: October 17, 1981 (41 years old) Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

How much is Holly Holm worth?

Net worth: US $4 million.

Who is Holly Holm married to?

She was married to Jeff Kirkpatrick in 2012 for almost 6 years before getting a divorce in 2018.

What are some of Holly Holm’s most popular Championship  she’s starred in?

MMA, UFC, Legacy FC Women’s Bantamweight Championship.

How many children does Holly Holm have?

No children.

What is the height of Holly Holm?

Height 5′ 8″, Weight 135 Lbs.

What are Holly Holm‘s measurements?

Measurements: 36-28-35

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Holly Holm Quotes on Life

An ex-boxer and kickboxer, Holm competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. She always motivates her fans and followers, and she believes they can live happy lives by encouraging her fans to take chances in life. She never lost sight of her core values of love and respect for others. Here are some famous quotes from Holly.

  • “Whenever I saw other people succeeding, whether it was my teammates or some of the most major names in the world, such as Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson, at that moment, I thought to myself, ‘I want to be a legend like them.”
  • “There is no point in worrying about the odds on paper or what has previously happened. At that point, it makes a difference in what happens next.”
  • ”There is no doubt that many emotions go into a fight, but none of that comes from a malicious heart, as this is an emotional event.”
  • “It has been my experience to lose a fight, and a part of my heart sympathizes with that since I know how it feels to lose a fight.”
  • “You never know what a fighter will bring with him when he returns, as he can always recover.”

Holly Holm Net Worth – $4 Million USD

Holly holm has a net worth of $4 million. Many factors play a part in accumulating wealth and measuring it. Holly Holm may be in a fight that makes $20 million. However, she will only get a fraction of that amount. Therefore, other financial aspects should also be considered, including property, car value, future licensing deals, and many other factors.

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Holly Holm FAQ

Is Holly Holm still fighting?

Holly Holm, a former UFC bantamweight champion, probably won’t fight again this year, but she is planning a comeback for early 2023 and already knows who she wants to fight.

Who choked out Holly Holmes

Tate and Rousey both competed in the UFC, and in 2013, Tate lost a championship attempt to Rousey. In order to gain an opportunity against the reigning champion, Holly Holm, she then embarked on a four-fight winning streak. And at UFC 196, Tate pulled off a stunning victory by choking Holm out in the fifth round.

How much did Ronda Rousey make against Holly Holm?

After dominating for the majority of the bout, Holm knocked out Rousey with a head kick in one of the most unexpected shocks in UFC history, which ESPN dubbed the “KO of the year.” According to USA Today, Rousey could have received up to $10 million for her battle with Holly Holm before her unexpected defeat at UFC 193.

What happened to Holly Golightly?

According to reports, Holly Holm has withdrawn from UFC Fight Night 195 due to a knee injury.

Holly Holm Wiki

Born: 1981, Albuquerque, NM
Spouse: Jeff Kirkpatrick (m. 2012–2019)
Height: 5′ 8″
Martial arts: Mixed martial arts, Boxing, Kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu
Education: Manzano High School (2000), The University of New Mexico
Siblings: Weston Holm, Brian Holm
Weight: 134 lbs