Hollywood Life Blog and How to Create a Celebrity Entertainment Blog

What does it take to create a celebrity blog? One example of a great blog is Hollywood Life. It is a blog dedicated to information about Hollywood life and all of the glamour that goes with it. Check out the various sections of their blog and read below to learn more.

Hollywood Life Blog

On the homepage, you will want to think about what you want your focus to be. If you are featuring a particular celebrity different times of the year or on a monthly basis, you can include a large picture of that celebrity in the middle of the page. You could also include a BIO of that celebrity or feature a different closeup story of different celebrities monthly.

On the Hollywood Life homepage, you will see stories that are captured in a “Pinterest” type style great thumbnail pic with captivating headlines that entice the reader to learn more. Arranging news stories in this way allows you to put much more on the page than you would be able to when you place the story in the center of the page by itself. You can create this effect by using a preformatted template that allows you to place the stories in a column-like alignment as you see on the Hollywood Life blog.

If you analyze the Hollywood Life page, you will see the following sections:

  • Gallery
  • Latest News
  • Interviews
  • Reports
  • Most Popular

The main page of this Hollywood celebrity blog captures the attention of its target audience by placing interesting pictures of various celebrities all over the page, coupled with captivating headlines that make people want to read more about them.

News Section

The “news” section of Hollywood Life resembles a gossip column you would see in publications such as “The National Enquirer.” The news items come from various sources that cannot be confirmed but the material likely interests their audience. So this is an example of providing the type of material that the specific readers probably want to read about.

Entertainment Section

The Entertainment section of the Hollywood Life blog features a gallery section, lots of pics of well-known celebrities, and news items that are updated almost hourly. This section celebrates special holidays, too such as Valentine’s Day and others. They have a section devoted to the “Latest Entertainment” that show new information and updates from the world of sports and fashion, movies, and more.

Celebrity BIOS Page

Hollywood Life has a page that is solely dedicated to celebrity biographies. This appeals to a lot of people who are interested in other things than just the latest movies and music that celebrities are putting out. Users will find information on all of your favorite celebrities including musicians and actors, and you’ll see an “All Bios” section at the bottom that features several other biographies of celebrities.

Having so many different celebrities to read about increases the potential audience for this popular celebrity gossip column.

Beauty Section

The Beauty section is dedicated to beauty tips and information about various celebrities and what they do to maintain their look. There are also articles about various looks and celebrities that are trying a new look such as “getting bangs” for their hair or how they got their special look using various cosmetics or techniques.

Some articles show the transformation of small-town girls turned glamorous movie stars. There is also dieting advice and other information that may help readers to find their beauty and dieting routines to feel and look their best.

In one article, Beyonce admitted that she used cheap drugstore makeup for the Grammys and no one ever knew. She shows her readers how to achieve her look for under $10.

Fashion Section

The Fashion section of The Hollywood Life features several different styling trends that are seen in Hollywood. Readers can find the latest glitter, glitz, and glam in this section in addition to links to fashion shows and several pictures of celebrities and models walking the runway in Hollywood or New York fashion shows.

Shiny is in this year, as you can see when you scroll down the pages in the fashion section, and you’ll see plenty of vibrant colors and sequins, too.

There is also a “best dressed” section of celebrities who show their true fashion prowess. If you want to dress like a celebrity, this is the page to bookmark.

Shopping Section

The Hollywood Life online blog doesn’t stop at gossip, fashion, and entertainment. You’ll also find a wide variety of shopping opportunities on the Shopping page. You will find everything from coffee to cosmetics to fitness equipment or fashion; you’ll find it all here.

If you want to shop like the stars and purchase items that make you look like a celebrity, you’ll want to follow this page on the Hollywood life blog to keep up with the latest Hollywood shopping opportunities.

How to Create Your Own Blog

Most celebrity blogs are created by publishers in the Hollywood film industry or people who are connected to the industry in some way. Sometimes, you’ll find a celebrity blog that is dedicated to only one celebrity. In fact, most Hollywood celebrities have their dedicated blog. This is important for them to maintain their fan base without getting lost in the plethora of other celebs that are featured on a site like Hollywood Life.

However, it can help boost a celebrity’s career in some cases to appear on this type of blog as it can add to the size of audience and focus of attention on certain celebrities.

If you want to create your celebrity blog, first you will need to think about how to put it together. You can use the Hollywood Life magazine as a model, but you should always choose to create your celebrity blog uniquely so that you will differentiate yourself from others.

Legal Considerations

Before you create a celebrity blog, you need to consider how you will get permission to feature pictures or articles about celebrities. Libel laws prevent you from publishing information that cannot be confirmed unless you present it in such a way that it is clear that it is a “gossip column.” Even then, you are not immune from libel laws. If a celebrity wants to sue you for incorrect information that is potentially damaging, they have every right to do so.

The world of publishing has become a bit too lose and unstructured of late. But it is up to you to do your due diligence to have a source you can trust who can corroborate your stories. Do not print or publish any article that cannot be proven if you were challenged on it. Instead, use any of the top royalty free image sites like BigStockPhoto, iStockPhoto or Getty.

Additionally, you will be required to obtain permission for publishing pictures of celebrities (or anyone else). Publishing pictures of people who are recognizable to the public without the permission of the subjects are not permitted by copyright and privacy laws.

Further, the Fourth Amendment ensures a person’s right to privacy, even those who are in the public eye. Always get permission from a celebrity’s agent or other authorized representative before publishing pictures or stories. Remember also that others who took the pictures may own the copyright. You will have to get permission from them, too.

If you are connected to the Hollywood industry, it will be easier to create a celebrity entertainment blog. You can use your contacts to talk to a celebrity’s agent to get a written permission form signed. Then you will be able to publish what you want, within reason. Just make sure you line up your sources and that you know that they are reliable and accurate.

Other Types of Blogs

If you do not have sufficient permission or contacts to create your blog, you can still create a blog that includes celebrities. You can do this by creating a normal blog that is topic-based, then provide video content through YouTube links or links out to the celebrities’ blogs.

Remember that you do not need to secure individual permissions to provide links or to embed video content from YouTube and other sources. Simply use the tools within your blog platform to include this content.

If you are writing stories about celebrities, you can summarize content (as long as it can be corroborated) and provide information about upcoming concerts, news on celebrities that is true, and other information.

There is no special permission required if your news story is truly a “news” story and is true. But be careful about publishing “gossip” or stories that are questionable as this could result in lawsuits.

Starting Your Blog

To get started with your blog, decide on a theme. Will you talk about celebrities or other topics? What will be the focus of your blog? Once you decide this, you can find a hosting solution that you can place your blog with such as WordPress or Blogger.com, and you’ll be able to get started writing right away.

Blogs are effective for some reasons. They help you increase your audience base, provide valuable articles or information, pictures, and videos for your readers, and increase your traffic to your site. Do some planning first to ensure that your blog will be unique and make your mark in the world.

If you want to view the different sections yourself of the Hollywood Life blog, go to their site and check it out at hollywoodlife.com.

But remember that celebrities are not the only interesting topic in the world. And there are thousands of topics you can focus on that will offer a lot of value for their time.