How to Access cPanel with A Small Orange Hosting

After setting up your web hosting with A Small Orange, the first thing you will probably want to do is install WordPress and go live with your blog. For this to happen, you are going to need to login and access the cPanel area of your account. Through cPanel you can access Softaculous, which will then allow you to install WordPress with just a few clicks of a button.

In addition to logging into your cPanel and Customer Area directly, you should also have been emailed instructions and your login details at the time of signup as well. Should you not have this information accessible, you can contact A Small Orange at any time or use their ‘lost password’ to have your login details reset.

Once logged into the Customer Area, you can follow the steps below to access your cPanel area.

  1. Log in to the Customer Area:
  2. In the “Your Services” section click Your Services (as seen below)
  3. On the following page you can then click on “View Details” next to the domain in you want to use
  4. Navigate over to the “Information” tab
  5. Click the “Go to cPanel Login Page” button at the bottom and login (as shown below)

After following this simple process, you should find yourself inside the cPanel area. From here you can navigate to Softaculous and install WordPress on your domain name of choice.

Click here to see our step-by-step tutorial on how this is done.