How to Become a Celebrity Gossip Blogger

Everyone loves some juicy celebrity gossip, and thanks to the evolution of the internet and blogging… you simply can’t get enough of it! Behind all of the juicy gossip that is spreading across the internet, is thousands of bloggers who update their sites with the latest news, rumors, pictures and videos hitting the web.

With that being said, new celebrity gossip blogs are popping up all the time. Some of these sites are making big money as well. For example, brings in well over six figures per month… and that’s mainly just from advertisements and sponsorships through his site! Look at the massive celebrity he’s become as a result of the blog as well.


However, not everything about starting a celebrity gossip blog is all glitz and glamour. In this post we are going to break down five key points that you must consider before taking the leap with a celebrity gossip blog of your own.

What to Consider Before Launching a Celebrity Gossip Blog

  1. Celebrity Gossip is 24/7/365 – If you want to compete with the largest celebrity gossip sites in the world today, you are going to need to post a lot of updates. With social media breaking news before anywhere else, you also need to make sure your stories and posts are updated as soon as a new story breaks. In short, there are vacations as a celebrity gossip blogger unless you have a powerful team built around you.
  2. Create Stories that Grab Attention – As mentioned, social media is usually the place that breaks celebrity news first. This means you will need to get creative with your headlines and articles, while also being sure not to report the same boring stories everyone else is already seeing.
  3. Great Celebrity Photos are a Must – Every good entertainment and gossip blog needs to have great quality photos. The problem with celebrity gossip blogs is that you will need to have exclusive rights or deals with photographers to release such photos on your site. Not only is it hard to come across images that you are allowed to use, it can also be expensive as well.
  4. Promotion is Key When Building Your Site – There are a ton of celebrity gossip sites out there, and if you can’t come up with something original for why people should visit your site over others… then you are going to need to spend a lot of time and money on getting people to find your site.
  5. Get Ready to Be Attacked – In the world of entertainment and celebrity gossip, there really is no love for the individuals or sites that are reporting news that celebrities don’t want to get out there. On top of celebrities not being too happy, whenever you report on any celebrity, you are likely to upset all of their fans as well! This is just a simple message… you’ve been warned!

Best Advice for Starting a Celebrity Gossip Blog

As you should be able to tell, starting a celebrity gossip blog is no easy task. Well, let me phrase that… “starting a successful celebrity gossip blog is no easy task” — anyone can start a blog. That’s the easy part.

If you are going to start a gossip site of your own, my best advice for you is to niche down as much as possible and try to cover only one individual celebrity, show or movie. This will allow you to build the right foundation for your blog, while also not being so general that you will be getting lost in the crowd.

To get started with a blog of your own, click here to view our simple tutorial that will have you up and running in just the next few minutes.