How to Get More Instagram Followers? Try These Social Media Tools

Want to get famous on Instagram or any of your other favorite social media platforms? If so, you are in luck. This article will not only provide you with some great tips and resources to help along the way, it will also provide you with some of the best online tools and solutions to gain new followers right away.

However, before we jump into why and how you should be focusing your efforts on social media and growing your follower count, let’s first dive into the basics.

Let’s say, hypothetically speaking, that you’re really interested in fancy French pastries. From the delicate complexity of mille-feuille to the stunning scale of croquembouche, you want to explore it all (even if vicariously at first) through Instagram. You find two Instagram profiles with similar content, showcasing the finest in French patisseries. The photos and captions are of comparable quality, posted at a similar kind of frequency. The two profiles are, for all intents and purposes, roughly equivalent.

The difference is that Account A has 100 followers, but Account B has 100,000 followers. Knowing nothing else about either account, which one are you more likely to follow. Without clicking or tapping through, which feed do you think will have more user comments and community engagement? Account B, of course! 

When you flip this decision around and view it from the other side, it immediately becomes obvious why follower count is so important if you want your brand to have the widest reach and the greatest impact. But, how do you attract a large following in the first place?

How to Get Instagram Famous Fast

Looking at Instagram today, there are now more than 2 billion users on the platform. With so many users in one location and billions of new photos and updates going live monthly, how is anyone supposed to compete and gain traction?

Well, if you are a brand or business, this is something you are probably already quite familiar with. And if you’ve done any Instagram content creation and marketing already, you will likely already have seen that engagement numbers on Instagram far outweigh that of Facebook and Twitter. This can also be proven through the Forrester Research, Inc. report shown below.

According to WordStream, there are 11 simple things you can do to start gaining more followers on Instagram, and they broke them down into the following:

  1. Cross-promote your dedicated hashtag.
  2. Get creative with hashtagging.
  3. Participate in massively popular conversations.
  4. Make the most of your bio URL.
  5. Get descriptive with your captions.
  6. Go all in on influencer marketing.
  7. Remove unwanted tagged photos of you from your profile.
  8. Approve photo tags before the content shows on your profile.
  9. Develop your own Instagram style.
  10. Get local.
  11. Remember your calls to action!

However, not everyone has the time or resources to build a brand and content from the ground up. For anyone in this boat, a better option might be to explore what different social follower and sharing platforms across the internet have to offer.

Gaining Momentum, Building Game Plans

It’s all about building momentum. This is part of the reason why street buskers “seed” their guitar cases to encourage passers-by to toss in a few bucks. Social media works in much the same way, especially when it comes to followers. The first 100 can be the hardest. The next 100 is easier. The next few hundred after that is even easier. To get the ball rolling, it can be beneficial to consider using paid ads or buying followers to increase your reach. 

Before you start, it also pays to get a lay of the land. To that end, it helps to run an Instagram audit. Famoid Analytics is a great tool for exactly that purpose. By simply entering your Instagram username, you’ll discover your real stats, impressions and suggestions, including information about how many of your followers are actually real. It’s free with no subscription or password needed. 

Once you’ve gotten a better sense of your baseline, you can look into sop top social media services to grow your follower count and attract more likes.

On the topic of Famoid Analytics, Famoid itself offers a number of social media services too. More specifically, Famoid offers Instagram services, Facebook services and YouTube services. The objective here is to help bolster up some of those public-facing stats and figures to attract more followers and encourage more engagement.

The Famoid team promises instant delivery and reliability, with a 24/7 active support team to ensure your complete satisfaction. To date, Famoid has provided over 57 million followers and over 47 million likes to over 200,000 happy customers. Those are some seriously impressive numbers! 

Taking Instagram as an example, you have options to buy Instagram followers, Instagram likes, Instagram video views and automatic likes. The featured package of 1,000 new Instagram followers is just $15.95, for instance. They are all high quality followers with real and active profiles. The package comes with drop protection too, so if you lose any followers that you’ve already purchased, the system will automatically replace them for 30 days.

Another service you can use to buy real Instagram followers is Skweezer. Positioning itself as “the number one source to grow your Instagram,” Skweezer can deliver everything from followers to comments. These are random bots either, because they will only send you real followers. In their own words, “these are accounts created by real people in our network” and they “get paid a share for following you.”

This adds a layer of protection and legitimacy, so buying followers for you is “harm-free and fully risk free.” In the eyes of Instagram, this growth is wholly organic and it can help seed more growth from followers all around the world. The delivery window is fast too, in a matter of minutes. The service also distinguishes between “Instagram followers” and “Instagram active followers” if you’d like to invest in greater engagement.

Other services include Instagram comments, automatic likes, and views, as well as Instagram username claims and Instagram verification. The most popular package is 500 Instagram followers with a refill guarantee, regularly priced at $17.48.

Looking for fast delivery and instant results? Build up that buzz you’re looking for with Buzzoid. As with the other top social media services on this list, Buzzoid lets you buy Instagram followers and likes in a matter of minutes. The process is similarly simple and straightforward.

You start by choosing your package for Instagram likes and followers. If you would like a larger order, they encourage you to discuss with them directly to get a more customized plan. From there, you enter your Instagram username and email; there will never be a need to provide sensitive information like your Instagram password. Complete the order and payment process, and you’ll start seeing results almost right away.

One of the newer services offered by Buzzoid is the option to buy real, automatic Instagram likes. Rather than buying likes manually with each new post, you can subscribe to this service. The system will detect new uploads within 60 seconds and start sending “real likes from real users automatically.” Prices start from $9.99 per month for 50 likes per post, up to 4 posts per day.

Trusted by thousands of customers with millions of likes delivered, Stormlikes promises you “exclusive and real Instagram likes.” In fact, to get things going in the right direction, Stormlikes will even give you 50 free likes just for giving their service a try. No registration or password is needed. All you have to do is provide your Instagram username “and a little info.”

Whereas most of the other social media services on this list provide you with general packages for buying Instagram followers and likes, Stormlikes offers a bit more control and granularity. That’s because you can zero in with gender and country targeting, helping to shape the demographics of your followers and the engagement on your account so that it can gain visibility and reach across the demographics that matter most to you.

The Instagram likes come only from real accounts, not ghost accounts. In their own words, “Every like that you get comes from a real, active Instagram user.” Other features include automatic detection, randomized likes per post, matching video views, delayed likes, and more. Monthly plans start from $14.99 for 100 likes per post, up to 10 posts per day, or you can opt for one-time purchases instead.

Calling itself the “most powerful organic growth tool for Instagram,” Kicksta promises that you’ll get no spam, no fake followers and no bots. Instead, you’ll get “pure organic growth powered by a cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technology.” As part of this Instagram growth service, you’ll get real, relevant Instagram users.

Just as Stormlikes lets you target users based on gender and country for your Instagram likes, Kicksta doesn’t just flood your account with a random assortment of followers. Instead, the first part of the process involves finding profiles similar to yours. This gives the AI technology a sense of the kind of followers you’d like to attract. Similar profiles may include competitors, complementary brands, or influencers in your niche.

If someone already follows Honda, they may also be interested in Toyota, for example. If you’re in the fashion niche, people who follow other similar fashion influencers may be interested in your content too. Kicksta then goes to auto-engage with their followers, liking posts similar to yours on your behalf. This lends itself to real organic growth when you get followed back. 

The standard plan is $49 per month for moderate growth, up to 10 targets, and video onboarding.

Are you ready to take your Instagram to the next level? Gramista wants to manage your Instagram account. Rather than simply buying followers and likes on a more direct basis, Gramista is dedicated to getting you “real Instagram likes and followers that are genuinely in love with your profile.” 

As you likely already know, at the heart of any organic growth is real, authentic engagement and interaction with the community. People need to see you and they need to see that you are interacting with the content that they love too. To that end, Gramista can automate interaction “so that your account keeps growing.” This saves you time and resources, so you can focus on other priorities. 

The service leverages “natural human curiosity” by liking and following posts and profiles for you. When people see you liking and following, they may follow you in return. Gramista will automate unfollowing too, just as a human would. Pricing starts from $1.79 for a single day, going up to $89.99 for a 90-day package.

Looking for a different approach to growing your Instagram following? Whereas the other social media services on this list are provided as either one-time or subscription services, SocialFollow is an app that you can download for free for Windows or for Mac. The other big difference is that SocialFollow exclaims that you’ll be able to “get free Instagram followers, the easy way.”

And they say that it won’t cost you a penny, nor will you need to provide any payment or personal details. The net result is that you’ll gain over 1000 followers on Instagram “with minimal effort.” There are no surveys or sign-ups that you need to complete, nor do you ever have to provide your password. Instead, the way it works is that you’re joining a network of other similar-minded users.

With SocialFollow, you simply follow other users in the network based on your interests. While you may be tempted to think that this is an “exchange program” or a “follow for follow” type of scheme, it’s not exactly that. Rather, you’re asked to follow relevant users — 10 per day — and you’ll get 50 free followers in return. Keep this up every day and you can gain up to 1500 followers a month, all for free.

Looking for more personalized service that’s dedicated specifically to your growth and success? Professionals and brands may be interested in what Upleap has to offer. Rather than lean on artificial intelligence or networks of users, Upleap sets you up with a dedicated account manager to help you get more Instagram followers, expand your reach, and increase your engagement.

Your dedicated manager works on your behalf to engage with people on Instagram. This will, in turn, help you “grow your likes, followers and social exposure.” These are real, organic followers that will actually engage with your content. The process involves providing Upleap with some basic information about who you want to target, based on such factors as hashtags or the right locations, as well as identifying similar users who may be interested in following your content. Upleap says that its customers experience up to 300% faster growth on Instagram, so the results really speak for themselves. Customers come from all around the world with different goals and interests. They can all benefit from Upleap’s services. 

Remember that the goal here is to achieve steady, organic growth over the long term. Big spikes in followers or engagement can sometimes raise red flags on Instagram, so it’s important to have a strategy that is more sustainable and truly organic. More followers mean more engagement, which in turn can lead to more online sales for businesses too. 

After a 3-day free trial period, monthly prices start from $39 for the Lite plan or $29/month when you opt for annual billing. 

How to Grow Your Following and Social Shares with Social Media

Now that you’ve seen some of the many different tools and solutions for how to grow your business or brand on Instagram and social media, it’s time to get started.

We recommend taking a look at each of the recommended solutions above, while also reading through our resource guides on who the top influencers on Instagram are and also some of the most legitimate ways to get new followers on social media.

Lastly, don’t forget to follow your favorite brands and competitors online. Not only will they allow you to keep an eye on what they are doing, but they will also provide you with some useful resources and examples on what is working for them as well.